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Saturday, July 21, 2007
Our Very Special Dogs with Special Needs..

Sorry so long between posts..
The days just melt into each other..
We have had to expand our rescue this past month, the numbers in need keep growing..
Buying additional kennel runs, feeding pans, dog houses and everything needed to care properly for these animals sure adds up.
I also have had to hire help, I just can't do it all myself anymore.
In order to keep our rescue running financially, I need to travel and teach. Hence needing someone I trust and that is dependable.
My new helper's name is Chris and he has been great!!!
As you can see he is great with the animals and can fix anything!!
He is mostly doing it for the love of the critters for I truly can't afford to pay him very much.
So Thank You Chris you are very much appreciated!!!

I'll be leaving in the next couple of weeks to teach in Phoenix at Art Unraveled and days before the retreat I will be doing a guest appearance on a new t.v. show called Paint, Paper & Crafts Show on PBS.
I'm pretty nervous but think it will be a fun opportunity!!!

Enough of what I'm up to I'm sure you want to see our new and very special dogs that are here..

"Pretty" Is a female Pekingese approximately 7-9 years of age. Her eye is missing and was terrible flea infested, skin infections, rotten teeth and matted to the skin when she came in. Amazing what a visit to the vets office and a good groomer will do!! She is very sweet, loving and a very heavy breather:)

"Brutus" is a male Pug. Approximately 1-2 years in age. His eye will have to be removed due to trauma.

Unfortunately these buggy eyed breeds are quite prone to having eye problems. When picked up by animal control he had severe skin infections and open wounds probably caused by a dog fight.
Doing well he is having fun with Miss Pretty.

He is super active, loves other dogs and likes to go for car rides.
Very stubborn, does not like to take his pills or eye medication.
I can't say I blame him:)

"Neo" This guy just broke my heart. I have a very soft spot for Doberman Pinschers. He is a about a year old, all goofy puppy, full of energy & lots of love.
Scared to death when he first came in, he is blind in one eye and almost blind in the other.

There is a possibility that surgery may correct this, but we have to finish up with the three weeks of eye medications he is taking then he goes in for testing to see if he is a candidate. Initially his first office visit was $188.00, then when we go in for testing we are looking at about $577.00 and if he is a candidate for Cataract surgery the cost will be about $1,500.00 and four month of recovery with round the clock medication every couple of hours.
If you look closely at this pic you can see the opaque silver in the middle of his eye.

He also has these very weird growths on his face which almost make me wonder if he was exposed to something of a chemical nature.

Neo loves ear & tummy rubs, plays and loves other dogs and is doing really well learning how to get around. I've already taught him how to go up and down the stairs with voice commands.

I'll be going to Chicago and Wisconsin next week to transport, but hopefully will check in before then.
Have a great weekend!!!
thank goodness for you and what you are doing for these beautiful creatures! if only everyone vowed to adopt...

i will definitely be passing along this site and would love to help you spread the message.

from the bottom of my heart, thank you for what you are doing to save such precious lives.
Oh such sweet babies! we know all about the peke eyeballs as we deal with Toby's all the time! So glad to see all the babies you have saved!!!
Pugs are the best! Glad you have someone to help you,
so good to finally see a post from you; what beautiful dogs, they are so lucky to be with you.

you look adoreable, bernie. see you in phoenix!

much love,
have a good trip. glad you are feeling better. welcome CHRIS. love to see the happy puppies waiting for him to pet them.
hugs to all the new ones.hope you can raise the money for eye surgery.they know they have someone who cares now.
Hi Bernie-
Nice to have met you in Topsfield!
I also have a soft spot for Dobermans. I had two in the past.
Wonderful, warm and friendly they were.
Have fun on TV and at the workshop!
BERNIE... We have MISSED YOU!!!!

LOTS OF LOVE... Hope we can catch up at AU!!!!

xoxoxoxoxoxo !!!
those are very weird growths. I vote for genetic due to their symmetrical looks.
I love to read about all of your precious babies and see their adorable pics. (I love dobies, too!) And it looks as if Chris is a god-send.

You are appreciated so much more than you know - a very special woman with a BIG HEART! Thank you for caring for all of these animals and being their voice!

safe travelling & good luck with the show, - vicki xo
Beauties. Keep up the fabulous work! How do I go about adopting Chris??
Thank you for all you do! I keep going back to that picture with Chris and the dogs. I am thinking you could probably make money with a calendar with pictures of your hunky handy helper with those adorable dogs.
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