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Friday, November 16, 2007
"Otter & Bubbles"

"We should not forget to entertain strangers, lest we entertain angels unaware." Bible - Hebrews 13:2

I just got back from my transport to Chicago late last nite, it will take me a few days to recover from driving. I'm not complaining, just talking outloud:)
It does take it's toll on you body, not to mention can get a bit boring, after so many hours..
But I will say it does give your mind time to think. To ponder many things that I probably wouldn't at home, because I'm always on the move. Today is a full day, returning the van back to the rental office, picking up the animals from my vet that have been boarded and checking in at the pound.

So many of you have become avid readers of this blog and have come to know many of the animals that have been rescued.
Thank you for caring about the animals saved and for being a very personal part of this journey with me.
These two little dogs are dogs you should know!!
Looking for a soft place to lay their heads and call home.
Just because they are old, doesn't mean they don't have value.
We will all cross that bridge someday and I truly hope that I will be cherished and loved and not thrown away, because of age or illness.
It really upsets me that these sweet dogs have ended up at the pound.
They are here now and will be cared for, until their forever homes come along.

These two very special little dogs that have stolen my heart & you'll see why...
"Otter" is a male Shihtzu. Approximately 13 years old. A tad bit warty. Blind in one eye and can only see shadows in the other. He gets around great and can sniff out a turkey sandwich from across the room. Ultra potty trained, he hasn't had an accident yet. Loves to sleep in bed with you, be by you and if I have car keys he is right behind me trying to go for a car ride.
Perfect with cats or dogs. I am totally in love with him, his personality is outstanding, truly charming.
I really think he needs to have his own t.v. show:)

He reminds me of that Hallmark cards character "Maxine", looks, kinda old and grumpy, but full of personality!!
Can you believe he is giving me the rasberry!!??!! ((giggles))

"Bubbles" is a Yorkie/Poo probably. Female, approximately 9 years of age. She was in bad shape when she got here.
Three of her vertabra in her back are fused, most likely due to some sort of trauma. Her heart is enlarged, has pneumonia and skin infections. Currently taking a heart medication, diuretic and antibiotics, her recovery is coming along. She will have to, most probably be on heart medication the rest of her life, but truly she is a little dog, doesn't take up much space and is worth all the trouble.
Total lap sitter and moves pretty fast if you have car keys.. She loves to go with you everywhere.

Here's a little You Tube video to see these little darlings in person..

Gotta Go, Gotta Go!!!
Have a Fantastic DAY!!!!
ohhh otter!!! so cute!!!
Glad you are back home and safe.These babies are so sweet. I hope they can get their forever home soon.Such sweet faces and so much love left to give.
Man oh man Bernie why don't we live closer. These dogs are all such cuties and Chris and I are still on the look out.
Bernie these babies are just tooooo cute. I posted pics of Hennessy H. Swiper on my livejournal - can you post a pic of CheeChee? How's her leg? I can't wait to see her!!!Hope you're doing ok and taking care of yourself ;)
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