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Saturday, January 06, 2007
Out of town..
Things have been super busy..
I'm currently out of town but just want to pop in and let you know what I'm up to.
Just sent 30+ dogs to Chicago, my friend Barb was kind enough to drive my transport, since I was on a plane headed to Boston. I'm currently staying in Cape Cod, did a book signing on Friday at Absolutely Everything and will be doing another signing on Tuesday, at the Stamp Act in Marshfield, MA.
If anyone is in the area, please feel to stop in, hang out, have some snacks and join the fun!!
Noel is doing great!! I'm going to try to take a video when I get home just so you can see how super sweet and wiggly she is..
She improves everyday and even is starting to trust other dogs. She gave my Doberman Zues a bitty kiss the other day. Her ear is going to need surgery since the scar tissue is so severe. But all in all she will be fine and loved as all dogs should be. Many have asked if I would keep her or allow her to be adopted. As much as I'm so attached to her, I will adopt her to a family if they are the right family and when the time is right. She will need someone who will understand her special needs and give her LOTS of Love!! I would love to keep all my dogs that come to me, but if I do this it is one less dog I can save.. So I struggle all the time with wanting to keep them and letting them go. I Love them all dearly and only want what is best for them. What is best for them is to have their own people and not just become one of the many, if I were to keep them here. I have my core 4 dogs and until the day I stop doing rescue, that is all I can keep as my own..

I heard that there is a box with the cutest kitty hat waiting at home for Noel..
Thank you Claudine!! People making nice things for Noel, will help turn this situation from negative to positive. She will have cute things to wear around her neck for those that don't know how to knit and cute hats for when her ears are healed. She has been so good with her e-collar and I've been tempted to decorate that and make it cute. I hope in time to make Noel an example of something good coming out of a bad situation and truly educating people in regard to the bad things that happen to good animals. Only we can help stop these cruelties..
The animals need and depend on people to help keep them safe.

I'm sorry no pics in this entry since I'm not at home..
But I promise there will be plenty when I get home!!!
Blessings and Light to you all..
I'm so happy to hear that Noel is doing fine! Her story just broke my heart - how people can be so cruel to animals is completely beyond me.
You are an incredible strong person Bernie to be able to handle all this - you are truly amazing!
PS. I LOVE Noel.
Love you too,
Steve's mom
hey bernie, have you seen this film clip? amazing! great training gave this dog a life!
denise t.

Hope your travels are going well. Josey is doing great! I will email you some more photos soon. Thank you again for such a wonderful puppy - she is such a joy.

Bernie! Did not know you were in the Boston area until too late :0( But I understand you are coming back again - yes? Hope to be able to meet you then at Absol. Everything. Hope Noel is doing well... what a cutie! Deb
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