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Sunday, January 14, 2007
News about "Noel"

Since my last post, Noel is doing great!!!
Thanks so much, for all the e-mails asking how she is..
She is such a joy to behold. Always happy, loving and now is playing with all of our dogs:)
She still has a little submissive peeing when you initially pet her, but so much less than when she first got here.
We will have to do some extensive surgery on her one ear, but all in all, she is going to be just fine!!!
We have started to receive some FABULOUS hats for her, the other dogs are soooo jealous!!!
Thanks so much to Vickie Howell, Claudine Hellmuth, Theresa MacNaughton, Julie Molina & Elizabeth Hartsell.
The hats are so beautiful, nice and soft and will keep her ear holes warm so that the cold doesn't damage her ears any further.
It was quite the challenge to get her to sit still to take pics!!
She is just a ball of energy these days and while these pics aren't the best, I really wanted to get them up, so that you know your kind gestures are so much appreciated.
Here are a few of the hats she has had a chance to model..

And our last hat seems to have disappeared and look where we found it, Jasper had it..
I knew they were jealous:)

Other Dog News:
Since I left for Boston, Josie was adopted by a super fun artist Rebecca Aranyi in North Carolina.
Take a peek at her site It's still under construction but fun to look at!!
And Morris was adopted by the daughter of an artist friend and is now living in Indiana.
We currently have adoptions pending, one in California and two in Boston with other artists, it really makes my heart smile that the animals not only have love, but also artful owners.

Sad but true, I'll have to limit my numbers this month, we've got lots of surgeries that are needed to be done, so the next phase of the art auction will be going up very soon, money has been very tight the past six months and this squeezes us even more.
Surgeries to be done are: 5 dentals, one cherry eye, one dermoid (which is: hair that grows out of an eyeball), surgery on one of our puppie's heart, a condition called Patent ductus arteriosus, two cyst removals, heart worm treatment and Noel's ear surgery which could be as costly as two thousand dollars if they have to remove her whole ear canal, we'll know more later this week when we meet with the surgeon. So it will be a busy month!!
I'll be trying to catch up to get the art auctions going this week, my e-mails answered, trying to get all my year end book work done, running back and forth to the vet & trying to prepare for CHA
I should know my show schedule by the end of the week, so if you're there please stop by and say Hi!!
Will post more later this week..


What a wonderful hat wardrobe for Noel - super cute! :)
Oh it warms my heart to see all the hats that were so lovingly made for Noel. I know that her story has touched all of us so deeply. Keep up the great work Bernie!
I was so disappointed I didn't get down to Kate's store and meet you!! I did pick up your book in hopes of making it to the workshops in April!!

Noel is a beautiful dog - love all her hats!
Silly Jasper! Those hats are just the sweetest things...perfect for a sweetheart like Noel.
These pics of Noel are terrific!

IT WAS SOOO GOOD to talk to you yesterday!! You were right. Noel's hats are FABULOUS.

I sent several emails with attached images to the "APlaceToBark" aol address. I begin to worry that I might fill up your inbox... I sure hope not.

THANK YOU SO MUCH... Please let me know if I can help with anything!!!!

Hopefully I will hear something from CPS soon! and I will keep you posted if I do.

Cuteness is in the air! Those are great hates. Noel looks really healthy.

Noel is quite the fashion model! What a nice variety of beautiful hats for a beautiful dog.

I have a feeling that dog is going to be a rags-to-riches dog and that nothing but adoration will be in her life forevermore!

God bless you. You're a hero.
He is so lucky to have you, and I know you feel blessed he's in your life! Get the auction stuff up...there are so many people that want to buy!!! You rock, hottie..
OMG!!! These pics of NOEL and her hats are so adorable, they should be in a magazine ad somewhere!!! I LOVE them, she looks so happy in them! God Bless YOU Bernie!!! smooches to all the furries xo, Cinda ps. is there still time to send in a collage?
I'm so happy my little hat got to Noel - and to you!!! (I hope it actually fit!!!) And thanks so much for posting photos - Noel looks so happy modeling her new headwear. Happy New Year, Bernie -please continue all your great work. Theresa
My daughters and I have been thinking and wondering about Noel ever since you first shared her story on your blog. So happy to see her hats! How stylish. Can't wait to show my girls when they get home from school.
You are indeed an angel, though I know you are told often. I have added your link to my own blog and will be adding you to our store site when it is back up and running. What you do is so important and I admire your efforts, as you are doing what I someday dream of doing myself.
You are indeed an angel. I admire your efforts and am jealous as you are doing what I hope to be able to do someday. I have added your blog link to my own and will also be adding you to our stores website when we are back up and running. Your work is so important. I think others should know just what you do. Bless You.
When I first read about Noel, apart from sadness at what she had to endure and anger at those who treated her so inhumanely, I will admit to not "getting" the hat thing. Now that I've read this post I realise the need to keep her warm in your wintery conditions.
Keep up the good work
hugz from downunder
don't forget to take good care of YOU too! You are an earth angel, such wonderful work you're doing. And all of Noel's hats just rock!!
love you sweetie,
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