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Thursday, July 26, 2007
"Keoshi" Tissue Alert

This story is about a little Shitzu named "Keoshi" he is approximately 1-3 years of age.
I was at the pound last Friday, checking on what I could take or could alert other rescues, as to what was there waiting, to hopefully get out, when I came upon the little matted black and white dog.
Scared to death, sitting in a corner shaking, sharing a run with other dogs.
I took a look at his paperwork and saw that he was surrendered and was heartworm positive.
My heart sank.. It made me so sad, for with our kennel expansion and all the new special needs dogs here, I just couldn't financially see how I could get treatment for him. Treatment for heartworm can be 4 to 8 hundred dollars.
Many times I have to leave dogs behind, because of the dollars involved for their treatment.
The questions usually are, do I save one special needs or 10 to 15 dogs that can be more easily treated?
It is such a hard thing for me emotionally.
I try to help all, but have to balance the numbers and be realistic about how much we can financially handle.

As I asked more about why this dog was surrendered and not treated, I learned his owner is homeless.
"Keoshi's" face haunted me all weekend.
The thought of how being homeless could happen to anyone.
Many of us are only a few paychecks away from being homeless.
The thought of how hard it must have been for his owner to give him up, to be put to sleep, so he wouldn't suffer the end result of having heartworms made me cry.
I called the vets in the area and found out he was indeed tested for heartworm and could not afford the treatment.
The dog was fixed, so you know the man is responsible for his pet.

Wednesday came and thoughts of the dog were with me as I entered the pound.
He would have been put to sleep this day.
As I went thru, there he was... I couldn't believe it..
I took it as a sign and decided to take him to the vet to see what we could do.
He tried to bite me, several times, scared out of his mind. After I had him for about an hour he was much better.
We did a heartworm test, it is positive, got him groomed, x-rays and blood work. His outlook is good.

I just have to raise the money to treat him. He can't be treated till I get back from Arizona, for he has an infection that we have to clear up first.
Then after treatment, he has to be confined to a crate for 6 weeks, the only activity he will be able to do is to go potty on leash and back to his crate. If his heart rate is elevated due to activity, it can kill him.

I know the owners name and with a little luck I'll be able to find him and tell him, that when he gets back on his feet he can have the dog back. Seems only the right thing to do. It would kill me if this would have happened to me...
This dog misses him terribly..

I often try to walk in others shoes. Life is such a journey.. We often take for granted the daily gifts, the love that surrounds us and the simple pleasures. I hope after reading this post, many will take a look at the day, say a prayer I can reunite this dog with his owner and hug your pets, they are lucky to have you.

Please also have your pets on heartworm preventative.. It is so important..

When I get back from Arizona I will be working on the remainder of the art auction.
With Chris here now, I hopefully will have some time to catch up..
The upcoming posts I want to introduce you to some fabulous rescuers who are my friends.
They are such amazing women, I want to honor them by telling others about their rescues.

Leaving to transport up north tomorrow..
Nitey nite..
oh what a sweetie!
Bernie you are an amazing woman and Keoshi is a very lucky little boy.
How wonderful of you. I made a small donation to your blog and will continue to everytime I get a few dollars ahead. I will pack a lunch instead of going out for the next few months. It will be healthier anyway. Your work is truly awesome!
Thank you, Bernie, for what you do for those animals. It truly makes me thankful that there are people out there like you.
You are AMAZING! Thank God for you and your efforts.
I don't comment on your blog much, but I had to this time. Bernie, you are good, so good. You are certainly storing up gold stars in Heaven. That you make so many sacrifices and work so hard, all for others, humbles me. I'll keep you and your work in my thoughts and prayers.
Another comment from me, could you put more info on your blog about the art auctions? You keep mentioning it, but all I can find is a link to contribute, and I don't know if that is current. Maybe one day I can contribute, but I'd love to buy. Thanks!
I am so grateful to know that there are people like you doing this. Your humanity you show to the animals gives me faith in the world. Thank you so much Bernie.
Bernie - did you get the three pieces that of Claudine Hellmuth's work that I sent for auction? I hope you get a ton of money for them. God bless..
You are one amazing woman and I can't say it enough. For you to take the doggy in, give him treatment and get him back (hopefully!) to his owner, that is just amazing!!! I can't wait to hear if/when you find the man. So wonderful... BIG HUGS to you!
Hi Bernie,
I have some things on my etsy store to help you raise money. I have the cutest book for sale (proceeds will be donated to you)on how to build adorable dog houses.

