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Monday, August 20, 2007
Home again for the moment..
I just wanted to post a quick note that I'm back, from my travels to North Carolina and Phoenix.
Time has gotten away from me this week, for I have been trying to get the animals ready for transport this week.
When I get back I will post an update probably, this weekend about the new animals here, my tv appearance and teaching events.
I also have received some art for our upcoming art auction and donations for Keoshi.
Thank you so very much!!!
Our leads on his previous owner have all been dead ends. But I'll keep trying..

"Neo" will be next to focus on with his medical bills and we also have two new special needs pups that I will post about next week.

in the meanwhile here is a cute little clip..
I've been trying to learn how to use my camera and computer to give you a better view into our little world here.
I'm no computer genius and haven't figured out how to use my movie option straight.
So you'll have to tilt your head to the side:) Sorry, one of these days, hopefully I'll have time to read my manual..

Till this weekend, Blessings and Light to you all!!!
awww! so cute!! love the video!! puppy snuggles!!
Welcome Home.Loved the vidio giggled through the whole thing. Think mom has wised up since finding the good life. She still can't believe her luck and the rock is if those mean people come back and chain her up she will be ready to break the chain and gain her freedom.
Hugs to all.
Nice to hear your voice Bernie. Now I can imagine you and Claudine talking on the phone! Keep up the wonderful work!
loved the video, love your updates, have linked you to my site.thanx for all the work you do.
Bernie, I have been touched by your kindness towards all these rescue dogs and am passing on the Nice Matters award on to you.

You can post the logo on your blog to let everyone know that someone thinks you are NICE!

Thank you for what you do!
Kat :o)
Oh, oh, the little black guy with the brown eyes (I think they are brown) has my heart...
hey-don't forget to talk about the yarn!!!!
Aw, they're adorable! Good luck getting them adopted. I saw your blog on blogsweluv, and I had to stop by.
Loved your video, Bernie!
I hope all is well for you.
You are such an amazing person, truly my hero. Loved the videos and would just love to see more.
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