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Thursday, January 31, 2008
we're still winners!!!
hi everyone!! this is Claudine! With an update from Bernie!

The Network for Good grant contest is officially over and even though A Place to Bark didn't win the $50,000 grant, we are still winners!!!!

I just got off the phone with Bernie, she is 180 miles away from Chicago with her 41 dogs and 1 kitten all on their way to new homes and we were talking about how much GOOD has come from this!!! This has been amazing!! We have made new friends, we raised over $42,000!!!!!! and we have a matching grant of $35,000 from the Zoline foundation!! So we have raised $77,000. WOWZA!! and all because of each and everyone of you!!!

We truly felt everyone's support for this cause and it is so touching to see everyone rallying behind Bernie's effort to save the lives of these animals. Together person by person, we did what we thought we couldn't do. This has been an incredible experience and it brings me to tears. Not because we didn't "win" because when you think about it -- we did win!! Each and everyone of you made this fund raiser drive a SUCCESS!!!! We raised a total of $77,000 because of YOU!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

Bernie says she will still be able to build a shelter with the money raised. It will have to be a smaller shelter but it will still happen. We can all follow the progress on her blog here!

What happens now?
Now Network for Good will audit all the donations from the badges to strip off the duplicate donors to get to the "real" results of individual donors. In 30 days they will notify the official winners. Could A Place to Bark still win? In theory we could if one of the other badges had many duplicate donors. A Place to Bark will still receive $1,000 from Network for Good for placing in the top 8, so that is wonderful!! All the final contest details are on this page here from Parade Magazine who sponsored the challenge.

Donation Gifts/Prizes
Bernie's husband Jeff is furiously inputting all of the donor's information into a database, it is taking some time because we have so many donors (yay!!!!) as soon as the database is built we will select the winners of the donation gifts and artwork. not to worry! We will keep you updated here!! We will do this as soon as possible!!
This is fabulous news..... what a wonderful result! Bernie and Jeff are amazing.... what a wonderful gift you are for all those animals you have helped and for those you will help in the future! Thank you too Claudine for all the support you have given Bernie.... xoxo
GREAT JOB LADIES (oops - and Jeff too . . . LOL!) Everyone, near and far, pulled together and I think we did GREAT! hhhmmmm, my husband is a carpenter . . . . shall I send him your way Bernie ? ? Would have been much easier when you lived 40 minutes away in Grafton :)
Hey Bernie - you sure are LOVED!!
Many, many congratulations!! A very impressive campaign, indeed!
I was disappointed at first but ... a smaller shelter is better than no shelter! We can raise more money and add on to it at a later date! The extra $50,000., would have been great - but $77,000. isn't peanuts!

Congratulations, BERNIE! So may people love you ...and your little fur faces!

Diane, Grace & Scooter
Thanks for the update, Claudine!

I think it's wonderful that you raised so much money without even getting into the top 4. Congrats, Bernie!! I'm super happy for you and your lucky animal friends. :-)

. . .::HaPpY::HaPpY::DaNcE::oF::JoY::. . .

!hooray for Bernie ... hooray for the animals!
This has been and continues to be so wonderful ...

Congratulations and ::fishy::crackers:: and ::biscuits:: for everyone! (oh, and fritos, dip and coke for Bernie :o)

It's a celebration!

=^..^=love, zU
I am so glad to hear how much $$$ you are getting, despite not being in the top 4! I was really pulling for you! GREAT job everyone!
I am so happy too! And like you said earlier this has helped so many animals, not just the ones from Bernie's rescue but the other ones too.
We cannot forget that there is always an ongoing need for vacinations, supplies, food, and everything!!!!!

You are in our hearts Bernie!
I am so happy for Bernie and especially for all the puppies and kitties...and people...she has made so happy. I think that smiling face in the message above says it all! Even though I don't really "know" you, I love you Bernie for what you do and who you are!
Hello, Bernie (and everyone else at APTB). :) My name is Emma, and I am one of the folks who post over at the Saving Georgia Dogs board (although I actually live in upstate NY). We tried hard to make a push for you guys last night, and I'm so sorry that we came up a bit short (although I'm still crossing fingers).

