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Wednesday, July 19, 2006
Heading out again...

I'll be leaving for Chicago tomorrow morning about three a.m.
These road trips are tiring, but they also give me time to think..

I've had quite a few questions e-mailed to me lately about how to get started in rescue and what the start up costs are.
When I get back next week, I'll post about the pros and cons of running your own rescue and also information about what is involved financially.

Just to give you an idea of what it costs to just do one transport:
This trip I'm taking 12 dogs and one cat. For the health certificates, shots and exams it cost me $182.00, my gas will be about $200.00. Not to mention the prior costs of feeding them & the veterinary care that is needed when they first come in, depending what is wrong with them.
All animals that I take in have at least 2 rounds of shots, Bordatella & Parvo/Distemper & have been dewormed several times.
The Humane Societies don't give me any money for the dogs. They invest their time and money, in getting them fixed, feeding, training, testing and housing them.
They have the ability to place these animals in loving homes faster than I would be able to & reach a much wider audience.
We all work with limited funds and do the best we can for the animals.
By each doing our part, the collaboration helps all animals involved.
So please support your local humane societies in any way you can, when you can:)

I've had three calls today about litters of puppies people wanted to surrender that I can't take in because I'm leaving..
They will probably dump them or bring them to animal control. I'm not sure what is worse..
I went to animal control yesterday and left in tears.
So many good animals..

While on the road I'll have some time to formulate a plan to somehow take some time to recharge..
I'm not sure if I can really take some time off. It truly makes me sad, when there is such a simple solution to the numbers.
Getting animals fixed is the only way to end the needless waste of life..

If you are in the Chicago area and are looking for a dog, these guys will be going to the Anti Cruelty Society, their link is in my side bar.

I'll check in next week...
Friday, July 14, 2006
New Day.. New Kittens:)

Every day is a new beginning..
A time to start again with a clean slate.
This morning I was inpired by my friend Maija's blog, she had a link that touched my soul and made me cry at my computer.
True inspiration is all around us, every day. This video is one of strength and dedication, it's entitled "CAN". I hope you will take a peek!! If ever there is a time that I feel I can't I will go revisit this video...

The following pictures are new arrivals just two days old..

I also want to say a BIG Thank you to my Best Buddy Claudine!! It's because of her that this site exists:)
Thursday, July 13, 2006
New Faces..
Ohhh, how I wish I could post all the faces and happy stories that come thru here..
Of course there is that time factor again, that I always face and can't seem to catch up:)
I will share with you what I can!! Thanks again to everyone for all your support!!!

This is Henry.
We've only had him a few weeks, but look what a difference!!! It's always the eyes...
So many have a void, vacant look to them when they first get here...
It sure doesn't take long for them to revive the little dog person that lives inside them, once they are loved!!

Henry came from my friend who also does rescue, she has many more than I. More to the tune of 60 plus.
If there ever was an Angel that walks this Earth it is her. She runs a boarding kennel, all the money she makes goes to support her rescues. She is always taking in more, trying never to refuse an animal in need.
Heart of gold can't even begin to describe her, I'm awed by her love and compassion...
In my down time, I am going to help her find homes for her many. She will continue to provide their care, I'll tempermant test and profile them, and network to find them options for adoption. This way I won't feel guilty for taking the time off and it will give me some time to be good to myself and recharge.

This is Bianca.
I picked her up at the pound. Her time was up and I just couldn't leave the sweet girl there...
She was abused, very hand shy.. But regardless of her past, she is very LOVING!!!

Next we have "Cookie"
Lets just say, Cookie is now a part of our family:)
I couldn't say no to Jeff when he asked if we could keep her..
Carmi, Thanks for the blanket, she LOVES it!!!

Last but not least we have Elmo..
He is very talkative. He is the last of his litter. His littermates all died at animal control.
He was very sick when we got him, but he is doing GREAT now!!! A whopping 2 pounds at 10 weeks.
He cracks me up when he talks, sounds like a newborn baby crying. I'll have to figure out how to do a voice post so you all can hear:)

Blessings & Light to you all...
Cat Nap Needed..

