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Wednesday, October 07, 2009
“There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.” ~ Dorothy to Toto, in Oz

We are SO CLOSE to being able to finish our new shelter building at A Place to Bark that the dogs are ready to lay claim to their “bedrooms”!

To help to get us the rest of the way there, A Place to Bark is teaming up with eBay Good Works (the charitable giving arm of Ebay) to host our annual EBAY ART AUCTION! During the entire month of November, a portion of the proceeds (decided by the artist) of the sale of each piece of artwork from participating artists will be donated to A Place to Bark. Your donations, of course, are entirely tax deductible.

The beauty of eBay Good Works is that it makes it so incredibly easy for every artist to participate – and to do so in a way where they are completely in control of how big a portion of the proceeds of the sale of their artwork is donated to A Place to Bark.

Our goal is to raise $25,000, which is enough money to allow us to finish the shelter before winter sets in – and WE NEED YOUR HELP TO DO THAT! If you are an artist and would like to help raise desperately needed funds for A Place to Bark by being a part of the Art Auction, please email us at: aplacetobark2009@gmail.com and we will send you all the details you will need to participate.

Above is a short video of the initial building phase of the shelter. Now that the shell of the building is up, we need your help to finish it!

Thanks in advance for your interest and participation! So far in 2009, we’ve rescued, rehabilitated and re-homed more than 500 dogs and cats who would otherwise be put down - and the numbers keep climbing!

Now you can be a part of continuing the crusade to fulfill the dream of a truly no-kill world! Thank you for your support!


Hi Bernie ,thorough face book I found you and missed the action for art donations but I am doing a show this weekend and will donate the proceeds of one of my doggie pieces to your cause. Keep up the good work. we love you!!!!!
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