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Saturday, September 23, 2006
Donations Needed..

Donations are needed for vet bills, transport costs, supplies and much needed vaccines.
We have been taking in larger numbers of animals and transporting more than usual and if we are to continue at this pace, we will need some help, till our grant money comes in.
We're working on all the financial details, but as with all things, it takes time.
Any amount helps and everything is very much appreciated, always!!

Monetary donations can be made via the paypal button in the sidebar or donations of vaccine can also be ordered there from Revival Animal Health.
Direct donations towards our vet bills can be made directly to the vet by contacting them at:
Volunteer Vet Clinic
160 New Shackle Island Road
P.O. Box 400
Hendersonville, TN 37077-0400
(615) 824-8411

Thanks so much for all the help and support!!!
Blessings and Light to you all..
Friday, September 22, 2006
Love a Pug.. (with mange)
I had to go to animal control to pull a Great Pyrenees for my friend.
We are so full and I'm getting ready for transport and was trying to stay true to only getting the one dog I was sent to get...
I guess my heart doesn't listen to my head:)
There he was.. So terrified..
My sweet little, Mister Magoo

Scared, itchy and nervous..
Poor little guy was sooo uncomfortable, covered from head to toe in mange.
His whole body was full of scabs & infection.
Even through it all, he was so kissy and lovey, just wanted to be held.
The animal control officer just could not believe I wanted that (in his words) diseased dog.

I took him straight to the vet and to our surprise he is very young.
About a year.  Hard miles and much neglect.
Infections to his skin, ears, upper respiratory also..  Fleas and ticks.  Thank goodness, heartworm negative.
It will be several months of care, but he will be a new dog by then. 
For the moment, he is quarantined in my laundry room.
Not perfect, but better than dead.
 It's roomy and he has a french door to look out of, into the backyard.
I have to keep him away from my dogs for a few weeks.
He had a series of 3 soaking baths, to help ease his skin issues.
A very good bath taker, I must say!!

Last nite we were doing health certificates till almost midnight with my vet..
Gotta get these pups to where they will be adopted and on to new lives.
I'm pooped, but hey!! I'll have plenty of time to sleep when I'm old or dead:)
If you have a Pug, give it a hug!!!  Smooshie faces!!!  LOVE THEM:)
Wednesday, September 20, 2006
Mr. Binky's gift

The past few weeks have been enlightening and emotional..
In good ways:)
I just had my 40+ birthday and it's a funny thing.
Never did I think I would be this old. We just don't think, we'll get old, when we're young.
Age has taught me many things and the most important thing is to be grateful for every moment of life & never to hold a grudge. Though life has it's challenges, it is all we have, the here and now.
I had the most unexpected of gift this birthday...
Always I wonder, to whom my dogs are adopted to..
Since I work with the Humane Societies, I don't know each and every adopter.
I use to only do private adoptions, this way I knew where each and every dog went, not to mention getting updates from the adopters always made me cry in a happy way.
Now, all I can do is hope that they get into great homes.
It's always been my dream to be walking down the street and see one of my dogs.
Both of us recognizing each other at that very moment.
With the numbers I deal with, the Humane Societies are their best chance at life.
They have a much wider view audience and the facilities to showcase them.
It took me a long time to be able to give my dogs to the Humane Societies.
We have very close working relationships and if there is ever a problem, they let me know and will give my dogs back.
It's such a leap of faith releasing control and letting someone else care for my dogs..
Very hard and emotional at times.
Anyway, I guess I should finish my story..

The last shipment, I sent to Chicago, contained Mr. Binky.
If you remember when I took him in, he was covered in fleas, matted and felted like an old blanket, living on a chain, no food or shelter, etc.
I received an e-mail from a nice lady who tracked me down, after adopting him and wanted to know about where he came from.
To make a long story short, he is LOVED, pampered and living in a Turn of the Century Mansion in Chicago:)
The Binkyrella story, from rags to riches.
I cried for days after talking with her.. That was the BEST birthday gift I could have asked for.
Not to mention, she also extended an invitation to come visit him when I was in town.
Stories like these keep me going and doing what I do.
And it's because of my animal friends and artists that I can do these things.
Without the constant support, Mr. Binky wouldn't be living the life he is now.
So again, Thank You to all who read, view, support and love animals!!!

I'm busy getting another transport ready to leave on Saturday, we have 26 dogs going to Chicago and Wisconsin, so I'll try to post when I can..
Wednesday, September 13, 2006
For A Friend.. Much LOVE to you..

