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Monday, May 12, 2008
Happy Mother's Day!!!! A bit belated:)
For a mother is the only person on earth
Who can divide her love among ten children
And each child still have all her love.
-Author Unknown

As you all know I have time issues, and today is no different.
If it matters, I started yesterday, but fell asleep with my laptop in bed with me:)

Mother's Day is a day of appreciation.  
For many a day of reflection for the mothers who may no longer be with us or we can't be with them today.
I'm not with my mom today, but she has been on my mind all day.
With age I have learned that even though at times we did not see eye to eye, more times than not:)  
Little did I know she was teaching me many things then that have made me the person I am today.  My strengths and dedication to family are because of her.  
She is the strongest person I have ever known and yes, I get my stubbornness from her too:) Never asking for anything, working harder than any person I have ever known and never taking no for an answer, she raised six of us kids by herself and taught us that we are in control of our life and it is what we make it.  
To love deeply, to forgive often & keep God close to our hearts..  
Mom even though I can't be with you today, I love you always!!!

As always we talk dog around here, so here we go!!!
Kya's babies are growing up so quickly...  
Seems like just yesterday we pulled her from the pound and because she was so starved I didn't even know she was pregnant.  Lucky for these two, we did!!! 
They are alive, very healthy, will be weaned very soon and then on to families they can call their own.  
Soooo cute don't you just want to give them kissey, kisses all over their little faces!!
Mwuah!!!  They have the best puppy breath:)

People always ask me how I get such nice pictures of the dogs.  I take alot of pictures!!! 
Yes, I act and talk silly to them, so what you see is, probably them laughing at me:)  But truly, this place and property to me is magical.  It is a place of peace and miracles.  I live at the top of a foot hill overlooking a beautiful creek and pond.  
The animals are happy here, it is just an in between place they can call home for the moment,
to heal and learn, until they go on to their forever homes.
I'm tired most days, but it is all worth it.  The pictures are proof of this..  
Life can be beautiful if just given the chance and all these beautiful creatures deserve a chance. With love all things are possible...  I believe this with all my heart!!!

I hope all you moms reading know how special and important you are!!
You are the creators of life, the ones who will teach our youth of tomorrow and make them the people they will become.   Cherish your moments with your little ones..
I am cherishing my mommy moments right now:)
Much love to you all!!!
Blessings and light...

"Motherhood: All love begins and ends there."
-Robert Browning
I love all the pictures of the beautiful dogs. My yellow lab is going crazy :)

So glad I found your blog!
Beautiful post and beautiful puppies! So darling you could eat them up :-). Thank you for all your hard work to help these wonderful animals.
Happy late mother's day. You are temporary mother to all these wonderful furries. Thanks for sharing those wonderful smiles. Yes, I can really see their smiles!

So lovely!Beautifull work!I love animals, my sister has a dog and since she got it I've been discovering wonderfull things about dogs!
I will add this blog to www.davis-o-nosso-shar-pei.blogspot.com! Davis is our dog!!!
Bernie, I think what you are doing is absolutely amazing! I admire you so much for all the hard work and time you put in for these animals.

I am curious, though, about your adoption process. Could you maybe shoot me an e-mail? I am at cpenrod19@yahoo.com. Thank you so much!
Beautiful pictures and you are a beautiful person for the rescue efforts and successes that you have had. Absolutely LOVE your pictures and your mission. ~Nikki from Twitter aka 17fairway and Pekemom (for my two pekingese!)
Beautiful photos and writeup. Thanks for the work you are doing. I have been looking for the 'right' blogs to put on my blog roll and this one is certainly going on!

testing the comments with the new blog design :)
What a beautiful entry Bernie. You're like the ultimate mother to me. The way you nurture your pups and kitties is inspiring.
Bernie the new website looks amazing, congrats! Am I going to see you this CHA? More importatnly are we going to your brothers bar?
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