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Thursday, January 31, 2008
we're still winners!!!
hi everyone!! this is Claudine! With an update from Bernie!

The Network for Good grant contest is officially over and even though A Place to Bark didn't win the $50,000 grant, we are still winners!!!!

I just got off the phone with Bernie, she is 180 miles away from Chicago with her 41 dogs and 1 kitten all on their way to new homes and we were talking about how much GOOD has come from this!!! This has been amazing!! We have made new friends, we raised over $42,000!!!!!! and we have a matching grant of $35,000 from the Zoline foundation!! So we have raised $77,000. WOWZA!! and all because of each and everyone of you!!!

We truly felt everyone's support for this cause and it is so touching to see everyone rallying behind Bernie's effort to save the lives of these animals. Together person by person, we did what we thought we couldn't do. This has been an incredible experience and it brings me to tears. Not because we didn't "win" because when you think about it -- we did win!! Each and everyone of you made this fund raiser drive a SUCCESS!!!! We raised a total of $77,000 because of YOU!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

Bernie says she will still be able to build a shelter with the money raised. It will have to be a smaller shelter but it will still happen. We can all follow the progress on her blog here!

What happens now?
Now Network for Good will audit all the donations from the badges to strip off the duplicate donors to get to the "real" results of individual donors. In 30 days they will notify the official winners. Could A Place to Bark still win? In theory we could if one of the other badges had many duplicate donors. A Place to Bark will still receive $1,000 from Network for Good for placing in the top 8, so that is wonderful!! All the final contest details are on this page here from Parade Magazine who sponsored the challenge.

Donation Gifts/Prizes
Bernie's husband Jeff is furiously inputting all of the donor's information into a database, it is taking some time because we have so many donors (yay!!!!) as soon as the database is built we will select the winners of the donation gifts and artwork. not to worry! We will keep you updated here!! We will do this as soon as possible!!
Whew!!!! WOW!!! and Ohhhh my gosh!!!!
"All of you reading these words have loved someone, have done someone a kindness,
have healed a wound, have taken on a challenge, have created something beautiful,
and have enjoyed breathing the air of existence.
Every moment you make a difference.
-Random Acts of Kindness

All day, my phone has been ringing off the hook, I have been checking my computer, bringing dogs to the vet, picking up dogs from my fosters, getting everything ready to transport and now I am going to try to get a few hours of shut eye..

I am not sure how this contest is going to pan out, but please don't give up:)
We still have time to spread the word..

I believe in meant to be things, so even if we don't get the prize money I'm pretty confident we'll figure something else out..
My heart is telling me that this is the year the shelter will be built..
You all have amazed me, this contest has amazed me!!!

If anything has come out of this, it has shown me the power of a cause.
That people are passionate about life, animals, causes and friendships.
If we don't win, I have won, no matter what. These moments will be forever remembered.
This contest has brought together the rescues that have been competing, for the better.
I have made friends with "Saving Georgia Dogs" and that is a wonderful thing for the animals!!!
My heart is so full of joy, I cannot even begin to put into words my amazement in all of you..
The networking, the outpour of support and the wonderful, wonderful people who make a difference in this life..

It kinda feel like David and Goliath:) We have done amazing, just being a tiny rescue, composed of Jeff, Terry & I.

In dog news: I took 12 dogs out of the shelter yesterday and 3 today, they won't be ready to go till the end of February, but gosh are they every precious!! Will post pictures when I get back..

Need some sleep, I have to get up in just a few hours..
Then on the road with all the doggies and one kitten:) 8-10 hours depending how many times they have to go potty..

I just want to put this out there, since I know all the other charities are checking out each other..
I wish you all the BEST!!! And may the powers that be, support all the good deeds, each and every charity does...
Wednesday, January 30, 2008
direct link to donate
hi everyone! This is Claudine with a quick post!

