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Thursday, July 12, 2007
New Faces...
Time always seems to get away from me..
Wish it would slow down, so I could catch up:)
I can't believe a month has already passed.
Since my last post, I have been to Boston and back, in the hospital briefly & took a transport up this last Tuesday & came back on Wednesday.
My outdoor runs were empty for a whole day..
It has been so unbelievable, our animal controls this time of year are loaded to capacity with numbers that would make you cry.
Too many animals and not enough homes...

Here are pics of some of our current cuties:
This is Tom & Louise and below is Eddie they are 3 of the 5 large breed pups dumped in front of my house while I was in Boston. it makes me sad that people do such things. Whomever left them, ripped open a bag a food so that the dogs would stick around till we found them. I wish they would have just brought them to the front door...
Not sure what they are all mixed with, but Eddie looks like a Golden Retriever, Tom looks somewhat Chow and Louise, maybe Lab/Retriever/Border Collie??? Your guess is as good as mine. All I know is they are sweet dogs.

This is Miss Sassy. She is a Corgi/mix of some sort. Super sweet and loving. About a year old.

This sweet girl is "Bunny" a 6 month old Bulldog/mix, she has two other sisters "Roxy" who is pictured below and Trixie.
They came in pretty much hairless two months ago with mange and horrible skin infections. As you can tell they are happy, healthy and too cute for words!!

This cutie is "Miss Chif" She is a terrier mix about 8 weeks of age. Her and her brother have survived Parvo and will be up for adoption in 3 weeks. Super busy little pups who want all your attention.

I'll post more tomorrow, it's been a busy day today, we have been in vets offices all day in different locations.
We currently have 2 special needs dogs that just came in and a possible one to come in tomorrow.
Nitey nite..
So good to hear from you, Bernie. A hospital stay too?...hope you are ok and feeling well now.

All the dogs are just adorable. How lucky they found their way to YOU!
I'm so glad to hear what has been happening. You are so busy, Bernie, but what a couple or 10 cuties. I hope they get good homes.
Bernie, the photo's of the furry one's are precious...please take care of you....hugs from New Mexico
I landed on your blog when surfing the web, and I have to tell you what a great thing you are doing for these animals =)

I have a question maybe you know the answer to? do you know if there is a dog collar that is adjustable for various size (small to large) dogs? I volunteer basically daily at my local spca, and I'd like to buy a collar/leash that can be used on most of the dogs there.. I think I saw one with an adjustable notch used but can't seem to find one anywhere..
What gorgeous dogs! You are doing such a noble thing. I would love to have a dog, but we travel too much and I couldn't ever, ever, leave him. So we have a cat and quite an independent one at that. He is an indoors cat and I have a friend who comes in twice a day to feed him and play with him, when we are gone. He's not clingy but he is gentle and sweet, well looked after and happy.
hi bern, could you tell me a lil about the effects parvo will have on the future health of the pups? Are there any problems associated with having had it?
what beautiful little faces.....bless you for all you do for the animals....i think of you so often and wish all good things for you and your little furry angels. i am putting a link to your site for donations.....take care, paula
I posted your badge to my blog! Yay! I just started reading your sidebar and figured it out. :)

Many hugs for all you do!
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