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Wednesday, October 04, 2006
Transports adopted..

I got back from my last transport to Chicago last Wednesday. This was our biggest transport so far.
I haven't had a chance to write, things have been busy as usual.
This was my first trip with a cargo van and it worked out pretty well.

I received word today, from the shelter manager that all of our dogs have been adopted. I wish that I could know where each and every one goes, but that is just not possible. I just hope they end up in the best lives possible...
I kiss each and everyone of the dogs that leaves me and say a prayer. I've done what I can and all I can do is hope for the best and leave it to the God and the universe to care for them.

I'm currently working on our next transport. I'm full again:( It just is a never ending battle with the homeless animals.
I hope in my lifetime that we see change and the end to the needless killing of adoptable animals. We all can have a hand in this. Not saying that we need to do things to the extreme that I do, but to find out what is going on where you live locally.
Working with Humane Societies and rescues. We all together can make a difference. The capacity to help is different for everyone, but every little bit of involvement does help.

News at the Zoo:
Mr. Magoo is healing well. He is still a bit itchy but goes for his second treatment this Friday. His hair is starting to grow back!! I can't wait to see how he looks with a new coat. I'm thinking I should change his name..

This is "Miss Prissy" I didn't name her, but think she should have a new name, any suggestions??

Two Terrier/Poodle pups and their mom came in.

It's hard to take pictures around the puppies when they are pulling on your camera cord:)
We have three of these puppies

And "Elliot" who is just the best dog!! I think he is a Boxer, possibly Bulldog mix, we have to do some testing with the vet, as I think he may be deaf.
Sooo sweet and very attentive, just the best if you are looking for a bigger dog.

There is more, but I have to get moving, lots to do...
I'll post more in a day or so.
Blessings and Light to you..
How about Roxy for Mr. Magoo and Kitty PurrrrrrrL for the Siamese! I had a Siamese Kitty Pearl back in the day, what a cat! Take care Bernie! xo ps. are you getting a lot of art for the auction?
I think Mr. Magnus Magoo would be a lovely name and you could call him Mags for short!
oh my....what cute pictures of each one of these lil' guys~ such personalities they must have! :)
I think Miss Prissy is a good name...she matches my Mr. Pissy aka Mr. Schmoo........

Mr. Magoo looks better already!
awww so cute! love the photo of the pup pulling on the camera cord! I miss you! can't wait to get home so we can chat!!
I'd suggest Hugo as a new name for little Mr Magoo and for Miss Prissy, hm that's trickier, she needs something with lots of syllables I think, Belladonna/Donnatella/Gabriella possibly, or maybe Saskia? Or Princess? Can't decide...
I think Miss Prissy is a perfect name for her. Look how she has her little wrists crossed and is looking at the camera all "We are NOT amused"

Maybe Miss Elizabeth II?
Oh no Elliot has my heart!he is a SWEETIE!!
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