Bernie is running around like crazy today with dogs at the vet. I wanted to post this direct link to donate. We have gotten some emails that the donation badge is not showing up. If you don't see the badge, please CLICK HERE TO DONATE VIA DIRECT LINK!!!!

thank you everyone SO MUCH!! this is a nail biter!!!! Only 23 hours to go!!!!

EDIT 6:30pm:
just another quick update to answer a question.

someone asked:

"I'm confused, the Parade website for the challenge says the top eight charities will win $50,000 each."

yes it is confusing! We read further into the fine print and it says the top 4 USA and then the top 4 International badges (for a total of 8) since A Place to Bark is in the USA category we will need to be in the top 4. Believe me! we wish it was the top 8! then we would be able to sleep tonight :)
Tuesday, January 29, 2008
"Every Gathering Across The Nation"
Whether a few on the Porch of a Crossroads store
Or Massed Thousands in a Great Stadium
"Is the Possessor of a Potentially Immeasurable Influence on the Future"
-Dwight D. Eisenhower


Ohhhh, we knew this was coming...
The other charities have stepped it up and if we don't continue to get others to donate, we are going to fall to the back.
They are really gaining steadily..

We need to stay in the top 4 in order to win the grant money and we are close to being moved out of the 2nd place spot, if we are not careful.
Just click HERE to check our placement status.

PLEASE, PLEASE, Spread the word...
I know so, so many of you are out there accosting everyone you know to donate:)
We appreciate your efforts, more than you will ever know!!!

If you are having problems getting the badge to appear, one of two things may be going on..
You may not be waiting long enough, it takes time for the badge to load or you have not enabled your pop ups to show.
Please don't give up on donating if this is the case.
Shoot me an e-mail at: aplace2bark@aol.com either Claudine or I will help you!!

If it weren't for all of you, my new friends and all of my old dear friends, we would not have gotten this far..
I am grateful in so many ways for this contest and the uniting of people who love animals!!!
It has taught me so much and again, I say that all these charities are Important!!
It is very sad we can't all get the prize money, but I truly believe the bottom line is, that we all have won, finding friends in perfect strangers, all believing in making a difference!!!
Now that is a true prize!!

I really need to say a special "Thank You" to Claudine and Tim..
Without your amazing dedication to the animals and your constant support of this cause, I would never have done as well as I have..

Please everyone, I am not minimizing all that you all have done, please don't take this post that way.
I just want you to know that these two people have made such an incredible difference in my life with their support.
I will forever cherish you all for your selfless acts!!!
I will have many more "Thank Yous" to come.. Just need time to write and post pictures.
I'm just getting done with my duties and have a 5:30a.m. wake up call to get my chores done, before the vet and my fosters get here at 7:00a.m.

The video you are about to see Claudine made for "A Place To Bark" to just make a visual point that we do our very best, to find a better life for the animals we rescue.


I love the music, it makes me think of my twenties..
Good Grief, yes, I'm that old... How did that happen???:)
I was inspired by a YouTube video post on Zak's channel, went back and couldn't find the video poster.
It was the coolest rescue, adopt video!!

Here is just another little clip of some of the animals here..
Unfortunately, they are outside. We just have too many inside right now:(
This is why I so desperately want a shelter, not to mention having a home that I don't have to constantly burn candles and incense would be nice. (((giggle)))
Only a few more days and I'll be on the road with my van full of dogs and they'll be off to new lives.


"Pokey" the HUGE Great Pyrenees mix in the video has a huge crush on Jennifer Perkins:)

Off to age another day..
Nitey Nite!!!
Keep spreading the word!! It will be over soon...
I can't wait, I've been stressed for days:)

Sunday, January 27, 2008
Something to Smile About!!! 4 MORE DAYS!!
"There is a light in this world, a healing spirit,
more powerful than any darkness we may encounter.
We sometimes lose sight of this force when there is so much suffering and pain.
Then suddenly, the spirit wil emerge through the lives of
ordinary people who hear a call and answer in extraordinary ways."
-Mother Teresa

We are doing it!!!  YOU are doing it!!!  
The 25k matching grant from the "Zoline Foundation" is secured and it is ours!!!  
But don't stop here.. Keep reading!!!

