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Thursday, July 13, 2006
New Faces..
Ohhh, how I wish I could post all the faces and happy stories that come thru here..
Of course there is that time factor again, that I always face and can't seem to catch up:)
I will share with you what I can!! Thanks again to everyone for all your support!!!

This is Henry.
We've only had him a few weeks, but look what a difference!!! It's always the eyes...
So many have a void, vacant look to them when they first get here...
It sure doesn't take long for them to revive the little dog person that lives inside them, once they are loved!!

Henry came from my friend who also does rescue, she has many more than I. More to the tune of 60 plus.
If there ever was an Angel that walks this Earth it is her. She runs a boarding kennel, all the money she makes goes to support her rescues. She is always taking in more, trying never to refuse an animal in need.
Heart of gold can't even begin to describe her, I'm awed by her love and compassion...
In my down time, I am going to help her find homes for her many. She will continue to provide their care, I'll tempermant test and profile them, and network to find them options for adoption. This way I won't feel guilty for taking the time off and it will give me some time to be good to myself and recharge.

This is Bianca.
I picked her up at the pound. Her time was up and I just couldn't leave the sweet girl there...
She was abused, very hand shy.. But regardless of her past, she is very LOVING!!!

Next we have "Cookie"
Lets just say, Cookie is now a part of our family:)
I couldn't say no to Jeff when he asked if we could keep her..
Carmi, Thanks for the blanket, she LOVES it!!!

Last but not least we have Elmo..
He is very talkative. He is the last of his litter. His littermates all died at animal control.
He was very sick when we got him, but he is doing GREAT now!!! A whopping 2 pounds at 10 weeks.
He cracks me up when he talks, sounds like a newborn baby crying. I'll have to figure out how to do a voice post so you all can hear:)

Blessings & Light to you all...
So much cuteness and love.I'm always amazed at how an animal looks when it gets the love it deserves! They are all smiling away thanks to you, it's soooooo sweet it brings tears to my eyes.
Cookie looks sooooo cuddly. Congrats on the latest addition to your extended family!
Elmo just makes my heart bleed. If I was nearer to you I'd adopt him for sure, he looks the perfect compagnon for my kitty, they could have conversations together! But Belgium is a long way for a little pup to go... Can't wait to hear him!
I am on the staff at CorgiAid, which provides financial support for medical care of homeless Corgi and Corgi mix dogs (http://corgiaid.org). We need photos of the dog so we can see if it's a Corgi -- we see that blank, lost look in those pics, over and over.

It's heartwarming to see the happy smiling "after" faces. That's what we're all working toward!
Oh I want them all! Especially little Elmo. I cannot even believe the difference in Henry from picture 1 to picture 2. Such a fabulous hopeful story! Thank you so much for sharing. :) Your entries never fail to touch my heart.
You as always are a saint and I am so saddened by all the abuse but am cheered by all that you do!! If I could and had the means etc they would all be here too! I cringe when I watch the news and see what people do it is sickening!!! You are so special thanks!!! we make sure our baby is well loved and taken care of she is our little girl!! can see her on my blog!!! thanks dear! happy I found you and will add your link to my blog!!!
Hugs Linda
O! Bernie! Henry and all of those pups and kittens are soooo SWEET! I haven't tried this yet but here is something you can try to get that little one's voice to us! xo

Hey Bernie,
Thanks or the updates. It's amazing what you do!!!
One of these days when we are out of this apartment and in a real house, I'm going to buzz you up and bring one of these babies home.
Tristan was oohing over Elmo...
Thanks for all of what you do. You are a walking saint, woman! Looking forward to seeing you at Art Unraveled!!!
I never know whether to laugh or cry when I read your postings. It's like riding a roller-coaster everytime I open up a new posting! The changeover in these animals is simply incredible...look at Henry! It just goes to show you how much these animals are like people. A little loving goes a long way!

Now that Jeff has decided to keep Cookie, I think that YOU need to keep Elmo. I just smiled when I looked at the picture of the two of you together. You know how they say that dogs will start to resemble their owners?? Well...look at that picture again! The two of you both have those big, brown, beautiful eyes!!!
Awww! Just seeing the differences in their expressions makes my heart smile. They look safe and loved after being rescued by caring hands...thanks so much for sharing those...
They are all wonderful, and you must be too, I'm so glad there are rescuers in this world.
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