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Wednesday, September 12, 2007
Watch The "Martha Stewart Show" Today

I just wanted to post a quick note that one of my best friends Claudine will be appearing on the Martha Stewart Show today.
A huge animal lover she built this web site and is always my right hand when I need help.
Tune in and watch her make her create her super fun Sitting Poppets!!!
All the critters and I will be watching :)

(The cute picture above was taken by another one of my talented artist friends Kim Nugent, while she was pet sitting for me. Her dogs are the 2 Boston Terriers and Simon the Pom. )
love the picture!!!
Love love love this photo!!! LOL!!!
That is THE cutest picture!!!
how cute, what a happy pic.
too cute!
too cute!
Great pic and wasn't Claudine great on the show?
Bernie - can you say which site in Massachusettes you are working with? I live in MA - maybe I can help in some way?
Hey Bernie!

We are going around right now trying to round up ZNE members who are not yet registered on our new discussion forums - which will also serve as our member roster and mailing list.

I know you are busy busy busy - but it would be great if you could take a second and go here:


And register and/or request an invite, so that we can get you all set up?

Thanks so much!

xoxo - Chel
who is the little guy trying to escape the picture - too cute. And the little upright guy next to him, looking like an ewok?
What a happy looking crew!
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