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Tuesday, May 16, 2006
And so it begins..
Puppy and Kitten season:(
New at our house, One pregnant cat, 3 very weak kittens, 2 pups out of 4, as of yesterday.
I'm really saddened by the care of the foster home here. These kittens are covered in their waste, dried food and have fleas.
This week will be critical if they will survive. So please keep them in your prayers. If you ever end up taking in kittens that do not have a mother. The main things to do are: Keep them very warm about 80 degrees. Feed every 4 hours day and night. Make sure they go potty after each meal, if they are very small you will have to help them but stimulating them with warm water and a cotton ball.

This is one of the pictures of the pups. This one has blue eyes and they will stay this color. The other one looks very much the same, but with one blue and one brown. I have no idea what mix of breeds they may be. There were 4 but two died to having too many parasites. These guys will have several weeks of medication and nutrition to get them up to being healthy.
You wouldn't think that worms can kill your pets, but they surely can...

I just wanted to check in and wish everyone a good week!!

In Blessings and Light...
Oh my...looks like you have your hands very full!
OMG I am in love! He is sooo cute and sweet Bernie. You may have to put a *sold* sign on him if we can figure out how to get him from there to here. Poor little baby kitties--I will say prayers for the little sweeties.

Get some rest you!
Love and prayers are coming your way! I don't know how you do it! every 4 hours and how many? Phew! sigh, get some rest dear girl! xxoo((((Bernie& her animals))))
You are truly an angel, Bernie!
awww those babies are SO cute!!! poor little critters. At least they have you looking after them. I'll talk to Mabel and Maggie and see if they want a new sister.
Gah, it's so frustrating to see this over and over. I wish I could take them all in...you are so wonderful to do what you do!
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