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Friday, May 09, 2008
I Believe in Love...
"After the verb "To Love"...
"To Help" is the most beautiful verb in the world.
-Bertha von Suttner

How can you not love them all or want to help them?!!  
I do love them all and cannot believe what I have come to see on a daily basis..
Sad how disposable,things have become on many levels of life.  
Marriages, children, our elderly and the animals just to name a few...  
The world can seem like such a harsh place many days, but there are moments and people like you, that make it all seem right:)
I really appreciate you all and I hope you know this!!  
You reading, commenting and supporting what I do, keeps my spirits up on those down days and helps me to continue on.  
I know I will be doing this for many years to come and feel blessed that you are with me on this journey.
I am working on a few art pieces I am going to give away in a raffle soon, to those who will comment in an upcoming post.  So check back!!!
Following suit with "Claudine Hellmuth" and "Tim Holtz" and what they have done in the past with artist appreciation.

These posts are about some of our most recent cases.  
Who now have a chance because we all took the time to care.  
Without you, I could not all I do:)

This precious little guy is "Chase".  
He was picked up by animal control, a hit and run victim, running with a pack of dogs on a rainy day.  Very unsocialized he is so terribly frightened by people, when you get near him, he starts breathing rapidly and has a look of terror in his eyes that just breaks your heart.   
Only 3-4 months of age, I hope he will learn to trust again. 
He does bite, but he is in terrible pain for his hips are dislocated.  
As the days pass he is learning to trust a bit more.  
Still at my vets office the staff there gives him lots of love!!  He'll probably be there another week.
I am looking at a set of wheels for him from HERE so he'll be able to get around and recover.  
It will be many months of recovery for this little guy.  
I just don't understand how someone could hit a dog and keep driving...  
So keep this little guy in your thoughts and prayers and send him healing wishes:)

Our next sweetie is "Duckie".  A female poodle, approximately a year old.  
This sweet girl was in horrible shape when I got her.  

Filthy, dirty, her poor legs were felted hard, like a solid plaster cast from the mats.  
She could not even bend her legs.  The vets office had to sedate her to groom.  

As you can see she is nice and clean, feeling a bit naked, but hey!! her hair will grow back.
If you notice she has an admirer in back:)

"Jo-Jo" the cocker, too was very matted when he came in and is now quite smitten with "Duckie".
Looks like he is whispering sweet nothings in her ear....
"Hey baby.. You lookin good!!!"

Many of you know that I treat pups with parvo on a regular basis, but may not know that the cost of treating parvo is 5 to 7 hundred dollars depending on the severity.  
Many rescues pass on pups, due to the fact it can be very cost prohibitive.  
Many shelters put the pups down immediately as not to infect the whole shelter due to the fact it is very, very, contagious. 
This month we have treated 12 cases.  Ouch...  But I just can't turn my back on life.
I actually took 5 pups out of the shelter and I knew that they had it.  
But I just could not leave them to die a very painful and horrible death.  
So we went straight to the vet, lucky he is on the other side of the block from animal control.
We keep parvo tests on hand here and are always expecting the worst and hope for the best when animals are brought here from the pound.
We keep pretty strict quarantine when they come in and it is difficult, but all part of what we do here.  Every life is precious...
The pups survived and here are some of their happy faces!!

"Mischief & Maverick" they also have a sister named "Mabel"

These three are part of a litter of 8

"Jolly" is one of 8 in a litter.

 Last but not least is "Daphne" who even though she is an adult also survived parvo.  
She most probably was never vaccinated.

So yes, long pictorial post, but I know you all love the pictures so I hope you enjoy them!!
It is expensive to treat all the illness, but life should be worth more than the almighty dollar. 
Times are tough and they are going to get tougher on the charities with the economy the way it is, but we'll just keep doing the best we can!

Together we make a difference, the small donations all add up and this is what we do with what you give us...
Thank you again...

Bernie, You are such a good person for all you do for each and every animal. Thank you for being their angel here on earth. Barb
Darling Chase- I wish I could take him in my arms and nurse him back to good health and happiness! He's a good boy- I can see it in his eyes!
God bless you sweetie! You're doing the hardest but most rewarding work of all. Our culture is majorly screwed up when it comes to animals and amazingly ignorant about them.

Do you get the magazine BARK? If you don't, you're in for a treat!
Bernie, I just found your blog from Farmgirlfare.com. People like you make the world such a better place, one pup at a time. I will be making a donation very soon!
Bernie, I so admire everything you do for all those beautiful animals. If there were more people like you in the world, there would be no abandoned animals, only loved and cherished pets. I cannot understand those who mistreat animals as all our pets are members of our family, our fur babies!
Your writings and amazing work have inspired me to do something for our local animal shelter. Any ideas of things that they may consider useful?
Jo in Australia
Daphne is such a cute girl, I wish we could take her in along with our other two (one which was from you...Emma...which we now call Bailey, in Chicago.) You have such a big heart and have brought joy to so many people and animals alike. Thank you again for adding to our family.
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