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Tuesday, May 23, 2006
Mother Mac
I figured I have shared enough with you in the previous post of sad and gross..
So here is some of the cuteness that accompanies those things. It never ceases to amaze me the strength these little critters have when care and love are involved. They blossom and grow. Even with all the sadness and loss, there is hope for tomorrow if we continue. No one person can do it alone, I am constantly reminded of this, when I get discouraged. There is a nation full of people doing rescue, we are the voice for the animals and need to educate the public. Most people have no idea what truly goes on in the animal world.
Dedicated to this cause, everyone can get involved on some level and help us reach our goal of ending needless euthanasia. Too many lives wasted...
I try not to let my blog get too graphic, since I have to keep it somewhat G rated for my friends children who like to look at the pictures.
So here is a few pics of my Mister "Mac" who helps play mommy to the kittens. He cleans them after they eat..
He's my Angel!!

This picture is one of the two Catahoula/mix pups... "Ezmerelda"
What a difference a week can make!!
They are doing great and are recovering:)
It was too funny she was so interested in the camera..

If you are waiting on an e-mail from me, I promise to be caught up on e-mail by Sunday..
Sorry for the delay!!

While we all are saddened by the bad images, I think people need to see them so that we don't forget how people still mistreat animals. The crusade never ends. But these pics are lovely! The babies are adorable...and the Catahoula mix is hilarious! My parents adopted a Catahoula from the animal shelter. She is quite the handful, but very loving & intelligent.
Hi there!

I just found you via Anahata-- I was at Artfest, too (first time) and it was one of the best experiences of my life.

I am so overwhelmed by the work you do here-- we have two rescue dogs, Henry and Ollie, that make my whole day and night and day and night.

Anyway-- just wanted to say hello--

mon dieu que c'est adorable !!! :-D
you love dogs, so cool
You should not censor the pictures. People need to see the inhumanity inflicted on defenseless animals. Maybe it will make someone else reading speak up for the animals. My human got me from the pound - some people chopped off my tail and I just have a little nubbie now.
you are utterly amazing!
Hi, Bern,

Great site! I have not totally reviewed your posts and I presume that the gross and sad stories you say must be of animals being abandoned and put to sleep. I just started my blog and I post chronicles of my work as an undercover-researcher for an animal welfare group here in the Philippines. Maybe you'd want to discover the disturbing trade of dogs, sold for their meat, here in my country. If your mum is a Filipina,she may have a story for you about dog-trading here. Be forewarned, it may not be a good read, still, I invite you to visit my blog. Keep on!

In Him,

Such cuties and you do such amazing work! Makes the world a better place.

Thanks for visiting my blog!
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