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Wednesday, November 14, 2007
Furry Friends..

Just a quick post of some of the new furry friends here.
The faces posted are usually here only 3 weeks and then go to rescues and humane societies in different states.
For my friends in Massachusetts, I will be in Boston December 6-13th and will be driving.
So if you see a furry friend that speaks to you let me know:)

I get so many sweet e-mails from people who tell me they enjoy the photos I post and ask how do I get the dogs to smile..
Well.... Most times it is just there and I'm lucky enough to capture the moment. Other days, I have to sing and dance with them. Yes, I'm silly, but I do have fun!! Well, today was a challenge, I think they all barked at each other to make me work for the pictures:) I just couldn't get them to smile for me on camera. Oh, well..
You can see, with or without smiles how great these dogs are!!

"Lil Darlin Angel" is a female Shihtzu. Approximately 1 and a half years old. Super sweet, shy & reserved. Loves to go for car rides, sleep on your pillow and is just the perfect little girl. Gets along with other dogs, but is very, very shy of them. Would be best in a one dog household.

"Luigi" is my lil charmer.. He's sooooo cute, better in person!! A scruffy Pug. Probably a Pug/Cairn Terrier Mix. Male, approximately 5-7 years old. Loves to go for car rides, never leaves your side, good with other dogs, does like to bark at cats.
As you can see, he gave me a little smile after several pleas of please and a promise of some cheese:)

"Buster" is a male Dalmation/mix. Approximately 6 months old. Great big dog!! Busy guy who loves a good belly rub!!

"Cissy" is a female Terrier mix. Approximately 2-3 years of age. About 5 pounds. She is a busy girl, but constant companion. Another one who won't leave your side.

Now these 4 are litter mates, approximately 4 months old and really gave me a run for my money..
They are so loving, jump like crazy when you get in their run with them and pretty much shred my clothes:) Gave me a hard time, kinda like nah-nah boo-boo you can't get us to smile:)

"Lucky" says: Smile, did you say smile?? Hee-hee.. Catch me if you can!!

"Louie" says: I'm the strong silent type..

"Lulu-Belle" says: I'm beautiful and you should just be in awe of my beauty and admire me..

"Larry" says: Quit bugging me, crazy camera lady.. I'm too busy eating to smile for you:)

Got caught in the rain all day yesterday, needless to say we didn't do the interview for the paper.
I think I'm getting a sore throat and can't remember the name of the throat lozengers my grandfather use to give me, they were some type of herbal tasting drops but worked great... If you have any suggestions, I'm open.. Hate having a sore throat:(

Hope you enjoy the pictures, I'm off and running...
Have a GREAT day!!!
Gargle with salt water. Drink Throat coat tea - it really works. And Ricola makes some good herbal lozenges. Hope you feel better.
Love the critter pixs.
Take care.
Mary Beth
Fisherman's friends are my cough drop of choice. They come in a white and red box with a picture of a fisherman on them. I've been coughing for 5 weeks now and for my classes they help me to talk!! :)
They taste like crud when you first pop one in your mouth (menthol weird taste) but they WORK.
Feel better Bernie!!
Hi Bernie, you're such an inspiration to me and so many others! THANK YOU FOR DOING ALL THAT YOU DO! I foster through our local SPCA, but I dream that one day I can do what you do :)
Do you ever come through Delaware?
Please e-mail me at HeavenLeighMaMa2@aol.com I would love to give one of your beauties a forever home, if you're ever passing through!!
Goodluck with your next trip to Boston. If you fancy a side trip to NYC give me a holler.
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