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Monday, July 23, 2007
Sunday, I thought was a day of rest..

Isn't it Sunday is suppose to be a day of rest?? Well not around here:)
I spent Sunday running around all day, picking up more kenneling, dog houses and supplies.
Then we spent the entire day putting them up, tarping them, cleaning and feeding.
We went from 900 square feet of kennels to 2700. (((Eeeek!!)))

I had been saving for some time to buy a pool, looks like it will be another year before I get one:)
Somethings are just more important!!! Think the puppies will share theirs?? (((giggles)))

These are just a few of the new faces here..

"Glitz" is a female, 1-3 year old Golden/Lab mix. She has tons of energy but is a loving sweet girl. Good with other dogs.

"Rugo" is a male Jack Russell Mix, approximately 2-3 years of age.
Tall and leggy he has the cutest undershot jaw, it looks like he is smiling all the time.
Good with other dogs, pretty mello and just a very good boy.

"Moxie" is a female Jack Russell Terrier. Approximately 1-3 years of age, this girl is just the best!!! Active, but knows when to slow down and hang with you. Good with other dogs.

"Diva" is a female Rottweiler, approximately 1-2 years of age. She may be a mix for she is on the smaller side. Super fun dog, loves everyone & good with other dogs. She is also water crazy. Loves to play with the water from the hose and swims.

"Starr" is a female Pekingese/Jack Russell mix. Approximately 1-3 years of age. Housebroken & crate trained. She loves to follow you around. Does not like to be left alone in the yard, a true escape artist, she will need to be with you or in the house.

"Wilma" is a female Jack Russell, probably a mix with natural tails. She is approximately 10-12 weeks of age. She also has a sister named "Winnie" who looks just like her. Busy and dominant natured pups. Sweet and take corrections well. Obedience classes are highly recommended with these two.

"Neuron" is a male Terrier/Min Pin mix. Approximately 1-2 years of age. Non stop energy, he is a total lover. I get tired from watching him bounce:)
Good with other dogs.

"Cleo" is a female Beagle/Jack Mix. Approximately 1-2 years of age. Very loving and co-dependent. Busy, busy, busy!!!

"Hannah & Grayson" are two very sweet Border Collies, possibly a mix. Both approximately 2-4 years of age, probably closer to 2.
They were left at the pound, supposedly untrainable as herding dogs. Very, very, sweet!! Timid at first but they warm up quickly. They will be going to Border Collie Rescue.

"Evaly" is a female Catahoula, probably a mix. Approximately 12-14 weeks of age. Super sweet!!!
She has an eye infection and problems walking on her left leg. She will be going to the vet this morning.

"Rusty" is a male Lhasa Apso. Approximately 5-7 years of age. Horribly matted, our animal control officer paid to have him shaved. He has some skin infections and open wounds, but will be fine. Nice, sweet guy looking for someone to look beyond his crew cut and imagine him down the road with his fabulous long blond hair.

"Hamster" is a female, lab mix??? Approximately 12-14 weeks.
Was not socialized when she came in and was afraid of her own shadow.
Chris & Jeff have been working with her and she is doing great.

Last but not least our happy go lucky guy "Goldoone" he is a male Golden/mix. Approximately4-5 months of age.
Loves to play hard, runs all day long and will talk your ear off. Not for someone that wants a quiet dog. He does settle down by your side when you give him the attention he needs.

I am running out of names for the animals, so if you are one of my artist friends and notice a name that looks familiar, know you are appreciated!!
Gotta run to the vet this morning and start packing for my upcoming trips..
Have a GREAT & Blessed Day...
You do fantastic work. I've worked in dog shelters myself over the years and I know how utterly exhausting and draining it can be at times, but it's all worth it when you look at their little faces.
I thought it was the smiles that said it all. It is the sparkle in the eyes. The happiness. The "I can Be Loved" "I AM LOVED" shows in the eyes.
Hugs to all.Welcome Aboard Chris.
You know how I love you! hugs to all the pooches - guess I'm partial to 'Glitz' - lolol :^)) VBG!

The Shitzu story is so heartbreaking- love to you and the dog and his 'owner' - hope this special one recovers....bless you, sweet girl!
You do such awesum work! Please tell me what heartworm is - I have neva heard of it......maybe here in Africa we have a diffrent name for it? thanks
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