"New Every Morning"
Every day is a fresh beginning,
Every morn is the world made new.
You who are weary of sorrow and sinning,
Here is a beautiful hope for you,-
A hope for me and a hope for you.

All the past things are past and over;
The tasks are done and the tears are shed.
Yesterday's errors let yesterday cover;
Yesterday's wounds, which smarted and bled,
Are healed with the healing which night has shed.

Yesterday now is a part of forever,
Bound up in a sheaf, which God holds tight,
With glad days, and sad days, and bad days, which never
Shall visit us more with their bloom and their blight,
Their fullness of sunshine or sorrowful night.

Let them go, since we cannot relive them,
Cannot undo and cannot atone;
God in his mercy receive, forgive them!
Only the new days are our own;
To-day is ours, and to-day alone.

Here are the skies all burnished brightly,
Here is the spent Earth all reborn,
Here are the tired limbs springing lightly
To face the sun and to share with the morn.
In the chrism of dew and the cool of the dawn.

Every day is a fresh beginning,
Listen my soul, to the glad refrain,
And, spite of old sorrowand older sinning,
The puzzles forecasted and possible pain,
Take heart with the day, and begin again.

Susan Coolidge 1848 - 1894
Tuesday, September 12, 2006
Home again..
Jeff is back home. His mini stroke scared us all..
He's tired, but happy to be home. He sat on the lawn this morning, greeted by his little friends.
The animals heal & comfort him and make him smile.
Actually, they do it for both of us:)

One more load of dogs to go up north and we'll have be taking some down time, for us to recharge, organize the art auction, apply for some grants, plan for the future building of the shelter and believe it or not, I'm going get some help:)
With Jeff's health, I need to focus on him. He is most important at this point.
But he is stubborn, always being supportive of the rescue and even though he is so sick, he still wants us to continue.
I've been slowly learning my limitations and everything considered, we need to slow down, focus & plan..
& sleep would be nice... (((giggles)))
I've come to a point in my life to release my control and accept help that is being offered. I've had offers from many animal lovers everywhere and in time I know we will do some great things. We just have to be patient and plan..
I have already started receiving art for the auction and will be posting it, as soon as I can get it photographed.
I'm ever so grateful & just floored by the art!!! It's truly amazing!!!

These guys are new..
I have not gone to animal control lately, but 6 BIG pups showed up at my house the other day.
These guys are very sweet, loving and very BIG. So they will be on my next transport as well.
It just breaks my heart around here, the number of sweet lives that may cease to exist if not rescued. I did make the man promise to bring me his dog so that I could have it fixed, if I took them in..

This is Cleo who Jeff has renamed to Sophia or Sophie for short. She gave birth the other day to 6 pups and will be looking for a forever home as soon as he pups are weaned. She is sweet, shy but slowly coming out of her shell. On the smaller side she won't be more than 40 pounds when she gains the proper weight. Approximately 1-3 years of age.

Our kittens that went to PetSmart last week, care of Nashville Cat Rescue were adopted this last weekend!!
YEAH!! And actually two were adopted together. I took this picture of "Doc" at Petsmart by their poster.
Too funny, the other cat is just printed on the poster. He was named Doc because when the kittens were sick, he would always be the only one who would run to the front of the cage and happily eat his medicine.

These guys just were fixed and are ready to go up for adoption once their incisions heal. Then off to Petsmart...
As you can tell they are not too happy with their newly acquired hats.

Pinky has still not given birth, she looks like she's going to pop... I'm probably going to take my worrisome self, to the vet with her today..
I'll check in later and THANK YOU All so very much for all your comments and support!!!
It means more than you'll ever know.
Monday, September 11, 2006
Just a quick note on Jeff..
He went to the E.R. last nite.
They admitted him. He had so much pain in his head he could not walk well or speak properly.
It's a small brain bleed.
He's doing o.k.
Nothing they can do at this point, his body will just have to heal.
Heart surgery I'm sure will be pushed back again.
Thank so much for being here for me...
It means more than you'll ever know.
Blessings to you all..
Sunday, September 10, 2006
more prayers are needed
Hi everyone. This is Claudine posting on behalf of Bernie.

Bernie's husband, Jeff, had a stroke today and is at the hospital. Please pray for them. Thank you!