I've been doing much reflection lately..
Trying to find a balance and a much needed time to recharge.
I do have a plan that I'm going to stay true to it in the next few months.
When you do rescue it is so easy to lose yourself..
Your heart moves past the brain, trying to defy it's reasoning.
Never in a million years could I have prepared myself for the animal situations here.
But as all things in life, it's a lesson, a journey of sorts and we have to take the time to look at it all and try to understand the meanings.

Since losing my beloved Jack, I have taken a good long look at myself. I'm tired and need a break.
It's strange, I've had some unusual things, so to speak, happen since his passing. Gifts from him to me..
A heart rock with a zig zag down the middle when we were digging his grave

Every tennis ball he has ever owned has mysteriously shown up in every part of my house.
(even my shoes on the shelves in my closet)
Doors blowing open
Visitations in dreams..
A passion flower vine growing in front of his grave...

I know I'm sounding a bit flakey, but truly I can't even begin to tell you the things that have happened around here lately.
Little Miracles if you will...

The biggest miracle of them all is the clarity that has come to me of what I have to do next..
It's been 6 years of non stop new animals in our home. They come in, we care for them, get them healthy and they move on to new homes. I didn't realize that all this time, I had never taken a break. I feel it...
I always say I will, but somehow seem to forget:)
So after this next batch goes, I will take a few months to recoop. To plan my fund raisers, work harder to create more art to sell and save as much as I can to get my shelter up. Then I'll be able to do more:)
I also need to catch up on many things and "Thanks Yous" are top priority. So many of you have been so supportive, I don't even know where to begin.. You have been Angels to the animals, you have helped me to be able to do more.
The most recent gifts and donations have come from Colorado, Canada and Hawaii, Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

I have been so swamped with cats and kittens, it's so heartbreaking..
I get them well but have no place to go with them.
Every humane society & rescue I work with is full and adoptions have been slow.
This makes me even more driven to get spay/neuter programs going in this area..
We have 20+ kittens here now looking for homes.
Here are some of the sweet faces looking for love...

Thursday, July 06, 2006
Life at "A Place To Bark
Here are a couple of clips about my rescue that FOX 6 news featured when I lived in Wisconsin.
These clips are several years old, but for so many of you that have supported me here is a little peek into my world...
Thanks so much to Claudine and Paul for my technical support in getting this up:)

Monday, July 03, 2006
I've returned....
I've returned from my trip to Wisconsin. It was a hectic trip but one that was good!! The puppies were all placed with the humane societies. I was even lucky enough to still be in town and see them on the adoption floor:)
My husband decided to come with me, but probably won't make another trip up north. He is not doing well and was in too much pain during the trip. He really wanted to see his kids and dad, so he endured his pain, but just can't do it again.
On the way back, I was so excited, thinking I could take a few weeks off to try to catch up, send out some past due Thank yous to the many of you that have been kind enough to donate your art, medical supplies, toys, towels,and dollars to helping me help the animals. Well, it's not going to happen this month it seems. As soon as I got home I had 10 puppies waiting for me. 5 calls later.. by next week, I'll be up to 20 pups.
Not to mention I also took in another pregnant cat and two other kittens.
This week I'll be painting my garage to brighten it up as I have to make space and buy more cages for the incoming pups.

The saddest news I have returning from my trip is that my Best Dog Friend Jack has died...
A big part of me died at that moment as well.
Jack was my Alpha dog, he nurtured and cared for hundreds of dogs, puppies and kittens.
He was a true Alpha and my Best and Oldest Friend.
I'm fighting the tears as I write this for a part of me will never recover from losing him.

My mind and emotions have been reeling, I know that things in this life happen, but it doesn't make it any easier..

He is an animal that comes once in a lifetime..
Always so faithful..
I don't know what I'm going to do..
Jack is the reason I started my rescue... I just can't write anymore..
I'll check in when I can, but for right now, I need some time....
I miss you Jack...

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