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Tuesday, January 23, 2007
Moments at the Berlin home..

As I was getting the food ready this evening it struck me as to how much the island in my kitchen is used, not only for ourselves but for our temporary rescued houseguests needs.
This is only a partital showing of the food served:)
Kibble anyone???

This is "Clyde" he is the guardian of the espresso machine:)
Clyde has been one of our pets for 7 years now. He was diagnosed with kidneys too small for him and always has been on the skinny side, but is alive, keeping the dogs in line and our coffee machine safe.

All the animals that come here have a minimum stay of 2-3 weeks quarantine period, before they go to the Humane Societies or other rescues. We vaccinate, worm and do any other vetting needed to make sure they have the best chances of being healthy and therefore providing a win/ win situation for the animals and the organizations receiving them.
We are running low on everything this month, as you can see we use a ton of vaccine.
If anyone knows of any programs with the animal vaccine companies please feel free to e-mail me, for any info would be greatly appreciated.

Here are some of the new fuzzies here and that will be leaving on Wednesday for the Humane Societies up North..
Our transport this trip will be 32 dogs..
Also one cat for my brother, he just recently lost his cat to cancer.

"Herman" A.K.A. "The Possum" He is a male Sheltie/mix. Sooo sweet, but very timid and shy..
Approximately 8 months to one year.

"Charlie" Male, Cocker Spaniel approximately 4 years old. Super friendly, loves to go for car rides & is great with other dogs.

"Turbo" 6-8 month old male lab/mix. Super friendly, loving, ACTIVE and gets along great with other dogs..

Some pics of a few of the new pups here:

I have a grant writer who has graciously offered to write for grants, so if anyone knows of grant opportunities please e-mail me at: aplace2bark@aol.com
I will have to work extra hard this year to try to set up some type of spay/neuter program since our local program will be cutting their numbers with working with rescue. Looks like we'll have to build our own..
Not to mention I have been contacted by a rescue in the next county over that is asking for some help, seems they have no humane society and their animal control consists of taking the dogs to the dump and doing inhumane things to them.
So we'll try to help best we can, but we can only do so much.. I keep telling myself baby steps..
Things will happen in time, it's just until that time we have to stay strong and do what we can.
Spay and Neuter is truly the answer..

I am behind in doing my books and if you are in need of a receipt for donations made this last year, please send me and e-mail and I'll e-mail one to you..
All my paperwork will be done by the middle of February. Just have to get thru the next two weeks of transports, taking care of the animals and doing my book signing at the CHA trade show in California next week..

Other news:
For those of you that enjoys a great book on living in moment, enjoying life, disengaging from energy vampires & being the happiest person you can be, this is a book for you: Naomi's Guide To Aging Gratefully
Living our lives by focusing on the positive, makes our journey so much easier to bear..
Naomi is truly a blessing and an inspiration to behold..

Blessings and Light to you..
Hi Bernie,
Here are a few places to check out for Grants:
www.djtfoundation.org(spay and neuter grant)

Keep up the awesome work!!
All the "fuzzies" are absolutely adorable Bernie! ...and the food pic made me LOL.

You do great things!
Kat :o)
hey sweetie!! thank you for everything you do! Stanley says hi!!
send me the stuff to add to your web site :)
Clyde is adorable ! I love it that he is the guardian of the espresso machine. My kitchen food service looks like yours...with all my critters on special homemade diets, I cook more for them then the humans.
Hi Bernie, I'm a fan of your art but I had no idea you were so heavily involved with animal rescue. I do what you do, but with cats. I'm afraid to write about it as publicly as you do because our laws here are pretty tough. Anyway, hello from a fellow hard working rescue Mama who is always running low on funds. We had to have surgery this week to remove one of my friend's eyes, six hundred dollars, had to put it on a credit card. God it gets hard sometimes. I do dog rescue as well but on a much smaller scale, no more than say four or five at a time. I'm a mmber of collage cats and belle papier. Come by my journal. Wish I had some resources to offer you. After having completely depleted a 600k trust fund on vet bills and food, I'm trying to figure this all out myself. Big hugs, Jacqui. http://jacqui.livejournal.com
Love the pic of you & Naomi!

I wish I could go to California for your book signing~ xo!!
quick question- do you know what kind of dog the last puppy in your post is? We just adopted one that looks just like that and can't figure it out! Thanks!
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