DARE TO BELIEVE IN MIRACLES. Look beyond the mud on the windshield, beyond the impossible, and know life is more than anguish and stress. Reach out to someone, when your heart is too heavy to feel sunlight or taste the rain. Rid yourself of dark thought and melancholy. Open your mind to fresh air, to the unlimited music in your soul..
_ Joyce Sequichie Hifler
Thursday, September 07, 2006
A change of plans..
I've had to make a change in plans for this transport this weekend..
Jeff has had several falls yesterday and today.
He's not feeling right and I just can't leave him. I've had a friend come to my aid and to the aid of the animals..
Pam and Kyle run a transport service that shuttles animals from rescues to new homes.
So if anyone out there is on the East Coast and wants to adopt from me, they are always going that way:)
She will be taking my animals to Anti Cruelty Society in Chicago for me, so that they can get on to new homes and that I can focus on caring for my husband. Even though I've only been here in Tennessee for less than a year I have made some really wonderful animal loving friends and for that I am very grateful. Thank you Pam!!
The falls have shaken Jeff up quite a bit, but he now has company to remind him to walk slowly.

Jeff's new friend is a shoulder sitter. He was found in Shoney's parking lot under a car & brought to my vet. Approximately 6-8 weeks of age, he is a Buff colored Manx. No tail & so cute!! He sits on shoulders and everytime he is put down, he crawls right back up.

We're still waiting for the new pups to arrive. I took Pinky to the vet yesterday. I was very worried that she is too big and the pups may need to be taken by C-section. We took x-rays and saw 5 little ones. She is such a sweetie, so much sadness in her eyes for being so young. She just loves to be held and crawls in your lap every chance she gets..
She'll be looking for a forever home in about 2 months..
(((Hint))) (((hint))) my artist friends:)

I'm out the door to get kittens ready to bring to Petsmart thanks to Nashville Cat Rescue!!!
I"ll check in later..
Wednesday, September 06, 2006
I want to say Thank you to so many, for so much!!!!
Your kind words, pledges to send art for the auction and constant support make me so grateful and feeling very blessed.
I have a good feeling about the auction and hope to have a building up and running by Spring/Summer of next year.
Help spread the word about the auction via your blogs & friends. I'm also thinking about doing a Fat book of original art.
So if anyone is up for making a page, send it on in..

Today was a constant buzz..
Ran dogs and cat in for health certificates. I'll be doing this every day this week till Friday. We'll be leaving Saturday and back on Monday. Then I'll get another load ready and do the same the weekend of the 15th. ((my Birthday Weekend))
In my forties.. EEEKK!!
Claudine's new kitten Stanley had his check up and health certificate done. He'll be leaving for Atlanta tomorrow and she'll pick him up on Saturday.
Here's a picture of him with my vet..
Yes, my vet thinks I'm weird for wanting a picture of him with Stanley, he's a good sport!!

I figured Claudine would want it for Stan's baby book:)

Currently we have 3 pregnant dogs here...
Not something I do everyday.
Two of them, I didn't know were pregnant, when they came in because they were so emaciated.
I thought they were just gaining weight, because they were eating so well. Foolish me..
Their poor little bodies, went a full month without proper nutrition, because their owners left them outside with no food or water for a month. The neighbors were giving them somethings, but needless to say they were confiscated.
I didn't get them fixed right away, because I wanted them to gain some weight & get healthy before the surgery.
Now it'll be over 2 months before we'll be able to do the surgery. Till then, we'll just have to enjoy watching the pups grow...
These are the moms...
Giggles had her pups today. 5 little ones.

Pinky is due at any moment.. Hence the me up to all hours..

Cleo is also due at any moment, I picked her up today, she was scheduled to be put down...
That thought just haunts me, with one injection all life ends at that very moment..
She is so afraid of everything. I'm not sure what her story is, she was a stray, very matted and skinny for how far along she is...

This is Noah. He is a 13 year old Shi tzu. Noah's parent's couldn't keep him due to life changes. He has Cushings disease and a big tumor that need to be removed. Special needs dogs are so hard to find forever homes for. They are expensive, but the fact of the matter is, we'll always be in debt one way or another.
So why not spend your money on something worthwhile.
Life is worth every penny!!!
Noah sleeps alot, is amazingly housebroken and is really no bother.
If I can't find anyone to adopt him, he'll just live his life out here..
He's such a sweet boy!!

