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Tuesday, May 20, 2008
New Look, Cats, kittens & Casting Call
"There is a destiny that makes us brothers; None goes this way alone.."
"All that we send into the lives of others; Comes back into our own."
-Edwin Markham

We've got a new look here at "A Place To Bark"!!!  
I'm really soooo excited and cannot express my gratitude enough to Claudine's husband Paul.  
Paul did a fabulous job designing & beautifying this website.
I know it was a ton of work & we appreciate all the heart and art put into it!!! 
I am sure you can spot a bit of Claudine's influence with the color scheme or is it Stan's:)
I couldn't ask for better friends, so Thank You both a million times over!!!
The website isn't complete, we still have to tweek a few things, add some pages and need to redo & update quite a bit of the old text.  We all just couldn't wait to get it up & see it live.  
So just know it is a work in progress.

Something super fun!!
Claudine's mom gave me this lead and the producer asked me to post a casting call since we have so many animal lovers here:)

Casting call for new Animal series with a major cable network.
Is your life literally going to the dogs...and cats...and bunnies...and lizards? 
Do you have ducks in the bathtub and spiders in the chandelier? 
Do you mix up your kid's names with your pets? Are your kids actually goats? 
A major cable network is developing a new series about families where the pets outnumber the humans, where the daily business of raising a family includes dealing with the whole animal kingdom. 
If your house is one where any species would feel at home, we'd like to know more. 
Please send a short introductory email about your family to MyHouseIsaZoo.too@gmail.com. 
Include a link to your website if you can. 
Emails with attachments cannot be opened.  
Tell them that you saw it here at "A Place To Bark".

Back to the happenings here at our Zoo:)
As always we are busy here.. Lots of little ones.  Tis the spring season:(
I arrived home from transporting last Sunday, but it always takes me about a week to recover and get caught up, before I post. 
This week we took in some beautiful cats, below are the before and afters. 
I so wish I could post every animal that comes thru, but time just isn't on my side when it comes to doing computer work.  So just know there are many more here, if you are ever looking to adopt, just drop me an e-mail and I can send you pics of those here waiting for someone to adopt them.
Below is "Jubilee" the orange momma kitty.
She is such a love!!  Approximately 2 years old and sweet, sweet, sweet!!
These pics were taken the day I took them from animal control.

The energy whenever I take the photos there is always so dark.
As they say a picture says a thousand words and these before and afters surely do..
"Izzy" a buff colored male, was not feeling so good, but is doing great now!!

Here are "Jubilee" and her kittens.  We have a fenced in homemade cage so that we can take them outdoors to get some air and sunshine, without the worry of them running off.

Why is it that cats don't smile as much as dogs?  
Or is it they laugh at us when we aren't looking:)

I just took this picture with my macro setting..
I love this kitten, his name is "Guido" purrs the moment you look at him or hold him.
Hate the wrinkly lines in my hand.. boy do I need a manicure:)

More kittens and many cats here looking for homes... Will post more pics soon.
Please remember we all can save lives.  Holding life in the palm of our hands so to speak...
Each one of us spreading the word of rescue, donating time and talents to your local humane societies and getting your animals fixed saves many, many lives.
They depend on us.. Let's not let them down, to be put down...

Have a wonderful weekend!!!
Monday, May 12, 2008
Happy Mother's Day!!!! A bit belated:)
For a mother is the only person on earth
Who can divide her love among ten children
And each child still have all her love.
-Author Unknown

As you all know I have time issues, and today is no different.
If it matters, I started yesterday, but fell asleep with my laptop in bed with me:)

Mother's Day is a day of appreciation.  
For many a day of reflection for the mothers who may no longer be with us or we can't be with them today.
I'm not with my mom today, but she has been on my mind all day.
With age I have learned that even though at times we did not see eye to eye, more times than not:)  
Little did I know she was teaching me many things then that have made me the person I am today.  My strengths and dedication to family are because of her.  
She is the strongest person I have ever known and yes, I get my stubbornness from her too:) Never asking for anything, working harder than any person I have ever known and never taking no for an answer, she raised six of us kids by herself and taught us that we are in control of our life and it is what we make it.  
To love deeply, to forgive often & keep God close to our hearts..  
Mom even though I can't be with you today, I love you always!!!

