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Wednesday, April 19, 2006
Finding Light in the Darkest of Places...
It never ceases to amaze me the light that can be found in the darkest of places...
I had the great pleasure of meeting a young lady named Darby. She is 4 and just a joy to behold. I was at animal control checking on the pups that I was vetting and planning on transporting when I met her.
Her mother and her had rescued a young puppy she named Potato head. We'll call him Tater for short. He was dumped on the side of a Highway. They cared for him till I could get him. He is doing well and will find a wonderful home!! Darby had a light that shines and you'll see it in her picture.. To be so young & care so much...

Yesterday was a transport day.. These were some of the little ones that found placement. It's always makes my day when I can move the animals out of animal control:)
I'm pooped but will let the pictures speak for themselves..
They had a day in the sun and hopefully will find a lifetime of love..

On the flip side I'm trying to figure out how to get this momma kitty out of animal control...
I really need more quarantine area.. There is so much URI in the cat room at the shelter that if she isn't moved soon, she'll probably loose all her kittens and be sick herself. My husband is very supportive, but I'm pushing my limits as we have 18 dogs here now till I transport next week and 11 cats. Everyone is healthy and to bring Momma kitty in, I could jeopardize the others.. We have never been this full and I don't even have another cage that I could put her in if I could keep her in a separate room.. I need to network more here to get foster homes... Anyway, I'm just talking out loud.. Off to sleep... Zzzzzzz

All I can say is you & your hubby are saints! And to see a little girl that loving & caring is inspirational. Keep up the great hard work you both do. I wish I could take all the animals in, but I don't think my chihuahua (spoiled!) or my apt manager would appreciate that!
hi bernie!
sending you lots of hugs!
claudine xxxox
Darby ROCKS! What a sweetie. And the pictures are wonderful - looks like everyone had a great day in the sun. Bernie you are so awesome!!
Darby is soooo SWEET! She could be in movies!!!with those big beautiful eyes! Hey Bernie! Please contact me at bluebirddreamer@aol.com Do you still sell those collage sheets? I'm still wanting some! Thanks! xo, Cinda ps. I've lost your email addy and all my chunky books are packed up! except the last one I did, "Poppets"
Bernie, thanks for making a difference!
bernie, hang in there. those creatures are angels with four wings, and deep, deep souls.
it was good to see you you at artfest, and appreciated our talk in the kitchen, although it was too brief! xoxo
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