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Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Road Trip
Crazy busy as usual..
I'll be leaving town tomorrow for Wisconsin with my carload of dogs. I have 3 going to direct placements and the other 15 will be going to two different humane societies. Thank goodness for my contacts, these guys will have a chance at life...
Here they would have been put to sleep:( The direct placements are my favorites, and truly I use to only do these types of adoptions before I moved south.
But with the amount of dogs I am taking in, it is almost impossible to do home visits, etc for the numbers.
These trips are hard on all of us, 10 hours in the car with several stops at rest areas.
But it is necessary and will take a week or two off to recoup when I get back home..
Here are some pics of the pups that have passed thru our house in the past few months..
I'll be gone for a week, but when I get back I'll respond to you all!!!
Thanks for linking me to your blogs and for reading mine:)

I don't know how you do what you do. All my good thoughts are with you. Safe trip! I have linked you to my blog!
You are truly an angel-we just got a pup from the local Humane Society(my beloved dalmatian died last Fall)and it has been a shock how different a 6 month old is from a 10 yr old-who knew?? hahaha..I don;t how you manage the crowd you have! That little guy in the bottom right corner is making my heart melt though-ohhh he looks sweet!
I will link your blog!xomaryW
Bernie: (We were in Diane's class at Artfest)

I am so glad there are people like you on this earth.

I've linked you to my blog...

Thank you for what you do...
have a safe trip sweetie!!!
You are an angel
The world is a better place because you are here. Thank you.

I wish you a smooth trip with no road construction!
my god Bernie...you are amazing...10 hours...

Every single one of those dogs is so cute.
Have a safetrip! XO to you and all your dogs!!!
bernie, thanks for calling yesterday evening, i must have out back with mr. aspen. we are thinking of you while you are on your journey...what a motley crew - i can't imagine what it would look like to pull up next to you at a rest stop!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxo
your comittment is amazing - a ten hour trip and all those rest areas...omg! they are precious as are you.
Thank You!!! Amen! 10 hours and all those doggies??? Phew! Yes! I think you need some time off after a trip like that! What a group of cuties! I especially like those little white fuzzy wuzzy looking pups! LOL I'll get those collage sheets sometime, just email me whenever you have a spare minute! Take care Bernie and Godspeed! xoox
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