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Saturday, September 08, 2007
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hi everyone! This is Claudine posting this post for Bernie.

Right now Bernie is transporting another 40 more doggies up to Chicago so they can have a new chance at life. Yay Bernie!!

She filmed this video before she left giving you a glimpse into A Place to Bark and I promised her I would post it!

here it is!!!

hi bernie~ thanks for the video , you are such a guardian angel to these sweet furry faces!! xox~kim
WOW!! I want to come to your place and help you out!
It was so great to see your sanctuary - what a great job you're doing! I hope more people will be inspired to help unwanted and discarded animals. I'm currently helping to socialise feral kittens at a local RSPCA shelter. The first time a kitten purrs is the best feeling in the world! Sue xxx
hi Bernie, enjoyed your video, God bless you and your puppies. I support your project thru the ZNE book club each month. Also link thru your amazon link when buying books, which is where I am off to now. My dog Abbey woke up when your guys started singing, she came over to check them out!!!
Hey Bernie... this is very cool... you are incredible.. keep up the great work... We miss you here in Wisconsin ... Hugs... Laura
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