Anyhow, I am SO happy to have discovered your wonderful rescue. I have a number of years of experience as a fundraiser, and my specialty was/is grant-writing. I would LOVE to donate my grant-writing skills and services to you, if you think that we might be able to dredge up a bit more grant/foundation money for your shelter. Now that you have proven your ability to raise a good deal of money from individual donors, it really ought to help your prospects with major donors and foundations. I'd love to help to any extent that I'm able... just let me know. :)

All best,
-Emma from Western NY (and the Saving Georgia Dogs board)
Oh, sorry Bernie. My e-mail address is seamonkey_avenger@yahoo.com . Just let me know if you need me, and how I might contact you. :)

Of course, you don't need to publish this message on your blog. :)

All best,
-Emma in Western NY
If she is coming to Chicago, please contact me!!! I have a really great baby scale for her and a bunch of towels I have been collecting!
Congratulations! Outstanding results! I have followed the progress of this contest with much anticipation and I'm thrilled to see so many people eager to help your cause. What a special friend you have in Claudine (awesome artist too!)! Hugs to you and the puppies and kitties,
Hearty congratulations! I think the database is a great idea so you could contact people next year with reminders. I would certainly appreciate that. Thank you for everything you do! What outstanding results!
The animals are the winners as are their new families! I am always happy to see good go to the well-deserved. Thanks for keeping us all posted on the progress of this fantastic effort!
I am so happy for the animals! It's such a good thing you are doing. I only rescue what I can keep myself it's my small part, but I also contribute to people like yourself who are doing more.
What a hard-working passionate woman that Bernie is, with a heart big enough for every animal in Tennessee (and a few more states too I suspect) and the energy to help, and now, money to back up that love and work! She is awesome, and you too Claudine.

It is so good to know there are people like you both in the world!

Congratulations on what you have accomplished. We only learned about your wonderful rescue when you helped us with the puppies we found. Thank you for being an Angel on earth for all animals.

Barb & Carl
Congratulations Bernie! We already knew you were a winner!!! Hope you avoid most of the Chicago snow!

I'm thrilled that you raised as much money as you did - this fundraiser definitely helped put your work with animals in the spotlight - I know that many more animals will be saved because of this fundraising effort. It has been beautiful to see this community of artists band together for such a wonderful cause - and one that is very near and dear to my heart. Congraultations to all of you and those who helped you - from me, my family and our rescued furbabies!!
I am so happy for Bernie and all the animals now and to come! Winning that grant would have been sweet but what has been accomplished in 3 weeks on behalf of a small, individually run (with help from others of course) organization is just incredible! That A Place to Bark, competing against all kinds of "Big Guys" raised over $77,000 dollars and came in #5 in this national challenge is...... well... it is beyond belief actually! I know I tapped every source I could think of as did many others. On behalf of Lexi and all the others who have passed thru Bernie's doors, "Yip Yip Yipee!!"
Wow! I'm very happy for you, Bernie and the work you do!!!
In the words of a good friend, "You done good!" :)
Wonderful news!
this is totally friggin awesome!! ..congrats and what a good feeling for all that donated...warm kisses from my pack to jeff and bernies ..
kim aka dogfaerie
Thank you for all you do every day for these animals, and for giving each of us across the country the opportunity to be a part of helping to make a difference, too!

Continued blessings to you!!!!!

Lancaster, PA
Congratulations on raising such a lot in such a short time. I wish you lots of luck with building your shelter. Just shows what can be done when everyone pulls together,
Hi Claudine and Bernie
I just wanted to say thank you for the positive energy you both radiate. I am so happy to have met you and been a part of this wonderful fundraiser. We all pulled together and accomplished a wonderful amazing goal. When the raffle winners are announced, I am really excited to send the recipent of my donation, the signed print of their choice. :)
This has been very exciting and alot of fun.

Always sending positive thoughts your way for your angelic efforts with these animals!!! You will always be a winner!

Hi, I have a badge on my blog now and I would like to keep up some kind of banner/link there for people to keep donating to you, even though the Parade challenge is over, so do you have another banner I can use for that? Congrats on doing so well, love to the doggies!! Carrie
Congratulations !

...clapping, crying....

D A N C I N G !!!

Love, S.
Congratulations on your wonderful success, determination and kindness. Our own adoptee, Henry arrived from Tennessee October 27, 2007 and we are happy to say he has settled into our home with ease and delight. He is the BEST dog! The people here in NH operate a rescue service with a connection to a transport that brings dogs to this area from Tennessee. We applaud all that you and others do to enable these wonderful animals to have a second chance with loving families.
Just thinking about you there ... the news of the storms ... hope all is well. That you are all safe.
Wonderful news indeed. I heard about the challenge through Pokey's blog and went over. I'd heard about A Place to Bark, but I didn't know much about it. Then I watched the video that Bernie made and was sooo moved! That video did the trick, I learned about the shelter, I saw the place, heard Bernie speak the truth and saw all those little doggie faces! I donated immediately.
thanks. thanks so much.
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