Because of you, ALL of you, we are going to be able to do more for the animals in need.
And...  I have more exciting news!!!  

The "Zoline Foundation" was just floored by the response of this contest, that they have increased the matching grant to 10k more.
The offer is only until, the end of the contest.  
So if we can raise the ten thousand more,  by Thursday, January 31st, 2008,  we will have a total of a $35 thousand dollar match, to total donations made online, thru the badge.  

I want to clarify that the matching grant from the "Zoline Foundation" is different from "America's Giving Challenge".
We still have 4 more days!!!  
The extra 10k match, would give us a jump start on our operations cost, if we win the "America's Giving Challenge" and build a shelter.
We will then YouTube, Patricia Zoline giving me the check in February, when we attend the seminar at the "Helen Woodward Animal Center" in Santa Fe, California together.

Keep the faith!!! I know we can do it:)
Keep spreading the word, ten dollars can make a world of change, if you can spare it!!
If you can't, ask everyone you know who loves animals and spread the word, chances are there is someone who can.
If you think about it, what does ten dollars these days buy?? Not very much..
In all reality, it can buy us a new shelter, if we can get enough individual donations!!
So please keep us in your thoughts and prayers this next week!!!
I truly hate asking & begging, but this is so important...
Just think in 4 more days, all these annoying contest posts will be over and we'll be back to rescued animal blogging:)

I'm sorry I didn't post yesterday, but things are as always, soooo busy and I had a very sick puppy that I am caring for and have been back and forth to the vet with.  
I'm not a big fan of in your face, showing you what I see, on a daily basis, the sick, injured and abused animals.  I will show you, today, this one time, a before and after..
One of the amazing outcomes we have had with the animals, that have come thru our doors.  
This sweet girl's name is "Evaly".  

"Evaly" I took out of the pound, she was so sick she couldn't stand.  
The picture was taken at my vet's office.  She survived Parvo and several bacterial infections. She has been adopted and is alive, well and loved!!!
The photo below is one of my many, favorite memories doing rescue.
The saying, a picture says a thousand words is so fitting.

This picture, is what she looked like several weeks after, playing with another pup named "Arie".    Her doggie personality was so fun!!  Full of energy and always so crazy, wiggly!!
The after pictures are what I keep focused on... 

I have had a few e-mails lately asking why I don't show all the sad pictures, all the time, that I am not showing the truly what doing rescue is about.  
I guess I have learned thru my friends, especially (((Claudine:)) that not everyone can look at the painful truth.  
People want to help in everyway they can, but on an emotional level it is too painful to see what is actually happening.
So if I want people to walk this journey with me,  I have to focus all my love, pain, sorrow, joy on the end result.  
I will start another blog for those who want to see thru my eyes, what daily rescue is like, but it will be up to you, if you want to see the painful truth about what happens at animal control facilities, not only where I live, but across the country.  

Let me know your thoughts, I want you to keep coming back and reading.  
My belief is most people want to help, but the sad pictures keep people from being engaged, just because you can only look at so much heartache day to day.  
So that is why I try to keep this blog upbeat with slight undertones, that you know what is going on, but the big visual pictures, are of happiness and lives saved.
Don't get me wrong, the sadness I see is hard for me,  but it is the end result that makes the emotional roller coaster worth it...
There are millions of rescuers everywhere trying to make a difference, so I hope my blog has opened your eyes to so many animals everywhere in need. 

I also want to take a moment to again, Thank you All!!!  
Without you, we would not have made the matching grant!!!
More Thanks to come, just working on gathering all my pics of my friends:)

I will be leaving for Chicago on Thursday to transport, so I will be tormenting Claudine on the phone, from the road, to see where we finish in the contest:)

Just another visual, a wonderful moment, in my memory..
These wonderful dogs , a whole family taken from the pound, the mom had 3 legs, all now live in Chicago and some of the siblings have been reunited, the owners meet with their dogs at the beach during the summer:)
Yes, a dog beach in Chicago!! Too cool..


