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Tuesday, May 23, 2006
Another Day... Another Dog...
It never ceases to amaze me how disposable everything has become.
No matter where you live it is everywhere...
From children, to the elderly, marriages that people give up on because it becomes work and of course the animals.
My mind was racing today, thinking about life and society.
One of my new friends down here, took me to an animal control facility that I have never been to.
I can't believe how many there are within a 30 mile radius of my house. The euthanasia ratio is 90 to 95 percent at this facility. They euthanasia every 3 days.. Can you imagine???
The minute you walk in the door it feels as if you've been slimed with death. The energy is so heavy and dark.

We came down to pick up a Great Pyrenees mother and pups that had mange. Mange is a very treatable condition, considering which type the animal has. By the time we got there they had been put down.

We did find another Pyrenees and she had one pup. We took them to the vet immediately after getting them to have them checked out only to find out the mom is Heartworm positive and the baby has Parvo, they both had many types of worms and were covered in fleas in ticks.
((needless to say, I was itching and scratching all the way home))
My friend took the mom home and will be saddled with the vet bills for the heartworm treatment.
Heartworm treatment is about five to seven hundred dollars.
I'll help her out as much as I can, we all lean on each other and have a tightly knit support group.
The puppy I'm treating at home with I.V. fluids and injectable antibiotics. I'll keep my fingers crossed that he comes thru it.

My new friend rescues Great Pyrenees and special needs dogs. She is an amazing person with a HUGE heart!!!
I'm blessed to have met her and know we will be friends for a long time to come..

This is one of the ticks that came off of the mom..
Ticks carry so much disease, that can spread to people too..
If you don't have your pet on a flea and tick preventative please think about it, it's in everyone's best interest.

eeewwww is right!! that tick is disgusting...I have never seen one before!

poor lil animals..so many ophans, I know you want to take care of them ALL~ xo ~Izabella
argh!!!! quelle horreur !!!
Awwweeee.... we had the most magnificent great pyrenees-BOOMER for 7 years. He was the kindest gentlest dog I have ever had.
I hope they heal and regain their health and strength-if I were not all the way our here in California I would love to help you out with them.
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