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Thursday, July 06, 2006
Life at "A Place To Bark
Here are a couple of clips about my rescue that FOX 6 news featured when I lived in Wisconsin.
These clips are several years old, but for so many of you that have supported me here is a little peek into my world...
Thanks so much to Claudine and Paul for my technical support in getting this up:)

Thanks for sharing this with us, I feel as if I know you a bit better now. You are so amazing. I dream of being able to help animals like you do. Maybe one day I will, when I have a place of my own and more space. In the meen time I've decided to go and help out at the local shelter near my home. I'll be walking the dogs and playing with them, trying to give the a bit of love. In a week I'll be jobless, so I'll have more than enough free time to help out!

The story of Bruno made me cry... such a wonderful ending to so terrible a start.

I hope you are feeling a bit better. Take care!
wow bernie, its really great to see you in person, and link the voice with the person and all...those are really great pieces on you folks! they took the time to create a sense of what you do...nice!
Hey girl ... I had seen the first piece but not the second. Both are really nice stories.

I'm sorry I missed your call yesterday ... I'll try you over the weekend.

I almost ... almost ... brought a beautiful three-legged cat home last week. I'm on hold with just the animal residents I have now until I make up my mind about selling the house and where/what I do next. Because I will probably end up in a rental situation and possibly moving out of state, you can tempt me with kittens but I will have to refuse. Bah!

I'll ring you over the weekend.

Thanks for sharing...I missed these on the news. Loved the part about Bruno...another tear jerker.

Like the broadcaster said, you done good! Yes, Bernie, you are still a saint in my eyes.
What a wonderful video and what a great story that Fox News put together! They captured you and your work beautifully, and really touched the viewer with your story. It is much more meaningful to SEE what you actually do, and I hope by posting this video to your blog that more of our furry friends will find new homes soon! Keep up the great work!!
Thanks for sharing that with us Bernie. I was in tears watching both video's. You are doing such wonderful and important work.

I adopted a new cat 2 weeks ago after being inspired by your love of animals. It felt so good to take my new little girl home from a shelter into a warm loving home.

Bless you for your big heart xx

Bernie, you are just an awesome, awesome person. We need more people to care as much as you do. I teared up watching the stories and your dedication and kindness really warmed my heart. Just wonderful. We are working with our trainer to help our recently adopted pup who didn't get socialized early on...all those poor little souls just need a little extra TLC. All best
Thank you so much for sharing that video clip. It is truly amazing how well you have done, and are doing with your mission. I check here very often reading of your progress and hoping to soon find a dog of my own when the time is right. (I too live in TN.)
like "Khya", I too feel as if I know you a litle better.
Thank you so much for everything you do.
Unbelieveable. You are just amazing! We are blessed to have people with us who give their whole hearts in the way you do!
WOW Bernie I have always thought you were amazing for all the love and compassion you shower on these darling animals however after watching this I truly have no words you are a gift to us all!

My Best-
wow...talk about moving! such an inspiration...as are you!
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