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Friday, August 25, 2006
A Day of Smiles..
Did I mention I love Horses..

I won't be able to have one till I retire from doing rescue, so maybe when I'm about 60 or 105:)
They need so much work and are very expensive to keep, but gosh are they magnificent!!!
My friend helps horse rescue and I just fell in love yesterday with this baby.. Truly feel head over heals in love..
He has lived a very sad life. Only a few years old now, he was almost starved to death. Not to mention abused. He has many scars all over his body and head and someone carved a number 7 in his nose with what looks like a razor blade.
He'll be fine now and will have a chance at a wonderful life.. Until he finds his perfect home I get to play and visit with him:)
Not to mention he has other horses to play with..
This is a funny picture, he is basically telling the bigger horses he is just a baby..
It is a submissive gesture, but it looks like they are laughing and talking.

LIFE can be wonderful... Sometime we have to go thru the worst to get to and appreciate the BEST...
Trust me I know:)
Gotta run and play with the dogs!!
Catch up with you all later...
So glad ya'll had a good day! I am astounded that someone could be so cruel to beautiful creatures like the horse you pictured. Thank God for rescuers of all animals!!! Have a great weekend :)
Puppy Power ! How lovely to see Jeff smile.
Aren't dogs just the best medicine for most of us?
I'm so glad you had a few minutes to update us. Take care.
Yayyyy! A smile :) from Jeff! Thanks! Ellwood!! Isn't he a cutie??? AwwWWW Bernie, wish you could have a horse now but at least you can visit these!!!! Keep smiling and make yourselves laugh, it is the best medicine! xoxo Thank GOD for animal rescuers for sure!!! love and prayers and Happy Week-end!!!
That Ellwood! He is the cutest! What breed is he? He looks like a dog in a disney cartoon. So glad to see your postings!
So glad you had a good day. You have definitely missed your turn a few times lately.

Smiles are the best medicine, & everyone is smiling, from Jeff, to Bernie, to kitties, puppies & kitties. Thank you so much for sharing. Have a beautiful day!! Jody
your husbands bright smile has made my dreary monday! his eyes say a million words...and that puppy-huge paws!!! i have always loved horses also, they are like a really really large dog, lol....you both are such wonderful people!!
take care~k
Lovely to see Jeff smile! And Ellwood looks like he is going to be a big, healthy boy.
I am very pleased that you have had a good day. You deserve many more of them..
I just found you blog through Art Dogs Life. I live in Tennessee too! I think what you do is incredible. I used to volunteer at a no-kill cat shelter when I lived in VA. It is hard but rewarding work.
OMG..Ellwood is an absolute cutie!! I'm sure that he will grow up to be a fine dog since he's in your care!

And Jeff looks great in this picture! I agree that pets can have quite the healing effect on us. Hope he continues to do well until his surgery can be scheduled.
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