Friday, January 25, 2008
Stay Tuned!!

"Your Heart has brought great joy to many..
Those Hearts can never forget you..."
-Flavia Weeden

Hi Everyone!!
I will have a new post tonite, life here has been crazy, so many dogs..
Check back later and this weekend, there will be more news, pics and videos.
I have had, lets say a rough few days...
You keep me up, when things aren't exactly perfect:)
I really cherish you all and feel so blessed to have you read...
Check out the video Zak did!!!
I know he went out on a limb for us and I truly appreciate it!!!!
Leave him a comment if you like his training videos.
I am a big fan of what he does, because he cares about animals and wants a win/win situation for the animals and the pet owners. The great thing is his videos are free and you can watch them from your own home.  

Being responsible pet owners and spreading the word of rescue is so important, it is the only way that the needless killing will stop....  
So Kudos, to all who add to the animal collective, each and everyone of us doing our part!!  

Will post tonite, Thanks a million guys!!!

This time next week, the contest will be over.
PLEASE, please, keep spreading the word!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008
"Each of us has a spark of life inside us and we must set off that spark in one another!!!"
-Kenny Asubel

The quote above just seemed so appropriate for today!!  Sparks have been flying all over the world:)  We have received donations not only from the U.S. but also International!!
I'm just floored, I'm still pinching myself that this is happening..  
Can you believe, we have been in second place for several days..  "WOW!!!!!"

We only have 9 more days and have to keep, spreading the word for people to donate.  
Keep the positive vibes and spread the word of rescue everywhere you can!!!
We have come so far and this final week is going to have us all on pins and needles!!    
Not to mention a very tired finger from hitting the refresh button:)
We have such a good chance to get to the 25k for the matching donation by the end of the contest and the possibility of the prize money!!!  
Keep praying that we can build the shelter, we need it:)

Yesterday was a crazy, busy, day..
Non stop, feeding, cleaning & rotating the animals, running from the vet's office, to Petco, to one of my foster homes...  
Then home again to feed, water & rotate.. 
I'm not a huge fan of the camera, but with this contest I feel an obligation to show you my world.  So please bear with the amateur video, it is a little rough around the edges, but do know I appreciate you all so much and want you to see what I do on a daily basis..

This video below was taken at one of my foster homes.  Pam and Tom are my heroes:)  
They love and care for the animals with their whole heart and soul and so does their little grand baby!! 

This last video is in my house, so you can get a feel for the environment.
Thank goodness we have a big house, he have a lot of animals here.  
We just tarped the basement, bought and set up x-pens for the overflow of little puppies that have been coming in.   
Someday, we can only dream that there won't be so many abandoned animals.
I leave to transport everyone next week, so I will be super pooped, by then.
Please bear with me, if I fall behind on the blog, Claudine will keep you updated:)
I couldn't do it all without her, she is my right hand, with keeping all this web stuff and techie stuff straight..  
We still have to have the vet come over to do health certificates for everyone, get all the crates cleaned and sanitized for the trip and rent the van.

If you want to see some Great Dog training videos check this guy Zak George
Much better Youtube videos than what I do:)

A BIG Thank You post coming up, next post...
I want to try to properly Thank You ALL for doing so much for me and for the animals!!!
Blessings and Light to you ALL!!!
Friday, January 18, 2008
There are no words...
"Love is a force. It is a result; it is a cause.  It is not a product; it produces.  
It is a power, a power for good, but it is valueless unless it's released."
-Diane Morrissey

Sorry, for the disappearance..
The last few days have been non stop.  
Question:  Is it normal to eat Fritos and French Dip for breakfast and a Coke to wash it down:)

Yesterday we took in a bunch of pups.  
Today I was up at the break of dawn, getting everyone taken care of and then off to a farm.
The sweet people I went to visit today, were sent my way via a friend.  
They were chopping firewood and came across an old abandoned building.  
Under it were 11 puppies:(  Pics to come next week, forgot my camera.
I went over, wormed, vaccinated and Frontlined them.  
Bless this family for they will foster them till I leave to transport on the 31st.  