That's it for now..
I'm off to bed..
Sunday, September 03, 2006

This is the official call for art for A Place To Bark's Artists Unleashed Auction.
An Artful Fusion of Hearts & Hands working together to benefit animals in need.
This auction will benefit A Place To Bark Animal Rescue.
The numbers of animals I take in every year continues to grow and so, a shelter & funding is needed to help foster the animals and keep our rescue alive. We have 20 acres here and plenty of room to build.
Since moving to Tennessee in December of 2005, we have taken in, fostered, transported and found new homes for over 281 animals. We will continue doing as much as we can, but cannot do it alone.
Our euthanasia rate in the area I live, is 95 to 98 percent. Animals being put to sleep every 3 to 5 days.
Lives needlessly wasted.
By coming together and sharing our gifts of art, you will help animals in need and save lives.
Together we can do great things!!!
Artwork does not have to be professional, we ask all levels of artistic talent donate, kids too!!!
Everyone can contribute in one way or another..
Help spread the word to others..
I hope you'll join in and help me, help the animals...

Specifics to donate art:
Please send your art to:
Bernie Berlin
c/o "A Place To Bark"
P.O. Box 649
Portland, Tennessee 37148
(615) 681-2631

Art due date: October 25th
Enclose your name, address & e-mail & value of artwork.
I will then send you a receipt for your donation that you can use for a tax deduction.
All my paperwork for prior & current donations will be done by the end of the year.

The art auction will be advertised in the next Winter issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine.
Please look for it on the newsstand soon!!
The dates for the Auction will be: December 1-10, 2006.
E-bay I.D. is: aplace2bark
Our auction will be done via E-bay so that no matter where you are you can bid on the art.
Getting ready to leave..

I'll be getting ready to leave for next weekends transport to Chicago.
So I'll be out of touch for the next couple of weeks.
All the dogs will have to go to the vet for health certificates, so I'll be busy with that and not on the computer.
It looks like we'll be taking about 20+ dogs.
This transport will be sponsored by Nancy Connelly.
Her financial help with the vaccines, gas and money for vet bills has been amazing!! Thank you so much!!
Claudine has sponsored 20 of the kittens here to be fixed, 4 done 16 to go....
I am also working on a Thank you/sponsor page to thank everyone else who has been so good to the animals here.
Every little bit helps and makes a difference for the animals, you all have helped so many over the years, be proud of what you have helped me accomplish!!!
I am trying to catch up with computer things and the Artist Unleashed Auction, so please bear with me.

Jeff News: Jeff is getting better!!!
I'm sure so much has to do with all the well wishes, thoughts and prayers sent his way...
Again, Thank you All!!!
The bleeding in his head has stopped, but he is still a long way from full recovery, but is almost ready for them to start working on his heart issues. We're just waiting for them to schedule his surgery, 2-4 weeks more.
Positive thoughts and Hope for tomorrow is what I hang on too...

I have been blessed to have the support of the Zoline Foundation.
We have been talking in depth about future plans and I would like to ask you all a question.
If a Rescue Ranch were built..
It would be a place of beauty and art on a big scale.
A place of refuge & sanctuary for the animals..
We would have art weekends and various retreats..
Such as: Art, Women's weekends and possibly mind, body, spirit, meditation/yoga weekends, something for everyone..
Also thinking about having some rescued horses..
Many acres, in a beautiful place..
Not sure where at this point, my friend is trying to convince me to come to Oregon, but it could be Tennessee or someplace else..

Would you come?? I would Love to hear your thoughts..
The art retreats and weekends would help support our efforts for the animals and this way I would be able to hire help and continue with my love of art:)
Sometimes dreams can come true if you believe..
Blessings and Light to you all...
Friday, September 01, 2006
New Designs
Lately I've been burning the candle at both ends.
Caring for the animals & Jeff full time has pushed my, articles for the magazines, writing and artwork to the back burner.
I also have my art auction coming up in November and have been putting off the call for art for sometime, just because I haven't had the time to write it. Writing takes time and is hard believe it or not..
In the Winter issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors, is a two page article about the art auction, please take a look at the magazine it is a great publication!!

After this post I will get the call up tonite, I know many of you have been waiting.
I also have to get my animals ready for transport in a week or so.
Health Certificates always take time & there is always much to do..
Most of them will be going to the Anti Cruelty Society in Chicago and then off to new lives.
After that I have to take a break and focus on Jeff's recovery.
It's been really hard doing double duty lately.

I still haven't figured out this blogger..
Anyone know how to answer comments??
I'm not the best at the computer, though I try:)

Here a few of my new designs for my Cafe Press Store:

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