As always we talk dog around here, so here we go!!!
Kya's babies are growing up so quickly...  
Seems like just yesterday we pulled her from the pound and because she was so starved I didn't even know she was pregnant.  Lucky for these two, we did!!! 
They are alive, very healthy, will be weaned very soon and then on to families they can call their own.  
Soooo cute don't you just want to give them kissey, kisses all over their little faces!!
Mwuah!!!  They have the best puppy breath:)

People always ask me how I get such nice pictures of the dogs.  I take alot of pictures!!! 
Yes, I act and talk silly to them, so what you see is, probably them laughing at me:)  But truly, this place and property to me is magical.  It is a place of peace and miracles.  I live at the top of a foot hill overlooking a beautiful creek and pond.  
The animals are happy here, it is just an in between place they can call home for the moment,
to heal and learn, until they go on to their forever homes.
I'm tired most days, but it is all worth it.  The pictures are proof of this..  
Life can be beautiful if just given the chance and all these beautiful creatures deserve a chance. With love all things are possible...  I believe this with all my heart!!!

I hope all you moms reading know how special and important you are!!
You are the creators of life, the ones who will teach our youth of tomorrow and make them the people they will become.   Cherish your moments with your little ones..
I am cherishing my mommy moments right now:)
Much love to you all!!!
Blessings and light...

"Motherhood: All love begins and ends there."
-Robert Browning
Saturday, May 10, 2008
Very FUN Auction for "A Place To Bark"
"How beautiful the day, when a kindness touches it"
-George Elliston

Wooo- Wooo!!!  Tell all your friends "says Gusov".

I am floored...WOW!!!  "A Place To Bark" has been blessed with an amazing gift that is up for auction by the film maker on E-bay right now!!!
"CLICK HERE" to view it.

If you love funny movies, would like to have a collectors piece to show off and in turn help the animals here, now is your chance!!!
There is a new moving coming out "Boys of Summerville" from independent film maker, 
"Lycan Entertainment".
This is rare chance to own one of the props from this movie signed by the cast.
The auction is for an original movie prop that was used movie, which was filmed entirely in east Tennessee.
The sign was used during the opening credit, when the main character drives into town, for the first time in many, many years (as seen in picture).

The prop is a sign that says "Summerville Welcomes You" and is signed by most of the cast and crew (as seen in picture) including, the writer and director during the premiere at the "Regal Entertainment Downtown West Theater" in Knoxville, TN!
The sign is in excellent condition and will be shipped and packed very carefully to keep it safe and sound on its way to you.

This sign was the original sign that was used in the movie.
It measures approximately 25" by 39" and is made out of high quality corrugated glossy plastic.
After the auction has ended and item is received, "Lycan Entertainment", LLC agrees to, unless buyer wishes to remain anonymous, post the winner's picture and profile on the official "Boys of Summerville" website!
Too cool!!!!

Check out theWEBSITE and TRAILER, it looks like a fun filled movie!!!
We as artist are always in search of networking and supporting like minds and hearts and I highly recommend that we pay forward the kindnesses that they have bestowed upon us. 
Even the smallest of ways count, like having a day of fun, going to the movies and remembering that this company, took the time to care and help a small rescue called "A Place To Bark":)
You rock Brooks Benjamin, cast and crew!!!!
Friday, May 09, 2008
I Believe in Love...
"After the verb "To Love"...
"To Help" is the most beautiful verb in the world.
-Bertha von Suttner

How can you not love them all or want to help them?!!  
I do love them all and cannot believe what I have come to see on a daily basis..
Sad how disposable,things have become on many levels of life.  
Marriages, children, our elderly and the animals just to name a few...  
The world can seem like such a harsh place many days, but there are moments and people like you, that make it all seem right:)
I really appreciate you all and I hope you know this!!  
You reading, commenting and supporting what I do, keeps my spirits up on those down days and helps me to continue on.  
I know I will be doing this for many years to come and feel blessed that you are with me on this journey.
I am working on a few art pieces I am going to give away in a raffle soon, to those who will comment in an upcoming post.  So check back!!!
Following suit with "Claudine Hellmuth" and "Tim Holtz" and what they have done in the past with artist appreciation.

These posts are about some of our most recent cases.  
Who now have a chance because we all took the time to care.  
Without you, I could not all I do:)

This precious little guy is "Chase".  
He was picked up by animal control, a hit and run victim, running with a pack of dogs on a rainy day.  Very unsocialized he is so terribly frightened by people, when you get near him, he starts breathing rapidly and has a look of terror in his eyes that just breaks your heart.   
Only 3-4 months of age, I hope he will learn to trust again. 
He does bite, but he is in terrible pain for his hips are dislocated.  
As the days pass he is learning to trust a bit more.  
Still at my vets office the staff there gives him lots of love!!  He'll probably be there another week.
I am looking at a set of wheels for him from HERE so he'll be able to get around and recover.  
It will be many months of recovery for this little guy.  
I just don't understand how someone could hit a dog and keep driving...  
So keep this little guy in your thoughts and prayers and send him healing wishes:)

Our next sweetie is "Duckie".  A female poodle, approximately a year old.  
This sweet girl was in horrible shape when I got her.  

