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Saturday, May 10, 2008
Very FUN Auction for "A Place To Bark"
"How beautiful the day, when a kindness touches it"
-George Elliston

Wooo- Wooo!!!  Tell all your friends "says Gusov".

I am floored...WOW!!!  "A Place To Bark" has been blessed with an amazing gift that is up for auction by the film maker on E-bay right now!!!
"CLICK HERE" to view it.

If you love funny movies, would like to have a collectors piece to show off and in turn help the animals here, now is your chance!!!
There is a new moving coming out "Boys of Summerville" from independent film maker, 
"Lycan Entertainment".
This is rare chance to own one of the props from this movie signed by the cast.
The auction is for an original movie prop that was used movie, which was filmed entirely in east Tennessee.
The sign was used during the opening credit, when the main character drives into town, for the first time in many, many years (as seen in picture).

The prop is a sign that says "Summerville Welcomes You" and is signed by most of the cast and crew (as seen in picture) including, the writer and director during the premiere at the "Regal Entertainment Downtown West Theater" in Knoxville, TN!
The sign is in excellent condition and will be shipped and packed very carefully to keep it safe and sound on its way to you.

This sign was the original sign that was used in the movie.
It measures approximately 25" by 39" and is made out of high quality corrugated glossy plastic.
After the auction has ended and item is received, "Lycan Entertainment", LLC agrees to, unless buyer wishes to remain anonymous, post the winner's picture and profile on the official "Boys of Summerville" website!
Too cool!!!!

Check out theWEBSITE and TRAILER, it looks like a fun filled movie!!!
We as artist are always in search of networking and supporting like minds and hearts and I highly recommend that we pay forward the kindnesses that they have bestowed upon us. 
Even the smallest of ways count, like having a day of fun, going to the movies and remembering that this company, took the time to care and help a small rescue called "A Place To Bark":)
You rock Brooks Benjamin, cast and crew!!!!
Whoo hoo!!

The auction has ended for a whopping $511 !!!

These puppies and kittens deserve it!
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