Then I was off to the pound.  By the time we left there were only 2 remaining.  
It still tore at me, that we had to leave them behind, but I am really at full capacity (again) can only take in what I can handle.  
Will still try to make room for them or find a foster home.
We have over 50 dogs here right now...  Eeek:(  
Lots of pups, but still that is a ton of animals.
They will all go north on the 31st, but till then it will be a race against the clock, daily to care for them.

I've never been one to be at a loss for words, since I've always been the gabby type..
But truly there are no words, Thank You, just seems inadequate..
All I can say, is you are all Amazing and should give yourselves a pat on the back!!!  
Good deeds, acts of kindness and love will always come back to you threefold.

Just to clarify a few questions that have been sent to me, via my website:
Q. Do you get to keep the donations after the contest ends?  
A. Yes, all donations that  you see on the badge are given to A Place To Bark in full.
No matter whether we win or lose, the "Zoline Foundation" will match all donations to 25k.
Q. Do you take in cats?
A. Yes, we do take in a limited amount of cats.  Notice the "Meow" in the blog name:)
 Last year we did about 60 cats.  
It is harder for us to find homes, so we only take in small numbers.

Q. I live overseas and cannot use my charge card, it won't recognize my address.
A. Paypal has been working for many of my overseas friends.  
Click the orange donate button and it will have a Paypal option.  
If you don't have a PayPal account you will have to sign up for one.  
I know it's a hassle, but every ten dollar donation gets us closer to winning.
Every donation helps us save another animal..

Q. Do you get paid a salary?
A. I am not paid, nor do I take money from my rescue.  
    I put much of my own personal money into it.  

So many, many, many, of you have taken "America's Giving Challenge" to heart and posted it to your blogs and websites.  
I would love to connect you with other artists of like mind, so if you have posted our badge, leave a comment and let us know your sites so that others can check out you blogs and you can be acknowledged as part of our circle of animal loving people!!!
We have come so far in such a short time that it is just a true miracle!!!  

Now we can't slow down or stop thinking our spot is safe and secure.  
I'm sure the last week of this contest, it will just go crazy.  
So we have to keep spreading the word every day, for the next 14 days so we can get far enough ahead that it will be impossible to catch us:)  I know we can do it!!!  
The whole concept of six degrees is so true!!  

Please bear with us for the next couple of weeks, I'm sure we'll get annoying, but this could be the most amazing thing, if we win and you will be able to watch it all unfold thru this blog:)
So many of my artist friends want to come out and paint it, to donate artwork to decorate it and we have had some offers of handmade beds, pillows and blankets.  
A really nice article was published in our local paper about our rescue, will post it in a few days so you all can read.  
Tomorrow I will be working with Claudine on a post, to "Thank" soooo many, for their generous donations to our drawing, so there will be more goodies!!!  
We just want to make sure we don't leave anyone out. 

I really wanted to try to make my "Thank You" a bit more personal, so I did a YouTube.
I get really nervous on camera and sound like a geek, but just know I did my best to say, I'm humbled by the outpouring of donors and am forever grateful!!!!

Will post again VERY soon!!!
Keep the excitement going!!!

we're in second place!
Hi there!! This is Claudine again with an EXCITING update!!

As of this posting A Place to Bark is in second place for the Network for Good grant of $50,000!! yay!!! Bernie is SO grateful for the outpouring of support from EACH and EVERYONE of you!!! We couldn't do this without spreading the word and helping to get everyone you know to donate $10. One $10 donation per person is all it takes!