Filthy, dirty, her poor legs were felted hard, like a solid plaster cast from the mats.  
She could not even bend her legs.  The vets office had to sedate her to groom.  

As you can see she is nice and clean, feeling a bit naked, but hey!! her hair will grow back.
If you notice she has an admirer in back:)

"Jo-Jo" the cocker, too was very matted when he came in and is now quite smitten with "Duckie".
Looks like he is whispering sweet nothings in her ear....
"Hey baby.. You lookin good!!!"

Many of you know that I treat pups with parvo on a regular basis, but may not know that the cost of treating parvo is 5 to 7 hundred dollars depending on the severity.  
Many rescues pass on pups, due to the fact it can be very cost prohibitive.  
Many shelters put the pups down immediately as not to infect the whole shelter due to the fact it is very, very, contagious. 
This month we have treated 12 cases.  Ouch...  But I just can't turn my back on life.
I actually took 5 pups out of the shelter and I knew that they had it.  
But I just could not leave them to die a very painful and horrible death.  
So we went straight to the vet, lucky he is on the other side of the block from animal control.
We keep parvo tests on hand here and are always expecting the worst and hope for the best when animals are brought here from the pound.
We keep pretty strict quarantine when they come in and it is difficult, but all part of what we do here.  Every life is precious...
The pups survived and here are some of their happy faces!!

"Mischief & Maverick" they also have a sister named "Mabel"

These three are part of a litter of 8

"Jolly" is one of 8 in a litter.

 Last but not least is "Daphne" who even though she is an adult also survived parvo.  
She most probably was never vaccinated.

So yes, long pictorial post, but I know you all love the pictures so I hope you enjoy them!!
It is expensive to treat all the illness, but life should be worth more than the almighty dollar. 
Times are tough and they are going to get tougher on the charities with the economy the way it is, but we'll just keep doing the best we can!

Together we make a difference, the small donations all add up and this is what we do with what you give us...
Thank you again...

Friday, May 02, 2008
Paying it forward for a cause: 60 miles in 3 days
"I am only one, but still I am one; I cannot do everything, but still I can do something;
And just because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do."
-Edward E. Hale

"A national philanthropic trust project"

This post in dedicated to my friend Becky
and all those who are survivors, fighters and those we have lost to Breast Cancer.
I know this post is not about animals in need, but Becky's mom did adopt two cats from me and Becky has 2 rescued cats, if that counts:)

There is a song by Reba McEntire called "Everyday People", it is about those who care enough to make a difference. 
Becky is one of those people.
Everyday people are the ones who are making miracles..   
And we need a miracle to cure breast cancer!!!  

The picture above is Becky last year at the 3 day.
I LOVE this picture of her!!!  
It captures her love of life... and that she is, living large and loving life, friends, family and every moment!!
We all have our causes that are near and dear to our hearts.  
You all know what mine is:)
But I do try to pay forward kindnesses given to me and this is one I hope you will help support. 
Becky and her husband Doug have been huge supporters of me and what I do, so now it is time for me to return the favor.
Breast Cancer is something that affects so many and most people have a loved one, with breast cancer, know someone who has had it or know someone that it has affected and is no longer with us.
Becky has walked this walk before and is doing it again.  60 miles in 3 days.  
All I can say is it takes an amazing spirit of heart and dedication to the cause, to walk the distance.  I get winded going to my mail box or chasing the puppies:)
Becky and her team "The Wonder Bra Barbies", are in training for this national walk and I hope you will help support her and her team in their efforts to raise money for the cure or support someone in your area for this cause.  To donate just click HERE.  I donated and made my dedication to my friends Patricia Zoline and Kelly Snelling, so their names will be written on the shirt Becky will be wearing during the walk.
If you have any reservations, please watch these videos I am sure it will inspire you, to walk for the cause or support it.  
The energy and power of people coming together, is something that cannot be explained, but must be experienced.
No matter how small the donation, it all adds up in the end to something huge!!
If you live in the Boston area and want to join her team, let me know and I will put you in touch with her.

Becky you are my friend and my hero and I love you!!!
Since I'm being so gushy today, I want you all to know I appreciate and love all of you that visit my blog:)
Dog post later tonite...

"Because Everyone Deserves A Lifetime!!!"

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