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Thursday, February 07, 2008
Leaving Tomorrow..

"Goodness is the only investment that never fails"

Well, still here!!! The tornados didn't blow us away..
Just missed us...
But I will say, it was a nail biting nite, Tuesday, I didn't sleep much.
Was really worried about all my animals at the vet clinic.
Thanks for all of you that sent e-mails to check up on us.
The house I live in, is pretty new, about 5 years old.  
The old house was actually picked up during a tornado and dropped into the basement.  
Which is not normal, the tornado usually will take it away.  
The previous owners were on the stairs when it happened, so that was too close for comfort and sold the house to us.   
Last year the tornados tore thru our local towns, it was just horrible, the destruction and all the animals who were lost...

I am franticly getting ready for CHA.  Will be leaving tomorrow.
As much as I hate leaving the homestead, it is vital that I do so professionally.
I am a homebody and wish I didn't have to leave, but the upside is I get to see all my wonderful friends who not only are my art buddies, but animal lovers!!!  
Claudine and I have already been plotting out food places we want to eat at:)
Thai for sure!!! 

This is one of my favorite pictures I took of Claudine last year at CHA, while she was doing her demo for Ranger Ink.

Her and I will get together and pick the winners from our drawing as a "Thank You" for donating during the contest!!!  I will probably get to shipping the items out when I get back home.  So please be patient and bear with us:)

My schedule at CHAwill be as follows if you are there and want to stop and say HI!!

I will be demoing "LuminArte's" Luscious products all day on Sunday, 2/10/08
booth #2755.  
I LOVE, LOVE, their products and am so excited to be working with their product line!!!

Monday 2/11/08 I will be at the F+W Publications booth at 10:30 a.m. book signing and doing a demonstration, one free book per person, with quantities limited.

Tuesday 2/12/08 I will again be at the F+W Publications booth at 3:00 p.m. book signing and demostrating, one free book per person, with limited quantities. 
I'll be leaving Anaheim to drive to San Diego, Tuesday nite to attend seminars at The Helen Woodward Animal Center.  
This seminar will be a vital element to our growth at "A Place To Bark."  
We have so very much to learn!!!  
I'll be there for four days and then off to Los Angeles with Patsy, if all works out as planned.

When I get home, I will start to work on finding an architect and builder:)  
Will keep everyone updated thru the blog...

In the meanwhile, if you use a search engine often, like Google, please take a look at Good Search, everytime you search, you can be donating to our cause, "A Place To Bark".  
It costs nothing and over time, if enough people use it, we will receive money for the critters!!

Gotta keep moving, not even packed yet!!  Eeekk...
Why is it, nothing ever fits or looks good, when you have to go somewhere of importance???
Blessings and Light to you all!!!

Hello Lovie!
I want to donate a set of Worry Dolls to your list of prizes :D

I'll send the one that ChiChi got a hold of to you. . . lol

I haven't been able to get to your website for quite some time. stinkin dial up.

As I was reading your blog, I once again got tears in my eyes. I'm so happy for you and your cause that you were able to raise such a large amount of money. Congratulations!

I really wish I could help financially, but at this time in my life (going back to school, working full time, and about to be single with two kids), it is not possible. I think about you and your babies often and send out all my positive vibes to you.

ONe last thing, I'm relieved to read that your home was not affected by the storm.

Take care,

Congrats again for the amazing support and incredible donations!! Good luck at your show. I don't know how you have the energy to do all that you do, but I'm sure glad you do it!
hi bernie! i will be at CHA this year! yay! finally i can give you a big hug live and in person. i'll be there with my friend ruth rae. we'll be hanging in the f&w booth so i will look for you! xo-kelly
Hooray for Bernie! I wish I lived closer so I could help out more, but I hope you received my shipments of blankets and towels ok.

My love and prayers are always with you and the little innocents whose lives you are continuously saving.

Carry on!!!

It was great chatting with you at CHA. Take care! : )
Great Site! Thanks for all that you do!

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