Keep tabs on A Place to Bark's badge progress here. Thank you to everyone helping to support Bernie in saving the lives of all the animals! She saved over 500 dogs and kitties last year alone. Imagine how much she can do with the backing of a wonderful grant!

How to Donate:
here's the badge to donate from:

(to post this badge to your blog click the "share tab" to get the code)
Thursday, January 17, 2008
hi this is Claudine with a quick update from Bernie.

Bernie's internet access is down - She has a really busy day, she picked up 9 puppies from animal control. There are 4 jack russell babies, 2 mixed breeds, and 3 boxer hound mixes. Cute photos coming soon. Bernie is overwhelmed with the outpouring of generosity from each and every one of you!!! thank you so much for all of your help in spreading the word! We are already planning how we will paint and arty up the new shelter.

We can make this happen!!!

More tomorrow when she has internet access again!!!
Monday, January 14, 2008
The heat is on....
"Amazing How We Can Light Tomorrow With Today"
-Elizabeth Barrett Browning

UNBELIEVABLE!!! We are now in the Top Five, as of this post!!!!
But the heat is on, the other badges are aware of us and we have to keep asking, begging and trying to get everyone to donate ten dollars.
It has only been 6 days and look at how far we have gotten..
We need to be one of the top four to win the fifty thousand dollars.
We are sooo very close, but can't get too self assured or slow down, anything can happen at this point.....

I really hate to plead, but truly if you have ever thought about donating, now is the time to do it..
Just think, if you donate and we win, every time you read my blog, you can say to yourself...
It is because of me, because I took the time, to spread the word, to donate, that this shelter was built and that these animals were saved and are alive.

I can't do this alone, I need my friends and all animal lovers to take a part in helping me, help the animals that can't.
So please ask, your brother, sister, friends, family members, your vet, postman or a perfect stranger you see with a pet:)
Most love animals and this is for them..
I've learned to swallow my pride and ask for help.. A very hard thing to do sometimes, but it is all for the greater good!!

This Badge does take PayPal:)

It makes me sad that we have to compete for this money.
All the charities that are trying to win are ALL very important.
No one of us, is any better than the next and I wish in a perfect world, we could all support the charities we love.

I really try not to write too much about all the bad things, that I see, that happen to the animals down here..
Most who read my blog, can't handle to hear about it, just know that they are awful!!! I have seen most first hand.
Gas chambers, puppy mills, shootings, starvation, abuse, you get the horrid picture:(

I try to focus on all great things we do, the fabulous dedicated rescue people I know and network with, the wonderful program we have started and continue to grow with the Anti Cruelty Society in Chicago, over the past 2 years. Did you know, we are the only out of state program they take from:)
It is because we do our very best and send them only healthy animals.
Because we quarantine and fully vet our animals, it provides a win/win situation for the humane society and the new pet owners.
We also have qualified for other programs with Humane Societies elsewhere, that have successful spay and neuter programs, so if we get the money we can take in more numbers..
Not to mention all the great private adoptions we do and the dogs that go to the pure bred rescues we network with!!

Speaking of private adoptions, I just got an e-mail that Lexi is on her dad, Ben's blog with pics of her.. Southern dog, playing in the snow!! Too cute:)
Ben and Jessica adopted Lexi and make cool Recycled Skateboard Furniture.

One of the many great things that could happen if we get the shelter is, we can apply to be in the Rescue Waggin program, sponsored by Pet Smart Charities, so that I wouldn't have to drive so much:)
They would come and pick up the animals from our place!!
Also, I have been dreaming of starting a program that would take in litters of puppies and offer the have the mom's fixed with no costs to the owners.
It just isn't fair to the critters that are born into the world, so we have to be proactive to help stop the needless killing...
All in the future, a dream that may not be too far away..
Hope leads us.. Belief gets us there..

