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Thursday, January 17, 2008
hi this is Claudine with a quick update from Bernie.

Bernie's internet access is down - She has a really busy day, she picked up 9 puppies from animal control. There are 4 jack russell babies, 2 mixed breeds, and 3 boxer hound mixes. Cute photos coming soon. Bernie is overwhelmed with the outpouring of generosity from each and every one of you!!! thank you so much for all of your help in spreading the word! We are already planning how we will paint and arty up the new shelter.

We can make this happen!!!

More tomorrow when she has internet access again!!!
I donated today :). Thanks for the wonderful job that you are doing!!It breaks my heart to see all these beautiful animals without homes.
I am SO excited for you, Bernie! I, too, have developed the badge checking disorder. I've probably checked it ten times today. ; )

I included a mention about this special fund drive on yesterday's blog post and will devote an entire article to it in a day or two.

2008 sure is starting out great!!!!!


P.S. I had such a nice time talking with you on the phone. : )
We love Bernie! We love Bernie!!! Just made a contribution! C'mon... everyone... give what you can.

All the best,

Holly & Albie (my perfect-adorable-loving-rescue-doggie)
I just found you through Tim Holtz's blog and I think you are an amazing human being. I just donated and I hope it helps. I am sure if even just a small percentage of Tim's devoted fans donated you would win for sure. Good luck and I will be watching and praying.
I check in every morning and say a prayer. This is going to happen.It is time to get that shelter built.I am so happy. You do such a great job with the animals. Number two this morning. Won't stop the prayers for both you and Jeff until this is a done deal.
Thank you both for helping the little ones.

Diane, Grace & Scooter
Omgosh....#2! this is so wonderful & if anyone deserves it Bernie, it's you! I have the same feeling I get when George Bailey's friends come together and return all the favors he's given everyone else around him.
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