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Monday, August 10, 2009
Breaking Traditions quilt show accepting entries!
Hey all you artists and quilters out there! I just got word from Lynn Krawczyk about a quilt show accepting entries to help A Place to Bark!

Here's the text from the Breaking Traditions web site:

Breaking Traditions has become a community effort, helping to support the fund raising projects of fellow fiber/mixed media artists.

The 2009 exhibit will benefit Bernie Berlin's dog rescue, A Place to Bark. In honor of Bernie's efforts to find orphaned and abused dogs permanent loving homes, the theme for the 2009 exhibit is "Home."

The exhibit features 12"x12" art quilts. Participants for the 2009 show will express those things, memories or emotions that define home to them. This is an open call exhibit, everyone is encourage to participate. Prizes are donated for those in the exhibit and an Exhibit Favorite is chosen.

Guidelines and entry form can be found here.

Prize information can be found here.

Would you like to help? Find out ways you can here.

There are two ways in which updates are posted regarding the exhibit. Any changes to the guidelines or rules of the exhibit will be posted in the yahoo group. General announcements and installation shots of the exhibit as it travels (currently showing the 2008 exhibit) can be found on the exhibit's blog.

Visit The Breaking Traditions web site for more information!

What would we do without friends.So glad everyone is trying to help you save the animals.This is great.
Nancy A.
Hello!Just visiting to say hello and sending regards!:)
All the best for you and your dogs!
What a great service you are providing. I wish I lived close, I would help.
I am doing my bit, here, having 2 beloved dogs.
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