I have become obsessive/compulsive, checking the badge every 5 minutes, as have Claudine and my friend Patsy, who is the donor from the "Zoline Foundation" also..
We are all very excited to have gotten this far and no matter what, will count our blessings, even if we don't win the money.
All we can do is, do our best!!
If you too, have developed this disorder, sorry.. Maybe an epidemic has been created by the excitement, if you want to catch it too, watch the badges HERE!!

I talked with my friend Traci tonite and she is going to donate a piece of art, one signed book and her DVD Video to our drawing pot. YEAH!! I'm hoping we can do the drawing at CHA when we are all together via a you tube video, so you can be in on it:)

So to Tim, Claudine, Traci and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!
I know by the time this contest is over, you will get sick of hearing me say it, but I truly mean it!!
By spreading the word, the awareness, the love, the good energy and vibes, life gets better for the animals in need..

We took in two new ones today, a little female Beagle, from a cruelty case in our county (who wouldn't sit still for a pic) and a REALLY friendly Chocolate Lab/mix.
Here is his pic from the pound, I will try to post a new pic tomorrow, here at the house.

This sweet girl below came from the Rutherford County PAWS
and is doing GREAT!! She was unsocialized when she left the pound and just really terrified.
Judge for yourself, a picture says a thousand words!!
If I didn't take her, she most probably would have been put to sleep.
A story that is told much too often at shelters everywhere..
Needless killing of innocent lives:(

Still at my vet's office the Critter Clinic, getting over kennel cough. We have newborns here and didn't want to subject them to getting sick.
Everyone there has been working with her and she gave me this smile today...
Thank youPeggy and Mary Ruth for getting her to me!!! She is a doll!!

Let our light shine!!!!
We have only 17 more days to make this miracle happen!!!

(The photo posted at the top of the blog is one of my favorites.. It was taken earlier this year when it was warmer:)
Sunday, January 13, 2008
With a little help from my friends...
"What I do, you cannot do; but what you do, I cannot do.
The needs are great and none of us, including me, ever do great things.
But we can do small things, with great love and together we can do something wonderful."
-Mother Teresa

WOW!!! I am amazed and so, so very, very, grateful..
The efforts put forth and the friendships that are pulling together to help the animals make me speechless.
All right, you know I always have something to say, but it has made me take time and really think about the future.
Please take a peek, we are in the Top Ten Badges!!! Zowie!!!
But we have to keep going, working hard,spreading the word and getting everyone to donate $10.00.
We need to be in the top 4, I'm truly convinced we can do this!!

One person can make a difference and each and every one of us is one person, who by coming together and connecting, can in essence, make a change in the world. The quote I posted today, spoke so strongly to me, I hope you enjoy it.

Tim and Claudine have been exhausting every effort to help me and I am forever greatful..

Please check out Tim's blog and see the beautiful piece of artwork he has created and is donating to our cause.
I will also follow suit, in an effort to show you how much I appreciate your support, by donating 5 of my original ATCs that were published in my Artist Trading Card Workshop Book and 5 signed copies of the book.

Everyone who has donated will be entered into a drawing, and I will draw 5 winners, who will receive a signed book and an original published ATC.

Thank you all, so very, very, much!!! YOU ALL ROCK!!!
WE ONLY HAVE 19 MORE DAYS AND ARE THREE WEEKS BEHIND, so we have to keep the faith and continue to get others to donate.

I have been traveling this journey of animal rescue for 8 years now and never thought or planned that I would have a chance of making a difference or even rescuing the amount of animals that we have.
But we have and will continue to do so, for as long as we can!!

Funny how life has it's own ideas on what it wants each person to do and I guess this is what I'm going to be doing for a long time to come..
I am going to need an industrial strength pooper scooper!!
Maybe Michael will make me poop can shrine for Christmas:)

Please take note donations can be made by Pay Pal, but in order for them to count in the contest you need to make them thru the "America's Giving Challenge Badge"

In other news: Chi-Chi is doing wonderful in her new home.
Here is a pic we took when we met Miz Bella and her kids in Chatanooga. They were darling and loved Chi-Chi. Chi-Chi's leg is a bit crippled, we fixed it the best we could. It was broken in several places. But it sure doesn't stop her.. She is like the energizer bunny!!
Otter came along for the ride, he loves to go for a car ride and will always try to go..

