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Wednesday, September 20, 2006
Mr. Binky's gift

The past few weeks have been enlightening and emotional..
In good ways:)
I just had my 40+ birthday and it's a funny thing.
Never did I think I would be this old. We just don't think, we'll get old, when we're young.
Age has taught me many things and the most important thing is to be grateful for every moment of life & never to hold a grudge. Though life has it's challenges, it is all we have, the here and now.
I had the most unexpected of gift this birthday...
Always I wonder, to whom my dogs are adopted to..
Since I work with the Humane Societies, I don't know each and every adopter.
I use to only do private adoptions, this way I knew where each and every dog went, not to mention getting updates from the adopters always made me cry in a happy way.
Now, all I can do is hope that they get into great homes.
It's always been my dream to be walking down the street and see one of my dogs.
Both of us recognizing each other at that very moment.
With the numbers I deal with, the Humane Societies are their best chance at life.
They have a much wider view audience and the facilities to showcase them.
It took me a long time to be able to give my dogs to the Humane Societies.
We have very close working relationships and if there is ever a problem, they let me know and will give my dogs back.
It's such a leap of faith releasing control and letting someone else care for my dogs..
Very hard and emotional at times.
Anyway, I guess I should finish my story..

The last shipment, I sent to Chicago, contained Mr. Binky.
If you remember when I took him in, he was covered in fleas, matted and felted like an old blanket, living on a chain, no food or shelter, etc.
I received an e-mail from a nice lady who tracked me down, after adopting him and wanted to know about where he came from.
To make a long story short, he is LOVED, pampered and living in a Turn of the Century Mansion in Chicago:)
The Binkyrella story, from rags to riches.
I cried for days after talking with her.. That was the BEST birthday gift I could have asked for.
Not to mention, she also extended an invitation to come visit him when I was in town.
Stories like these keep me going and doing what I do.
And it's because of my animal friends and artists that I can do these things.
Without the constant support, Mr. Binky wouldn't be living the life he is now.
So again, Thank You to all who read, view, support and love animals!!!

I'm busy getting another transport ready to leave on Saturday, we have 26 dogs going to Chicago and Wisconsin, so I'll try to post when I can..

Happy Belated Birthday !!!! What a wonderful present...you deserve it. You have given hundreds and hundreds of animals the greatest gift ...your love, caring and a new chance at life. I am so happy for Mr. Binky.
oh this makes me weep tears of happiness bernie! so thrilled that mr binky is in a nice, loving home now. how fabulous that his new owner tracked you down. you know for sure that she is a wonderful animal lover if she went to the trouble to contact you!
That was such a great story....thank you for sharing this gift with everyone. Glad you're all well!!
Yeah Mr. Binky,what a great story to share with us.
Happy Late Birthday and much success in all you do for your animals.

How's your husband? Doing better with every day I hope.
that's a most wonderful story. it blesses me too. here's to Binky! and, HERE'S to BERNIE!! Happy Birthday, friend!!
That is such a great story. I got teary eyed when I read it. I am so happy for Mr. Binky. I hope all your animals can be so lucky and loved. It really teaches us a lot about life. An animal is soooo forgiving and appreciative. We should be more like that.

When are the art submissions due for the auction,,, does anyone know?
AwwWWWW! That's the sweetest story! Did he keep his name, Mr. Binky??? LOL He is sure a sweetie! Thank YOU for the update, have you heard anything from Henry? Phew! Bernie! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! When was it?!!!About those pages for a fat book, what size? 4by4????Godspeed on your transport trip, HI! to Jeff! and xoxooxoxo's to all your furries! xo ps. Yes, life is too, too short to hold grudges!
Happy Birthday Dear Dear Bernie!!!!

Hey 40 is another milestone in life, it is actually a wonderful age. I think maybe 50 is the hard one, however since it has come & gone for me it isn't too bad, but you know what *60* is not too far off, oh dear!!

I love Binky's story from rags to riches, that is truly a wonderful lovely gift of news to receive on your birthday.

Thanks for sharing, caring for all those lovely little furry kids....oh & good news here, our Sugar Plum that turned out to be a Sugareye Plum, is being adopted out tomorrow to a loving home. They are spending the whole weekend getting aquainted with this very happy lucky cat. Am tickled.
of course he did, he could have no other future with that face!!!

big hug!

PS. I'll have more art jewelry and fancy yarn for the auction asap!!!
Welcome to 40!!! I just hit the big 4-0 myself on Sept. 12th...10 days into it, I think I'll be alright...Also, I wanted to let you know that I will be dropping a package in the mail to you on Monday for the auction...Happy Belated Bday!
Jill B.
I am sitting in a puddle of tears. Happy Birthday. I will be 42 next week and I know exactly how you feel about the aging thing. I can remember as a child, doing the math and saying "in the year 2000, I will be 36." In my mind, I thought, wow, I'll be ancient!!!
Thank you Bernie, for all you do artistically and humanely to make our planet a better place.
this is the best story bernie! it made me tear up.

i can't tell you how wonderful i think you and the work you do are. we need more people like you.
i found your blog via barbe and you are amazing. i am sitting here with tears in my eyes. my utter weakness is for animals. i got out of volunteering and just send money because i get so emotionally invested, to the point of sickness. i love all of them. i am an animal slut. i admire you so much. i hope you know how special you are.
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