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Thursday, August 27, 2009
Going the Extra Mile: Some of the Special dogs we help...
"Determine that the things can & shall be done & then we shall find the way."
-Abraham Lincoln

I'm currently in Chicago, getting ready to return to Tennessee.
Jeff & Terry are holding down the fort in my absence caring for the dogs, for which I am very appreciative of their help, love & dedication to the cause.
I've just transported 43 of our rescues to our partnering adoption program with Anti Cruelty Society on Tuesday & many have already found homes yesterday, while I was there:)
I become very reflective while on these trips, for the rescues leave me, to go into the world to find their people. A leap of Faith for me, a chance at life for them...

It really is a bitter/sweet parting, for I get to know each & every dog that comes into my life.
But the lessons my grandfather taught me long ago, still stay with me to this day...
His kind, sweet voice, lingers in my memory.
"If you LOVE something, you must not possess it... That Love, no matter how painful, is always wanting better for that, that you LOVE" -Clyde Jewert

In this post, I want to showcase some of our special needs animals.
We go the extra mile, to take in any animal that we can help, as long as space & resources are available. Treatment is given for all illness & injuries.
Parvo treatments, eye surgeries & 16 orthopedic surgeries are just a few examples of what has been provided this year.
We focus on the animals at our local animal control & work closely with the Sheriff's Department, as do many other rescues locally.
But even with all our combined efforts, the euthanasia rate where I live & for most of the southern states animal controls is, 98% with only 3 working days for the pets to be claimed.
Unbelievable as that sounds, it is a very harsh & true reality:(
So that is why I do what I do, for free... I BELIEVE in LIFE!!!
My time is donated, the costs to support what we do are staggering, but necessary to save lives. I am dedicated to creating awareness & making the statement that the needless killing of animals has to stop!!!
I am on several social networks to spread the word of rescue & friend all, that are animal lovers who want to be a part of something great for the animals in need.
Life is not disposable and while I have been asked in the past, how can you hope to make a difference when the problem is so great? My reply is: If we all give up, then for sure, all is lost.
My favorite quote is: "All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing."
- Edmund Burke

We must NEVER give up, but work harder to come together for the greater good.
By many of us banding together, creating an unbreakable united front dedicated to the animals,
this is when we will see, Life changing! Miracles can & will be created, if we BELIEVE!!! Despair gets us no where.. Hope & Love will create the dream, a better world!!!

Rescue work is not easy, it is hard work. The daily pick up from the pound, veterinary runs, cleanings, feedings, washings, medicating, round the clock care, not to mention my monthly transports which are mostly about 9 hours but have gone as long as 18 hours, depending where we are going.
But this for now, is the only way, these lives will be spared. Spay/Neuter is the long term solution to this problem. But it will take time for it to take hold & the numbers to decrease.
My friend Ruth has built a fabulous low cost spay/neuter clinic that will be opening September 9th in Franklin, KY. I will post a link as soon as the website is up!!

I get many questions daily about rescue work and how to start a program like mine.
This is a long answer, but I promise to address the question in depth in future posts.
But for now, the Best advice I can give if you are new to rescue, is to volunteer your time with established rescues & Humane Societies.
Start slow, for it can consume your heart, soul & mind quickly and put you into financial ruin that has devastated many rescues...
Compassion fatigue & the burn out are our greatest challenges.
If we don't care for ourselves, it won't help the animals for the long term.
(easier to tell you this, than do it myself:)
I know this is a bit long, but I'm just in one of those moods today to write...
So now onward to some of our many stories & the animals that are healed because of your generosity!

"Bullet" was a stray, who had been shot.
He was from another county in rural Tennessee, where there is no animal control.
Which means then, the local Sheriff's department has to handle any injured or stray animal situations. In this case the dog had been shot by a shotgun.
The Sheriff raised his gun, to put the suffering dog out of his misery, when the dog looked him in the eyes & started to wag his tail. The Sheriff started to tear, picked the dog up, took him to the vet and the dog was brought to us. He named the dog "Bullet".
As you can see he quickly stole the hearts of everyone he met!!!

This photos above were of the injury & during the surgery.
The photo below, was taken the last day he was in our care, before he was placed for adoption.
My happy memory of a sweet hound/mix that could run & play because of my animal loving friends, supporting our animal rescuing endeavors.

This year we have brought 6 dogs to our vets that needed leg amputations.
These injuries were from either being shot or being hit by cars.
All were treated and are doing well!!!

This dog came from a cruelty case.
She was starved, beaten & so terribly pregnant, she almost died at the vet's office during labor.
This dog had one of the most AMAZING spirits I have come across & it reflects in this HAPPY VIDEO we took of her.
"Shayla" has been adopted & happily living in Chicago.
Her mom keeps up with me on Facebook to let me know how she's doing:)
The x-ray below shows how many little lives she was carrying... Amazing technology!

Below one of the many puppies that are treated for Parvo yearly.
We also take some cats into our rescue.
While our main focus are dogs, we don't want to leave our feline friends out:)
"Pong" was attacked by a dog, the vets tried to save his leg, but it had to amputated.
He has since been adopted by the vet & his wife!

I hope you realize how much I value your readership and that even though I disappear or seem unavailable, it's because I get so busy with the animals.
Please know I appreciate you and for believing in what we do!!!

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Those dogs are so lucky to have been helped by such caring individuals. Keep up the great work!
Oh I just can not believe how some people can be so ignorant and hurt animals.......I will never understand!!! I am soooo grateful that there are people like u that make a difference to these animals! I just wish I had the courage to do it......God Bless and take good care!! and things will get better for you as you are God's angel!

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