Lets all say a prayer and BELIEVE that this will happen!!!

Love and LIght to you ALL!!!
Again & Again & Again...
Wednesday, January 09, 2008
A VERY IMPORTANT Chance For "A Place To Bark"
"Believe. Receive."
-Stella Terrill

I was just going thru my e-mail and found "Take the Challenge. Change the World".
Six Degrees has partnered with the Case Foundation to invite you to take America's Giving Challenge sponsored by Parade.
It's your chance to get $50,000 for your favorite charity.
How It Works:
The four charity badges with the most unique donations through America's Giving Challenge will get $50,000 for their cause.
America's Giving Challenge runs until January 31st.

WOW!!! Now we do have a Six Degrees badge that we posted last year, and thru that badge, we raised$4,006.00 for "2007".
Now as always I'm behind, they started this contest 3 weeks ago..
But.. I truly, truly, believe in my heart we can do this!!
I just need your help.
In order to win the grant we need to have the most amount of donors, not necessarily the amount of money donated.
The donors will be counted and the amount donated has to be a minimum of ten dollars to qualify.
On a daily basis I know we have over 150 readers, so please if you can donate.
If you are an animals lover and support my efforts, I am asking for your help.
This could make things happen to build a modest shelter, but a much needed one.
I have a youtube video of our place if you haven't seen it.
We are all outdoor and need a building to make things really nice for these animals in need.
Many of the dogs I do keep in my home in the winter.
So if we get this grant, you could watch the shelter being built via this blog.

The other bonus to donating to the badge:
We have created a new badge for "2008" All donations made to my Six Degrees Badge, powered by Network for Good, will be matched by the "Zoline Foundation" up to $25,000.00.
I decided to do it that way so we could all watch. All donations up to June 1st will be counted for the matching donation.
If we all work together, not only could we have a chance to win, but also, the money donated will be matched:)
So your money donated will be double in reality.
I have had to work really hard and prove myself to my animal welfare agencies and my foundations to keep this program going and growing and all the work is paying off.

Now to help, you will have to register with Network for Good to donate.

I know it can be a hassle, but the best thing about it is, you get a receipt for your donation immediately, they keep my bookkeeping accurate and you can also donate to other charities, tons to choose from and track your donations!!
So lots of good comes from this..

We are powerful individuals, as animal lovers and artists!!! We can make a difference together!!!
Help me spread the word via your blogs and groups...
Please post the new badge if would be so kind, I will be deactivating the old one.

Tomorrow I will be on the road taking "Chi-Chi" to her new family. My friend "Bella" is meeting me half way, in Chatanooga.
Will take pics Chi-Chi with her new kids, Zoe, Micah & Zane.

I still have to post about my fabulous kids that have been helping the rescued animals, amazing kids!!!
Got back from transporting last Saturday and have been working on the Art Auction. We also have some new faces...

Here are two of the three pups that we took in: Sherman, Lee & Grant are Lab/Hound mixes. All males, approximately 4-6 months of age. They are being treated for ear infections and Lee has mange. All being treated and on the mend.
Love people and full of puppy energy!!

This is one of the four puppies born on New Years day. I haven't named them yet, so if you have any ideas, there are 2 girls and 2 boys. Beagle/Boston Terrier mixes. We were at the vet's office having their dew claws done, when we took this picture.

"Sparky" is a very, very, sweet boy, and a bit shy!!! 5 years old and loves kids!!! He is a long hair Daschund. About 12 pounds.
We are having his teeth cleaned and he is being groomed. Will pick him up from the vet's office on Saturday.

It the shelter is meant to be built, then events will happen as they should:)
One day at a time..
Thank you all for reading & believing!!

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