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Sunday, May 28, 2006
Need Sleep..
The last few weeks have been so incredibly tiring....
I love what I do, sometimes I wish I didn't do what I do, but I know I have to do what I do...
Yes, the rantings of a crazy woman:)

I have seen so many sad things since moving here, which makes me more driven to try to make a difference here..
Every time I drive into a gas station, there is a stray dog. Dumped... Forgotten..
Puppies thrown out of cars, their little bodies along side of the road every few feet.
Boxes of pups, left by the side of the road...
More dead dogs hit by cars, than wildlife.
People shooting them, for just being on their property.
The animal controls full beyond their means, having to use euthanasia as a management tool every few days.
Things that just don't need to be, the solution is easy if people would just spay and neuter their animals.
Somedays, it just becomes more than my heart can bear...

On the flip side another week and the kittens will be able to eat on their own!!!
I will be able to stop the every 4 hour feedings and get a nites rest.
As you can tell they really are not a big fan of their daily potty washings.
It is easy on their bottoms and keeps them clean.
Not to mention, they get use to it and it makes it easier if you want to wash your cat:)

Currently here:
A new momma cat and her 5 kittens
3 bottle fed kittens
15 new puppies
The 7 pups that have been here for the past month
1 large breed pup w/Parvo in quarantine.
All the dogs (except the sick one) will be going to Humane Societies in another week.
I don't know what I would do, if I didn't have the networking of caring people that help the animals time and time again..

A HUGE Thank you to Michelle Wood and Nancy Connelly for your donations!!!
Without the help I just couldn't take in the amount of animals I do.
You all are the BEST!!!

Time to sleep...
I'm so excited...Michelle Wood is one of my friends! She had seen your blog link on my site (Funky Finds)! She didn't even tell me she donated - so awesome!!!
that kitten photo is so cute! I am so glad you found those puppies and rescued them from the side of the road. Poor little guys!!
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