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Saturday, December 01, 2007
The Cat's Meow..
"To Bring Anything Into Your Life, Imagine It Is Already There."

We live our lives in moments. Moments that pass so quickly that they are often not realized, as profound moments.
I have learned to stop every now and then and look at the moment.
Almost like a camera, focusing and keeping that image in my mind, to go back and reflect upon.
So many stories,eyes and faces are burnt into my memory...
I am always amazed by the animals that come into my life and the animals I have met along the way...
This past year I have been on the East Coast teaching quite a bit and have made some fabulous friends.
One of those friends is Marie and her wonderful family. They own a specialty art and stamp store called "The Stamp Act".
In the times I stayed with them, I met their wonderful family member "Jasper" a Persian cat. He was amazing!!!
16 years old and just the coolest cat you ever met.
His pic is at the top of this post, I took it one morning when I up earlier than the other household members.
I had some time to spend with Jasper, watching him enjoy the sunlight.
The past year had been very hard on Jasper and the family. He had been having kidney failure and passed away a few months ago. This family gave him subcutaneous fluids daily and just did everything in their power to keep their precious friend alive.
Quite the king, he would sit on the arm of the couch and meow and the whole family would come running to pet him..
These are the pet owners that make my heart smile.. Well, to get on with this story.. Marie was feeling quite lost without a pet in the home and her parents weren't quite ready, but soon agreed to adopt our little "Majick".

The following week, I was at the pound and I just couldn't believe my eyes.. There he was a Persian cat. I took him in my arms and realized he was only 5-6 months old. After getting home, I couldn't believe how much he acted like Jasper.
The family is adopting both kitties:) Funny how life works sometimes.. I had never found a Persian cat before to rescue and in addition this cat was an owner surrender. You just never know what the day will bring and how life works in such mysterious ways..
I have a funny feeling "Jasper" had something to do with this and that he is looking at us all from his big window in Heaven basking in the sunlight...

These next pictures are for my friend's mom "Susan". A huge animal lover, she had been missing her Siamese cat for many years. She contacted me, asking for me to keep my eyes open for a Siamese cat, that there was no rush, she just hoped she could rescue one. Well fate decided to send me three Siamese and a mixed breed kitten:) A change of situation for a family came my way and it was one, that the love for their pets, kept them from moving on to a better situation.
Susan called me, since I had placement for the male & the kitten, she decided to take the two females together.
All these kitties mentioned will be in their new homes for Christmas!!!
Right now many are being boarded at my vets office, since I am out of space..
My new year resolution is to work harder on the grant writing and get a shelter built next year, I really hate to turn animals away...

These are our other little ones who are up for adoption:

There three kittens are 10 weeks old and just a bundle of energy, being treated for a skin infection, they will be ready in 3 weeks for adoption..

This is "Prince" he is approximately 12 weeks old and had to have a partial tail amputation. His tail was half dead when I found him, due to a horrible infection from a wound. Doing great and ready for a new home!!

"Priscilla" is a female Himalayan mix. She is very loving, non stop purring and sweet. Approximately 3 years old. Not a fan of other cats, would do best in an only cat household.

I want to clarify that if you are interested in any of the animals posted to my blog, please send me an e-mail.
I really don't post to my pet finder much anymore, due to the fact that most of my animals go to the humane societies up north. I would much rather do private placements, but the volume of animals I take in really restricts me. I get them in, get them well and then to places where they can be readily adopted. Many worry about Humane Societies, but I assure you I have a wonderful working relationship with the ones I have chosen to work with and they will return them to me if we have an issue or help me treat them. It has been a very positive, win, win, situation!!!
I just got back last nite from my transport to Chicago, I was also in Wisconsin delivering 2 Cocker Spaniels to Rescue, then I am off to Boston the end of this week.. So it will be a busy week getting everyone here to the vet and boarding facilities before I leave.
Have a GREAT day!!
Can't wait to see you and Lexi on Saturday! The house is coming along and the first floor will be in good shape for Saturday. Have a great trip.
I have posted this before, but I will again! You are wonderful, marvelous, awesome! I wished I lived in Kentucky (Tennessee?) so I could take you to lunch!

awwww kitties!!! Stan says hi!!
I am a repeat visitor, too! LOVE WHAT YOU DO & have all of the respect in the world for your dedication to the animals!

I'd like to post a tribute to "a place to bark" on my blog. Email me if you have any questions: cookievf@charter.net And follow my link in a day or so to view it (smile).

all my love & support,
- vicki xo
God Bless YOU and all you do. This post made me cry -- you ARE AWESOME.
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