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Tuesday, November 06, 2007
In the News today..

I'm ready for bed, just totally mentally and physically exhausted...
Long emotional day...
The transport can't go till next week.
The vet who did my health certificates is no longer working for the county, which is fine, but we can't move the dogs without the proper paperwork and exams.
By law I cannot transport across state lines without the health certificates, so I'm stuck for the moment.
I'm worried for the dogs, it's getting pretty cold here at nite. I was hoping to be on the road this Thursday, but it is what it is.
We'll do the best we can. Each dog house was filled with lots of straw and there are several dogs and pups to each run to keep each other warm.
I feel terrible that they have to be outside, when it's cold, but I can't have all of them in the house.
The really little guys are sheltered here in the house.

Lately there has been some dialog that some are not happy with rescues that transport out of state. I want to clarify that I know this is not the answer, but that until spay and neuter programs are established and running, I can't stand by and just watch such amazing animals put to sleep, when there are places that healthy, adoptable animals are wanted.
Life is to be honored and not disregarded.
Trust me, it is no fun driving 10 hours with 20 to 40 dogs/puppies in a van. The cleaning in between is no picnic, not to mention the aroma:)

Next year the foundation that sponsors much of what I do, has promised a matching grant, so that we may be able to build our shelter. Say a prayer for me and the animals, that this happens. We need it.
For the meanwhile, I will have to pay one of the local vets for the health certificates and that will run 10 to 15 dollars per dog. That really adds up when you do 40 to 60 dogs..
But hey, we'll figure it out, no one said doing rescue would be easy..
The upside is that they are all alive and will be on their way to new lives and homes next week!!

I did an interview today with FOX 17 here today, you can view the transcript & video here

These are pics of dogs that have passed thru our rescue...
Many times I just don't have enough time to post all the pics but aren't these guys great:)
Makes you smile just looking at them!!
They are all living somewhere in Chicago.

Off to bed, tomorrow is a new day...
Bernie, I'm sorry things are difficult for you and you canine friends right now. I've donated some money via the 6 degrees badge I have on my website. I designated it for the health certificates. I wish I could do more, but maybe if I can help 2 or 3...Visit my blog (www.ramblingsofanoldlady.blogspot.com) to see some of our adoptables here in Ohio, as well as some of my meager artistic endeavors.
Love you and what you do!
sending hugs sweetie! we'll get the word out!!
Oh Bernie - I know it's heartbraking for you, but those animals are so lucky. I can't believe what a pig that vet is. Keep up the good work. I'm sending on a little donation - I hope it helps!
You looked beautiful on the screen==and your message was loud and clear........keep up the loving work my friend!
Reilly said we had to help so I gave up my Starbucks for a week to sponsor a health certificate for a puppy.
I'm going to see if I can get some blankets to you for the winter for the doggies. Is that bottom picture CheeChee???? OMG I'm just dyin over here if it is! We'll take her no matter what she looks like ;)
Bernie, I continue to think you're one of the most amazing woman I know. I know something will work out -- and I'll try to get the word out for you down here. You never know who might hear about you and decide to fund those vet bills! Sending you lots of love.
Great Job Fairy Dog Mother!
You were awesome!!

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