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Thursday, October 08, 2009
Party Animals Ebay Auction
Hey everyone, the auctions is LIVE!!!
Click Here to see the FUN & Fabulous Art
The Party Animals original art auction will begin on Oct. 15th and go through Oct. 19th.
So please spread the word & bid often, we are in dire straights and need funds to continue on & stay open.

This will be a 5 day auction over at Ebay and all of the original artwork that was produced for the Party Animals zine will be auctioned off to benefit A Place To Bark.

I will post an exact link to the auction on the 15th, but for now, here is a little flyer with all the info. Please tell all of your pet loving friends about the auction. The work is AMAZING and 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the animals!

Below is a list of the artists who participated…please visit their sites and check them out!

Jill Beninato – www.sitstaysmile.com
Bernie Berlin - www.aplacetobark.blogspot.com
Suzi Blu – www.suziblu.typepad.com
Rebecca Collins – www.artpaw.com
Wendy Crumbley – www.2dogstudio.com
Ingrid Dijkers – www.ingriddijkers.com
Manon Doyle – www.hoochiepoochiestudios.com
Sarah Fishburn – www.sarahfishburn.com
Rice Freeman-Zachery – www.voodooandzen.com
Heather LaHaise – www.heatherlahaise.com
Melissa Langer – www.pugnotes.com
Maija Lepore – www.maigirlz.typepad.com
Anne Leuck Feldhaus – www.annesart.com
Tamandra Michaels – www.heartdogstudios.com
Kim Rae Nugent – www.kimraenugent.com
Linda O’Neill – www.abbycreekstudios.com
Nancy Schutt – www.gooddogart.com
Jill Marie Shulse – www.jillmarieshulse.blogspot.com
Kelly Snelling – www.soulhumming.typepad.com
Carla Sonheim – www.carlasonheim.com
Kathy Weller – www.wellerwishes.com


Really cool! My cousin, Cassie does art like that too. Check it out. cassieotte.blogspot.com
Really interesting party.I like it so much.Thanks for sharing.
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