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Thursday, August 30, 2007
Home again, home again..
Left last Thursday to transport and returned home on Sunday.
Never a dull moment in my life to say the least...
Just as I was approaching downtown Chicago, the radio had tornado warnings..
This is what I saw from my car.

Delivered everyone safely...
Arrived at my friends house to find that the tornado had touched down very near to where they live and had torn up their whole area.

So we had a very nice quiet candle lit nite just hanging out and spent Friday cutting down trees and cleaning up.

Saturday we went to see my friend's husband George, show his beautiful paintings in Glen Ellyn.

Monica & George adopted "Riley" from me almost a year ago, he has grown up so much and is just the most amazing dog!!
And handsome too:)

Sunday I picked up "Keoshi" who had just spent the weekend having his heartworm treatment.
I am very happy to report he is doing GREAT!!! He was smiling the whole way home, even though he was in a crate.
The next six weeks are not going to be fun for him, since he has to be kept calm and quiet..
Any excitement could be deadly...
I can't stress enough, how important heartworm preventative is!!! Please protect your pets..

I also was able to see the dogs that I had brought down and most were already adopted by Sunday!!!

Got back home and have been non stop since..
I wish I were better with posting, but this summer I have had numbers here like never before:( I have to pick and choose what I do in a days time and most days, something comes up.. Most always animal things, little ones getting sick, vet visits, etc..
It just makes me so sad that we can't save them all, or that these beautiful little lives are here in the first place..
We have to keep hoping that someday, things will change and tomorrow will be a better day for the animals in need.

Here are some of the new faces here...

This is just the sweetest dog in the world!!!! We've got tons of them, but this little girl has really stolen our hearts here..
Her name is "Lexi" a Jack Russell/ Sheltie mix the best we can figure. Approximately 6 months old she will only be about 25-30 pounds full grown. Super smart, great with other dogs & kids. Crate trained and so eager to please.

"Gimlet" is a great dog. Amazingly smart, but all puppy all the time!!! Would be a great dog for agility training.
Male, approximately 10-12 weeks old. Blue Heeler/ Lab mix.

"Hazel" is a female Beagle/Cattle dog mix. Approximately 2-3 years of age. She is great!! Smart and starved for attention. She has huge radar ears, which she is very sensitive about, so act like you don't really notice them:) She also has 3 little pups that are escape artists. I'll post their pics in the next post. For as little as they are, they are already getting into trouble.

"Suki" is a little Shepherd mix. Sweet beyond words!! Female, approximately 10-12 weeks old.

"Mossimo" is quite the handsome devil!!! Approximately 1-2 years of age. He is a Daschund/mix I am guessing, because of the white on his chest. Though he looks like a purebred to me. Great with other dogs and full of charisma.

"Roo" is just the cutest and she knows it!!! We have no idea what she is and there are 4 more siblings.
They are tiny approximately 8-10 weeks old. I can't guarantee they will stay small, we had a puppy last year that was this tiny and grew up to be 60 pounds. So if you love her, you'll have to love her no matter how big she gets..

"Hootie" is a male, approximately 8-10 weeks old. He is Roo's brother. Spunky and just a total lover!!

"Cookie" is a female Beagle/Basset. Approximately 1-3 years of age. She had 3 pups but they didn't make it.
She was full of infection, malnourished & had very severe mastitis when I pulled her from the pound. She is doing great and is hanging out with Mossimo.

I will be leaving again to transport next Thursday..
After this transport I am hoping to just focus on our special needs dogs here and take some time, I don't think we'll be able to stop but just slow the incoming numbers down.
Money is so tight these days and I really need time to do paper work, write grants and get this art auction up, which I am really focused on finishing and getting started for October.

In other news:
My dear friendBarbe an avid animal lover and rescuer has dedicated a line of her wonderful handspun yarns to "A Place To Bark". The line is called "Scrappy Cats" all proceeds benefit our animals.
So if you love fiber check her out here!!

We also were mentioned on Blogs We Luv!!
Thanks so much, we Luv you back!!!

If I owe you a phone call or e-mail, I am working on it..
I dream of the day that I'm caught up, but till then, I'll do the best I can.
For my art friends in Wisconsin, I will be up there next weekend transporting, so give me a jingle and lets have coffee!!!
Have a GREAT day!!!
Monday, August 20, 2007
Home again for the moment..
I just wanted to post a quick note that I'm back, from my travels to North Carolina and Phoenix.
Time has gotten away from me this week, for I have been trying to get the animals ready for transport this week.
When I get back I will post an update probably, this weekend about the new animals here, my tv appearance and teaching events.
I also have received some art for our upcoming art auction and donations for Keoshi.
Thank you so very much!!!
Our leads on his previous owner have all been dead ends. But I'll keep trying..

"Neo" will be next to focus on with his medical bills and we also have two new special needs pups that I will post about next week.

in the meanwhile here is a cute little clip..
I've been trying to learn how to use my camera and computer to give you a better view into our little world here.
I'm no computer genius and haven't figured out how to use my movie option straight.
So you'll have to tilt your head to the side:) Sorry, one of these days, hopefully I'll have time to read my manual..

Till this weekend, Blessings and Light to you all!!!

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