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Tuesday, May 20, 2008
New Look, Cats, kittens & Casting Call
"There is a destiny that makes us brothers; None goes this way alone.."
"All that we send into the lives of others; Comes back into our own."
-Edwin Markham

We've got a new look here at "A Place To Bark"!!!  
I'm really soooo excited and cannot express my gratitude enough to Claudine's husband Paul.  
Paul did a fabulous job designing & beautifying this website.
I know it was a ton of work & we appreciate all the heart and art put into it!!! 
I am sure you can spot a bit of Claudine's influence with the color scheme or is it Stan's:)
I couldn't ask for better friends, so Thank You both a million times over!!!
The website isn't complete, we still have to tweek a few things, add some pages and need to redo & update quite a bit of the old text.  We all just couldn't wait to get it up & see it live.  
So just know it is a work in progress.

Something super fun!!
Claudine's mom gave me this lead and the producer asked me to post a casting call since we have so many animal lovers here:)

Casting call for new Animal series with a major cable network.
Is your life literally going to the dogs...and cats...and bunnies...and lizards? 
Do you have ducks in the bathtub and spiders in the chandelier? 
Do you mix up your kid's names with your pets? Are your kids actually goats? 
A major cable network is developing a new series about families where the pets outnumber the humans, where the daily business of raising a family includes dealing with the whole animal kingdom. 
If your house is one where any species would feel at home, we'd like to know more. 
Please send a short introductory email about your family to MyHouseIsaZoo.too@gmail.com. 
Include a link to your website if you can. 
Emails with attachments cannot be opened.  
Tell them that you saw it here at "A Place To Bark".

Back to the happenings here at our Zoo:)
As always we are busy here.. Lots of little ones.  Tis the spring season:(
I arrived home from transporting last Sunday, but it always takes me about a week to recover and get caught up, before I post. 
This week we took in some beautiful cats, below are the before and afters. 
I so wish I could post every animal that comes thru, but time just isn't on my side when it comes to doing computer work.  So just know there are many more here, if you are ever looking to adopt, just drop me an e-mail and I can send you pics of those here waiting for someone to adopt them.
Below is "Jubilee" the orange momma kitty.
She is such a love!!  Approximately 2 years old and sweet, sweet, sweet!!
These pics were taken the day I took them from animal control.

The energy whenever I take the photos there is always so dark.
As they say a picture says a thousand words and these before and afters surely do..
"Izzy" a buff colored male, was not feeling so good, but is doing great now!!

Here are "Jubilee" and her kittens.  We have a fenced in homemade cage so that we can take them outdoors to get some air and sunshine, without the worry of them running off.

Why is it that cats don't smile as much as dogs?  
Or is it they laugh at us when we aren't looking:)

I just took this picture with my macro setting..
I love this kitten, his name is "Guido" purrs the moment you look at him or hold him.
Hate the wrinkly lines in my hand.. boy do I need a manicure:)

More kittens and many cats here looking for homes... Will post more pics soon.
Please remember we all can save lives.  Holding life in the palm of our hands so to speak...
Each one of us spreading the word of rescue, donating time and talents to your local humane societies and getting your animals fixed saves many, many lives.
They depend on us.. Let's not let them down, to be put down...

Have a wonderful weekend!!!
Oh my! The before and after picture of Izzy! It truly is amazing. Before he looks like he doesn't feel well, but also depressed and despairing. Afterward - he is safe in the hands of Bernie, and he knows it!!

I am fostering a mama cat and 5 kittens from the pound. If only everyone did....When I went to pick up my family, there were at least 20 other families, and you know what happens if there are not enough people fostering. Life is too precious to waste.

Purrcy and Lucy are happy to see some cat pictures but sad that not everyone has a place to call home.

Thank you for all that you do for the animals.


oh look at the orange kitties!

awww I'm in LOVE with all of those pretty kitties! The difference a few days in your care makes never seizes to amaze me!

The new website and blog look are incredible! Way to go Mr Paul and Miz Claudine!

kiss kiss
talk to you soon
love the new look of the website! Bright cheery colors of hope!

Ziggy, Valentine and Rufus say hi! Also Rufus wants you to know that he is trying very hard to be good.

Love the new look of your blog Bernie. And I adore all the photo's of the kitties too.
Aww Bernie - they are just adorable beyond belief ( I am biased - I have two furries of my own!!), they look absolutely great now and such a happy little family.

We've been talking about you here:


Thanks for all you do-can't wait to take your class.

Great blog. I just discovered it. I have posted a link to your blog on mine at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Thank you for all you do for animals!
Awww! Those kittens with blue eyes look sooo sweet. I wish I could take more in but I already have 7 pets at the moment. Good luck with all that you do!
I love you kittens! Do you ever bring them up to New York ? Because I love little guido <3
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