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Friday, September 22, 2006
Love a Pug.. (with mange)
I had to go to animal control to pull a Great Pyrenees for my friend.
We are so full and I'm getting ready for transport and was trying to stay true to only getting the one dog I was sent to get...
I guess my heart doesn't listen to my head:)
There he was.. So terrified..
My sweet little, Mister Magoo

Scared, itchy and nervous..
Poor little guy was sooo uncomfortable, covered from head to toe in mange.
His whole body was full of scabs & infection.
Even through it all, he was so kissy and lovey, just wanted to be held.
The animal control officer just could not believe I wanted that (in his words) diseased dog.

I took him straight to the vet and to our surprise he is very young.
About a year.  Hard miles and much neglect.
Infections to his skin, ears, upper respiratory also..  Fleas and ticks.  Thank goodness, heartworm negative.
It will be several months of care, but he will be a new dog by then. 
For the moment, he is quarantined in my laundry room.
Not perfect, but better than dead.
 It's roomy and he has a french door to look out of, into the backyard.
I have to keep him away from my dogs for a few weeks.
He had a series of 3 soaking baths, to help ease his skin issues.
A very good bath taker, I must say!!

Last nite we were doing health certificates till almost midnight with my vet..
Gotta get these pups to where they will be adopted and on to new lives.
I'm pooped, but hey!! I'll have plenty of time to sleep when I'm old or dead:)
If you have a Pug, give it a hug!!!  Smooshie faces!!!  LOVE THEM:)
Awwwe!!! He is so adorable! I can see why you could not leave this boy behind! Hugs to you for your exceptionally generous spirit.
Hi Bernie,
Joan from Italy here. never had a dog in my life but in June I adopted an ex racer greythound called Betty. she came over from Ireland here in Italy there is a site trying to make people aware of the greyhound and spanish galgo cause.
you can have a read here.

can't imagine life without her now, seriously thinking of getting a second.
trust you are all well
joan in italy
What a gorgeous face he has. Bless you for saving so many!

Mr. Binky's story is making me cry, too. How wonderful to know that he got to such a happy place! Good work.

-- Vicki in Michigan
O.... what a cute baby! I wish I was closer to you...i would want to visit and see all these sweet babies!
All I can say is bless you, Bernie. Mr. Magoo is so lucky you found him. This really touched my heart.

-Linda O'Neill
I have a real soft spot for pugs, though I've never lived with one personally. This one looks so damn cute and sad, and he is bound to find a nice loving home.
Oh, I missed your birthday!!! Best intentions, but this past month had me almost forgetting my own name!
By the way, did I ever tell you that a pug is Gary's "dream dog"? I'll have to show him the picture-or maybe I shouldn't:)
One of these days we'll quit playing phone tag & actually connect!
I'm just without words. I feel like I say the same thing every time to you, Bernie, but here goes: bless you! You're wonderful!!!!
What a sweet baby face! Not so sure about the hiney shot though :)
Mr.Magoo is a sweetheart & he looks darling in the tub...at least he's trying to smile.
Magoo is adorable.. poor little sweetie. Can't wait to see how the change in him once he gets better. Thank you Bernie for listening to your heart and not your head.
Your stories always warm my heart with the way you take care of these tender souls.

Bernie, you are a saint - and so is your husband. I learned of you through Claudine, and I have a link to you on my blog. I am not a well-known name in the art world, but I am going to send a donation for your "unleashed" auction, and I will publicize it on my blog and at my day job as well. I have just one very spoiled dog, Max, a mini schnauzer, but I adore animals and admire you and your work so much. I just read an article about you and this auction in Cloth Paper Scissors, and I was thrilled to see you get such amazing publicity (and horrified to learn about the euthanasia rate in the south). Thank you for all you do every day.
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