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Friday, April 18, 2008
In the News..
"Forgive Quickly"
My dogs and cats have taught me a great lesson in life..
Shed a lot!!!
-Susan Carlson

I love this picture!!!  There are certain pictures that capture an energy, a life force that is so undeniable, this is one of those pictures.  I have literally thousands of pictures I have taken over the years doing rescue.  Strange but true I revisit those pictures often.  
Reminding myself, on days when I am down, that we have saved many, even when it feels as if we are not saving enough.  And trust me, I have lots of those down days, when I have to only take some of the dogs at the pound, because we don't have enough room, resources or help to take them all.
But many, many, faces that have touched my life, passed thru our home and gone on to loving families of their own.  For that I am grateful everyday, that you have helped me, help them..

I have been back from Chicago for I think about 2 weeks.  
I have lost track of time, since things have just been so hectic.  
We are at record numbers again with pups.  I even went as far as to buy another 500 square feet of kenneling.  That makes 3200 square feet and a 30 x 50 building that is coming.  
I have a funny feeling we will never have enough room, but will do the very best for those that make it to us.  

The Spring International Quilt Show was so much fun!!  I had a chance to hang out with my artist friends, meet many who read my blog and see what is new and exciting in the industry.  
Not to mention I was awed and amazed by the generosity of those who love the animals and made it a point to bring donated items to the show and leave them for me:)  
You all are the BEST!!!  
I also had a surprize visit from an adopter who has one of my dogs, "Dugan".
Sooo sweet, she snuck one of her smaller dogs into the show, came to visit me and give me a donation.  I had never met her, but she adopted the dog thru my rescue network and wanted to tell me how spoiled he is and how much she loves him!!!  
If you want to know more about the show, check out the Editor's Blog.
Some fun pictures and you will get a feel for how much fun these events are and will want to join in the FUN!!!

A very special "Thank YOU" to "Luanne" for dragging a digital baby scale thru the never ending aisles of the show.
This is a very important thing for me and especially for the puppies here to insure proper dosage of medication and that they are gaining weight properly. 
And to "Belinda" for the massive bag of toys and blankets!!

While at the show, I noticed that "Sophie" one of my rescued dogs was on the cover of Cloth, Paper, Scissors  new publications "Studio Magazine"
"Sophie" is a member of the Bolton household and is one of three dogs and is groomed daily by their cat Dickens.  They adore her and she is blessed to be loved by such wonderful people!!
I was also asked by the very talented Beryl Taylor to find a new fuzzy family member for her.  
I adore Beryl's work and could not take my eyes off of her mixed media fabric work.

There is a really nice article in the current Animal Fair magazine about "A Place To Bark."
It is a really amazing lifestyle magazine that is the total contrast to what I see on a daily basis.
It features stars and their pets, wonderful lifestyle articles and  AF Cares just to mention a few things.  
Wendy Diamond has a heart of gold and a darling dog named "Lucky"  
Too funny, former President Clinton gets Lucky, that is he gets to hold Lucky:) 
My friends found the magazine at Borders Book store, but you can subscribe to the magazine via their website if you can't find it in the bookstores.

The pooch in the picture with me is "Marley" he is a male, poodle probably a mix, approximately 1-2 years of age.  Would do best in an only dog household.  
He doesn't like to share his food with other dogs... 
But is just the most loving, bouncy buddy you will ever have!!

Am working on another post, LOTS and LOTS of new pictures. So please check back soon.
I know many of  you have e-mailed me about the "Cafe Press shop", sorry it's down, but should be back up the end of next week.

I am off and running today, my sweet "Hazel" is leaving for Vermont tonite to go to her new family that has been patiently waiting months for her..  She's coming Christine!!  
Don't forget Hazel LOVES "Evo" Food:)

So I hope you are saying that Evo is worth the cost! That's what I have been feeling my dogs for the last few months, but it costs me over $100 a month!!
love you sweetness!
Oh Bernie,

Please take comfort in the fact that you have helped soooo many. I am so humbled by your generous spirit. You are an amazing woman.

God Bless you and all of those wonderful dogs!! (and cats:))

We are happy that she is coming home. Can't wait to meet our new girl. Thanks Bernie!!
Hi Bernie,

I want to ask you a question regarding A Place to Bark but your email link won't work for me (no worries, its the way my computer is set up, I'm sure the link is fine.)

Could you send me an email at tatgirl207@earthlink.net?


I have been reading your blog for 2 days now. I found it via Claudine's site (I took a workshop with her in March 2007) and I had to find out what happened to Noel.

Your work with rescuing animals is phenomenal. I understand the emotions, heartbreak and ache and also the joy, relief and happiness when you have saved an animal from a certain death, illness, abandonment and neglect.

I worked hand-in-hand with a women who rescued cats and some dogs here in BC. She has been rescuing for close to 30 years, rescuing, taking care and adopting out all that she could. I started out as a foster parent and at one time (while she was away) had 23 cats and kittens in my home. She has now since retired and moved up to the interior of BC. She took with her 35 of her "babies" who weren't or couldn't be adopted. So much of your story reminds me of stories that she has told me.

She was the reason that I ended up with 6 cats of my own. One was my orignal girl and 3 siblings who couldn't be adopted together so I took them, and 1 I rescued from a flea market and then the last girl, she had a very sad story, but ended up with me. Its bittersweet for me to talk about them as I lost 5 of them in a house fire in December 2006. I still have Oliver, my flea market baby and I still miss my others terribly.

I commend you for your work. I will keep reading and look forward to seeing your shelter built.

Thank you for what you do.
Tanya Ilnicki
Hey Bernie!
Just dropped by to say hi~
Bernie your an amazing person and nothing short of Angelic! I miss and love you andhope to see U soon...Love alwayz Harry the Chef =0) oxox
Bernie your an amazing person I was so lucky to meet! Nothing short of Angelic for all good you do for the precious animalz! I love and Miss U much way up here in Bahston! Can't wait to see U again my friend! Love alwayz Harry the Chef! muah!!!
Hey Bernie, I got your message. Long story short, I'm actually moving down to Charlotte with my girlfriend next month. A lot has happened since we last saw you! Hope all is well.

P.S. Champ and Chloe are doing well and are with Melissa and her boyfriend in Nebraska.

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