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Sunday, April 23, 2006
Counting My Blessings...

I've just come in from taking a break..
As I sat on the porch, I closed my eyes..
The warmth of the sun, the smell of grass being cut and the happy barks of the pets that are here, made me realize, life at this very moment is good:)
My days are crazy, every moment is taken..
Trying to focus the mind on the good and not the bad, is always a challenge...
I have been blessed with animal lovers who believe in my vision, you are the key reason I will succeed!!
No one person can do it all.. But if we all do a little, it makes a BIG difference.
I believe in Synchronicity, that things happen for a reason.. and they are happening!!
This week I have had some very important meant to be happenings that I'm very excited to share with you..
The Humane Society of The United States, sent me a 15 pound package with everything I need to start my own shelter.
I had been contacted by a lovely woman named Jude who is willing to be my grant writer to help me obtain the funds needed to create a spay & neuter program and build my shelter. I also received an e-mail from a gal named Melissa with a lead to a very nice grant opportunity, so every little bit of information and support helps. Keep them coming!!!
Please link me to your blogs so we can spread the message to animal lovers everywhere...
These are some of the pictures snapped of the sweet faces that have made it here..

I hate to include the sad pics but we can't forget those who are waiting to get to places that will love them...
I am full to capacity, with 18 dogs here and can't take any more, until after my trip to Wisconsin next week.
These guys are at animal control waiting for someone to take them..

Please pray for them and that together we can end this needless waste of life.
Blessings and Love to you all,
Hey Bern, Is the top picture Miss Mini & Max? If it is, Miss Mini is really really tiny-and I still think she's adorable:)

thank you so much for all the work you do for our furry friends!
xxxox claudine
You are awesome Bernie! Keep it going!~

thanks for the cd's...you didn't have to do that.
Hi Bernie, Glad you got my email!!:)

I hope you can get a grant for your shelter!

Peace to all animals!
hey bern!
i'm out of the loop - i didn't know you had a blog other than LJ...i'll link you up honey.
heartfelt work you're doing, so important but you already know that...
I came here from Roz's blog. Sounds like a wonderful thing your doing and would like to donate some art. I'll keep checking in with your updates on things.
Your devotion and courage amaze and inspire me! If I lived somewhere near you i'd be over to adopt! i fall in love with all the animals you show and my heart bleeds for all those poor animals that don't get the love and affection the so need. I sometimes walk the dogs in a shelter near my place and I have already adopted once, but I wish I could do more. Good luck with the grant, my fingers are crossed for you and all you furry friends!
Bernie and all the furry sweethearts!!!Hope and Pray you get all the grants you need!!! Prayers and good thoughts coming your way in the wind from West Virginia! ps. hope to hear from you soon soooo I can send you the $$$$$$ for the collages, just need your address! Thanks Bernie! and of course I'll donate some art!
your own shelter! You are doing such great work, Bernie. I will definitely post a link to here. Good luck with your grants!
Amazing news...the grants...I pray they go through...you have worked so hard for this, your dreams are coming true!! xo
You are doing awesome work. I would love to donate some art when you put in the call. Synchronicity happens when you are following your true path in life. May the powers of the Universe come to assist you as you offer comfort, refuge, and strength for these precious beasts.
As promised I have put a link to you on my blog and will post one on my online story Winston the Wonderhound, so that we can spread the word about your kindness.
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