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Sunday, November 04, 2007
Happy Faces...

This week has just started and it has been a very hectic day to say the least...
I wanted to show you the happy faces here, since the last post was so heavy.
I have been on the phone with commissioners and our executives last Friday and today, working with them, providing some suggestions for positive changes for our animal control.
The situation with our animal control has been all over the news and everything is chaotic.
People picketing on behalf of the animals. You can view today's story here

The pound has received death threats and so it was pretty scary for me to go there today, just fearful that someone would by mistake do something bad to me. But never the less, I still went and took out 5 animals today.
I am getting ready to transport on Thursday, but because of the situation at the pound I may be unable to do so.
The vet who euthanizes also does my health certificates. So I am at a standstill for the moment. Which is bad for the animals, it means they may have to stay here a few more weeks, until this all gets sorted out. I am scheduled for two transports this month and if this is pushed back, the animals could be here into December. I have to go to Boston the first week in December to teach and organize an art show that we are planning for May, so I would have to board a bunch of animals, ohhhh, worry, worry:(
Worst case scenario I will have to pay for the health certificates, that will be close to five hundred dollars and boarding, which I haven't an idea since I haven't crossed that bridge yet. Enough talk for now, lets see some happy pups!!

Here are some of the sweet faces here:

"Goober" & "Gertrude" 12 week old Beagle mixes. Happy as can be and super busy!!

Litter of 8 week old hound mix pups:

"Gracie" 12 week old Shepherd/mix. She will steal your heart.

8 week old Lab/mix pups. I have holes in my pants from them tugging so hard:)

"Bubba" 12 week old Cattledog/mix. It's true what they say, let sleeping dogs lie... Because if you wake him, he will run off with what ever he can find!! Super smart and super busy!!

This is "Nellie" or otherwise known as "Momma Dog".
One of the many momma dogs we have taken in.
I have a huge soft spot for mother dogs with pups. It just bothers me terribly to see whole families of dogs at the pound. Knowing that this didn't have to be... That someone somewhere is responsible, because they didn't fix their pet.
"Nellie" reminds me so much in personality of our Sophie
"Sophie" was here last year, has found a forever home with one of my magazine editors. She was very shy, but now lives a life of privilege just outside of Boston,Massachusetts and goes to work everyday at Quilting Arts Headquarters.
Here is a link to a youtube of "Sophie" in her new home.
"Nellie" only had two pups with her at the pound. They are shown below, "Brown Bear" and "Black Bear"

Last but not least is "Furbee" She is approximately 10 weeks old. Cute as can be, lots of fur!!! Best we can figure, Shepherd/mix, maybe Chow or Keeshond mix. If you guys in Denver want her, you have to let me know A.S.A.P.

That's all the photos I have had time to download and clean up for today..
More to come my friends...
Whew, I'm off to bed...
Blessings and Light to you..

Edit: I just received an e-mail this morning that my friend Tawnya's friend Daniel, who has a new business and fun website :
Dogs Love Peanutbutter.com check it out!!
Oh Bernie, I read the article and no wonder you have such a sense of urgency and heartache. To think of the beautiful pups in your photos being killed by such a painful method, when they are so willing and able to be someone's pride and joy, like my dogs are to me.

Thank you so much for being willing to take on this work, not to mention the heartache.

Nancy in Arizona
Look at all those wonderful, happy faces!!! Beauties!
Bernie - is Bubbles going to be put up for adoption? I just can't seem to get her little face off my mind. I hope all the pups are doing okay. I can't imagine any dogs not having a home, and I can't hardly even think about them being put down. They just want a family. Laura in Indiana
Any of our dogs here are always up for adoption. I will tell you she is recovering from Pneumonia and does have heart issues. We confirmed it yesterday. She will be on medication for the rest of her life, but she really is not much trouble. She sleeps quite a bit, which I think that may change as she gets better. If she hears you, she will follow you around all day long. She also has had some trauma to her back and has 3 vertabra fused. Her little tail hangs and wags like Eore. I cannot tell you how sweet she is...
Bernie! where are you teaching in Boston????? I'd love to take another class with you!
I will be teaching at the Stamp Act in Marshfield, Ma.
We art talking about having a play day to make Christmas cards for our troops overseas, but nothing is finalized. If all goes well with my animals here I will be in Boston the 6th-13th.
Bernie, I could never do what you do! Look at all those beautiful faces! It would break my heart to give them away, never mind having to take them out of State to save them. I'd be one of those people who would have a houseful of strays and never give them away!
This blog is fantastic! I have been looking to adopt a pup and ran into these adorable little guys. I would love to get a bit more information about a couple of these guys, specifically Gracie (the Shepherd/mix) and I'm not sure the second guy's name, but his picture is directly above Furbee.

Please let me know how would be best to contact you, feel free to email me at

Thank you so much for your time and love for these little guys!
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