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Thursday, July 13, 2006
Cat Nap Needed..

I've been doing much reflection lately..
Trying to find a balance and a much needed time to recharge.
I do have a plan that I'm going to stay true to it in the next few months.
When you do rescue it is so easy to lose yourself..
Your heart moves past the brain, trying to defy it's reasoning.
Never in a million years could I have prepared myself for the animal situations here.
But as all things in life, it's a lesson, a journey of sorts and we have to take the time to look at it all and try to understand the meanings.

Since losing my beloved Jack, I have taken a good long look at myself. I'm tired and need a break.
It's strange, I've had some unusual things, so to speak, happen since his passing. Gifts from him to me..
A heart rock with a zig zag down the middle when we were digging his grave

Every tennis ball he has ever owned has mysteriously shown up in every part of my house.
(even my shoes on the shelves in my closet)
Doors blowing open
Visitations in dreams..
A passion flower vine growing in front of his grave...

I know I'm sounding a bit flakey, but truly I can't even begin to tell you the things that have happened around here lately.
Little Miracles if you will...

The biggest miracle of them all is the clarity that has come to me of what I have to do next..
It's been 6 years of non stop new animals in our home. They come in, we care for them, get them healthy and they move on to new homes. I didn't realize that all this time, I had never taken a break. I feel it...
I always say I will, but somehow seem to forget:)
So after this next batch goes, I will take a few months to recoop. To plan my fund raisers, work harder to create more art to sell and save as much as I can to get my shelter up. Then I'll be able to do more:)
I also need to catch up on many things and "Thanks Yous" are top priority. So many of you have been so supportive, I don't even know where to begin.. You have been Angels to the animals, you have helped me to be able to do more.
The most recent gifts and donations have come from Colorado, Canada and Hawaii, Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

I have been so swamped with cats and kittens, it's so heartbreaking..
I get them well but have no place to go with them.
Every humane society & rescue I work with is full and adoptions have been slow.
This makes me even more driven to get spay/neuter programs going in this area..
We have 20+ kittens here now looking for homes.
Here are some of the sweet faces looking for love...


I wrote you before on your live journal. I live in Cheatham Co.,,its a little closer to Nashville than where your at. I just wanted to say that I am so sorry for your loss of your wonderful Jack. I started crying when I read about it. I can't imagine losing my little Lady. She is like your Jack(except she is a rat terrier).
I also wanted to say that I have always admired what a wonderful heart and soul that you have to take care of God's precious little animals that fools throw away.
I know its alot worse here in the south,,I think because there is more poverty and ignorance here,,I don't know. I am not cutting down southern people,,cause I am as southern as anyone could possibly be. But animal controls here have never been high prioritys with the counties and citys. Even Nashville just recently got a new Humane Association that they have desparately needed for many years. There was one county in Tennessee several years ago that had a very small building with a hole in the wall were people could just dump animals into it,,like a freaking dumpster,,I went crazy when I saw it. So did others so they shut it down.
We just got a animal control in our county,,its a nice one and they try really hard to place the animals. People just drive over the Davidson Co. line into our county and dump them. I try to take blankets and food and what ever I can when I can.
Please know that I remember you in my prayers.
Also,,I got my little Lady from a Puppy Mill in Millersville. She had a little cherry eye and the man told me that no one wanted her,,well I did,,and she is the best dog and friend that I have ever had. Sorry this is so long.
Just wanted to say THANKS FOR WHAT YOU DO!!!!
look at those babies!! I am in love with them all!!

(((hugs to you bernie))))
I so wish I was closer they are so sweet,
The kittens are adorable. Who is that cute little tabby?
Hi hi, they are all sooooo cute. I'm a dog girl, but since I saved Nelson off the streets, I've developed a soft spot for cats (as well as an allergy)! You do need a well deserved break, emotions have been flying sky high for you lately.
I have a little question, Nelson (my kitten) tries to suckle on my arms and fingers all the time. When I push him away he does this on the inside of his paws. You've had many abandond kittens, have you already seen this? I'm taking him to the vet next week for his shots, but I thought you might have an answer for me before then.
Thanks and bye!
I seriously think all of those things: the heart-shaped rock, the tennis balls, the flower on his grave, are all gifts from Jack. He wants you to know he is still there! I truly believe that!!
A break is more than well-deserved; take it! If ANYONE needs and deserves one, it's you...you help those who can't help themselves. :)
Thinking of you,
I want that little part Siamese baby -- she belongs to me! I wish there were some way to get her across the country to me. I still miss my beloved 19 year old Siamese, even though it's been 10 years since she passed away.
Henry's face says it all.
He is sorta a poster doggie for showing what a little love can do.

His photos are priceless.

When you are down and think you are not making a dent, just look at Henry's happy face!

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