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Friday, July 14, 2006
New Day.. New Kittens:)

Every day is a new beginning..
A time to start again with a clean slate.
This morning I was inpired by my friend Maija's blog, she had a link that touched my soul and made me cry at my computer.
True inspiration is all around us, every day. This video is one of strength and dedication, it's entitled "CAN". I hope you will take a peek!! If ever there is a time that I feel I can't I will go revisit this video...

The following pictures are new arrivals just two days old..

I also want to say a BIG Thank you to my Best Buddy Claudine!! It's because of her that this site exists:)
awww look at those babies!!! they are so sweet!
What a wonderful video. I had seen a news report on this father and son. So inspiring and beautiful.
beautifull!I just love small cats!they are irresistible!:-)Take good care of it!
Thanks so much for sharing this video! I had seen this father and son team on Oprah, and I was deeply touched by their story. I had forgotten about them until I saw this video, so I've now bookmarked it so that I can refer to it often as a constant reminder of how love, inspiration, and courage can always be achieved regardless of the obstacles that one has to overcome.
I have you in my "friend's" pages in my LJ, I saw yours in Cynjon's pages and fell in love with your cause because each time I go there and see how much you are doing my day becomes lighter and much brighter. I think you are doing wonderful by taking care of yourself first...please write to me when you can and let me know if I can help with my art for any of your auctions. I am passing your links and information to my art group, they do quite a bit for animal rescue, at the moment we are working with several, one of them is Save the Dalmatians.
Be gentle with your wonderful self.
Hugs. Gris
Bernie..those kittens are just so beautiful.
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