This story made me so sad...the third picture is especially heartbreaking. I made a small donation. I wish I could give more, but hopefully it helps.

Get well, little Keoshi!
I am very conflicted after reading this story. I feel awful for the owner who couldn't afford treatment but giving your dog to a shelter where it will meet certain death isn't ideal either. This is close to my heart as my pride and joy was rescued from the 'table' as well and I can't imagine anyone willingly putting a living creature in that position. I know in NY there are great treatment facilities that offer treatment on a sliding scale. At any rate, I have posted your donation bar on my blog and hopefully my family and friends will see the merit in your beautiful cause and help out. Sending you lots of good wishes and as many small donations as our purse strings can handle.
Hi Bernie, I can't remember how I first came across your blog and I've had it listed on my favorites on my blog for a while now. This post really touched me, especially I'm a major animal lover as well and just recently posted a story about a homeless couple that caught my eye. Take a look. http://happyshackdesigns.blogspot.com/2007/07/counting-my-blessings.html Kelly
gosh, Bernie! you are amazing!
This story really caught me, tore a tear from my eye and I had to stop, blink, and tell you how ultimately heart warming it was to read your post. I have had a doll sitting here for a month, one that I already knew would be shipped to you; time got away from me and I promise I will get off my butt and send it your way for auction. Thank you for taking care of these lil furry guys and girls. Your journey speaks volumes.. when someone says what can one person do...I'll turn them loose onto your blog. You are such a wonderful role model!
sending love and hugs your way! i hope your journey was a safe and successful one! (((hugs)))
hi bernie ... just had to post and say wow and thank God for people like you. is it ok to still donate through the badge? i just did (and wish it could be more!) and i have the badge on my blog. i was so glad to see noel now has a home ... she is why i made my first donation to you. she is beautiful! hugs to you ... take care!!
ohmigod, just discovered your blog and am blown away by your big big heart. will read more and hope to help. would 'die' without my snuffles (see my blog). good luck and will return.
Found this by accident, and it moved me so much. I have written a tribute to you on my blog and added your link, so that more people will help you too. I honour you Bernie.
I read your blog all the way through, incredible and so touching! I have just adopted a third dog from the Humane Society here in the Dallas area and I must say they make the most incredible pets. Our latest one is a lab/pit mix(his pic is on my July blog along with his buddies) and we just adore this smart little fella. I am a single mom on a very, very limited budget, but to think of life with out dogs by my side would be so depressing! I wish I could adopt more...maybe after my kids get through college, that can be my calling. My life is like a three ring circus, so one more animal will only add to the entertainment! My daughter volunteers at the shelter every chance she gets and would take home every one if she could. We are making some pieces for the DFW Humane Society Black Collar event and will make some for your auction too! If you have any suggestions as to what brings more, I am all ears! Thank you so much for commiting your life to this cause!!!-Sandra
You are a very amazing woman.

The story about the poor man who had to give up his dog and the pictures of the little dog missing his old home are heartbreaking.

You are right in that this owner is not unique in being merely a few paychecks from disaster.

I hope they can be reunited soon!

Hugs and prayers.
My friend Tish at Blogsweluv told me about you. We must meet! I have two blogs, one about me and one that features a dog in need every day.


Would you like me to feature one of your pups that need rescue?

I think it's wonderful that you plan to try and get Keoshi back to their owners. They must be heartbroken....

Let me know, K?

You are truly an angel, Bernie. I'm so glad I found your blog.

I'm a dog lover as well, and I have two of my own. I rescued both dogs - one from a shelter and the other from the streets. They are both around 8 years old now. This has been a really tough year. Molly was diagnosed with Cushing's Disease, and a large malignant tumor was found in Cruella's abdomen. Once it was removed, she developed peritonitis and nearly died from it. I've done everything to give them the best possible care. They mean the world to me! Fortunately, they are both doing quite well now!

I really wish I could adopt some of the dogs you care for, but I am spending thousands of dollars for vet visits already. But I would love to help you! I am co-founder of a blog called BlogsWeLuv. Check us out at blogsweluv.com. I plan to review your blog there, and hopefully it will drive a little traffic your way! :)

I'll let you know when my review is done. Would it be okay to post your blog banner at the top of my review?

Have a great day!
Bernie, I just finished the review of your blog. It's at blogsweluv.com. I hope you like it! :)
I have just found your blog from my sweet friend Izabella's site. I am reletively new to blogging but was just amazed and touched my your passion and gift you have in sharing your heart and life with all of these precious ones! When we each take hold of that which is in our power to do the world is changed. Many blessings to you and I have added you to my blog as well!
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