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Sunday, May 21, 2006
Catching up..
The past few weeks have just been a blurrrrrrrr......
Getting back from Wisconsin, I had training the next day, so not even a day to unwind.
The training was sponsored by the American Humane Association.
It is a great organization dedicated to the welfare of animals and children.
The seminar was very informative and now I can volunteer to help animals if there is a national disaster.
Our instructors have been involved with many rescues such as Hurricane Katrina & Ivan & the Arizona Wildfires to name a few. They have also been on Animal Planet. They were really quite inspiring!!!
I'm excited to be certified and will continue my education in regard to the animals.

Here are some pics we took during the seminar. I was lucky enough to have my dogs participate in the training.
They are such good boys!! Zeus is a Doberman and Mac is a Brussels Griffon.

I also want to Thank all of you that have linked me to your blogs!!!
It's wonderful connecting with other animal lovers everywhere.
I am trying to figure out how to answer my comments, I'm not that great on the computer so any help is appreciated:)
I am slow to answer e-mail so please bear with me, the animals keep me hopping.
We took in 6 new dogs today, a mother with 3 pups and two other puppies. Pictures to come, hopefully tomorrow.
One more feeding for the kittens and then I can get some sleep...
Congrats on your certification Bernie!
{{{{big hugs}}} to you!
Yayyyy! Bernie! Congrats also!!! Zeus and Mac are toooo cute! and thank goodness, a last feeding for the kittens! Phew! God Bless! ps. if you want to answer someone's comments on here just go to your comments,type in your message, choose an idenity, type in your user name and password, then type in your Word verification! Woooo Hoooo! xo
yes, you are quite popular...I think every blog I visit these days has a link to your blog! isn't that the koolest!! You are soooo loved Miss Berlin :)

xo ~Izabella
Congratulations on the certificate. What a wonderful thing to have/be!!
Yes, I've also linked you to my blog. I found your site a few weeks ago, and just cried when I saw all the hard work you are doing. We love animals in this house and it really touched my heart to find someone who was doing things I had only dreamed of doing.
I'm trying now to get some supplies together for you.
God bless you!!! :0)
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