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Monday, January 14, 2008
The heat is on....
"Amazing How We Can Light Tomorrow With Today"
-Elizabeth Barrett Browning

UNBELIEVABLE!!! We are now in the Top Five, as of this post!!!!
But the heat is on, the other badges are aware of us and we have to keep asking, begging and trying to get everyone to donate ten dollars.
It has only been 6 days and look at how far we have gotten..
We need to be one of the top four to win the fifty thousand dollars.
We are sooo very close, but can't get too self assured or slow down, anything can happen at this point.....

I really hate to plead, but truly if you have ever thought about donating, now is the time to do it..
Just think, if you donate and we win, every time you read my blog, you can say to yourself...
It is because of me, because I took the time, to spread the word, to donate, that this shelter was built and that these animals were saved and are alive.

I can't do this alone, I need my friends and all animal lovers to take a part in helping me, help the animals that can't.
So please ask, your brother, sister, friends, family members, your vet, postman or a perfect stranger you see with a pet:)
Most love animals and this is for them..
I've learned to swallow my pride and ask for help.. A very hard thing to do sometimes, but it is all for the greater good!!

This Badge does take PayPal:)

It makes me sad that we have to compete for this money.
All the charities that are trying to win are ALL very important.
No one of us, is any better than the next and I wish in a perfect world, we could all support the charities we love.

I really try not to write too much about all the bad things, that I see, that happen to the animals down here..
Most who read my blog, can't handle to hear about it, just know that they are awful!!! I have seen most first hand.
Gas chambers, puppy mills, shootings, starvation, abuse, you get the horrid picture:(

I try to focus on all great things we do, the fabulous dedicated rescue people I know and network with, the wonderful program we have started and continue to grow with the Anti Cruelty Society in Chicago, over the past 2 years. Did you know, we are the only out of state program they take from:)
It is because we do our very best and send them only healthy animals.
Because we quarantine and fully vet our animals, it provides a win/win situation for the humane society and the new pet owners.
We also have qualified for other programs with Humane Societies elsewhere, that have successful spay and neuter programs, so if we get the money we can take in more numbers..
Not to mention all the great private adoptions we do and the dogs that go to the pure bred rescues we network with!!

Speaking of private adoptions, I just got an e-mail that Lexi is on her dad, Ben's blog with pics of her.. Southern dog, playing in the snow!! Too cute:)
Ben and Jessica adopted Lexi and make cool Recycled Skateboard Furniture.

One of the many great things that could happen if we get the shelter is, we can apply to be in the Rescue Waggin program, sponsored by Pet Smart Charities, so that I wouldn't have to drive so much:)
They would come and pick up the animals from our place!!
Also, I have been dreaming of starting a program that would take in litters of puppies and offer the have the mom's fixed with no costs to the owners.
It just isn't fair to the critters that are born into the world, so we have to be proactive to help stop the needless killing...
All in the future, a dream that may not be too far away..
Hope leads us.. Belief gets us there..

I have become obsessive/compulsive, checking the badge every 5 minutes, as have Claudine and my friend Patsy, who is the donor from the "Zoline Foundation" also..
We are all very excited to have gotten this far and no matter what, will count our blessings, even if we don't win the money.
All we can do is, do our best!!
If you too, have developed this disorder, sorry.. Maybe an epidemic has been created by the excitement, if you want to catch it too, watch the badges HERE!!

I talked with my friend Traci tonite and she is going to donate a piece of art, one signed book and her DVD Video to our drawing pot. YEAH!! I'm hoping we can do the drawing at CHA when we are all together via a you tube video, so you can be in on it:)

So to Tim, Claudine, Traci and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!
I know by the time this contest is over, you will get sick of hearing me say it, but I truly mean it!!
By spreading the word, the awareness, the love, the good energy and vibes, life gets better for the animals in need..

We took in two new ones today, a little female Beagle, from a cruelty case in our county (who wouldn't sit still for a pic) and a REALLY friendly Chocolate Lab/mix.
Here is his pic from the pound, I will try to post a new pic tomorrow, here at the house.

This sweet girl below came from the Rutherford County PAWS
and is doing GREAT!! She was unsocialized when she left the pound and just really terrified.
Judge for yourself, a picture says a thousand words!!
If I didn't take her, she most probably would have been put to sleep.
A story that is told much too often at shelters everywhere..
Needless killing of innocent lives:(

Still at my vet's office the Critter Clinic, getting over kennel cough. We have newborns here and didn't want to subject them to getting sick.
Everyone there has been working with her and she gave me this smile today...
Thank youPeggy and Mary Ruth for getting her to me!!! She is a doll!!

Let our light shine!!!!
We have only 17 more days to make this miracle happen!!!

(The photo posted at the top of the blog is one of my favorites.. It was taken earlier this year when it was warmer:)
hi bernie,

been a while since i checked in -- and what good timing! i'll spread the word. i just made a personal donation, and a donation from hannah grey (altho i didn't get to specify the company...but that's who it is from).

after art unraveled i made a small animal related section on hannah grey where 5% would go to you. i wanted to donate quarterly -- good thing i didn't check in any later! i'm hoping (now that the site is working again) i'll be able to raise more $$ for you.

if you want me to put together some sort of goodie box or special kit worth a certain $$, please let me know and i'll send you something!

mike and i will be at CHA and will look for you.

good luck -- crossing fingers!


(coco wags "hello" and wants to tell you that she has three kitty siblings now! boy were we a hit at the shelter that day...go for one, come home with three!)
woohoooo!!!! I have to run a couple of errands but when I get back your badge is going on my website and blog! Check out my blog for the latest pic of Miz ChiChi in her fancy pink coat with boa fur.....lol


I'd be delighted to donate a Margot Potter creation and a signed copy of my book. Just let me know how and were to send.

Email me at margot@margotpotter.com.

Oh my gosh! I check the top ten badges ALL THE TIME!

I've posted the badge on my blog and emailed everyone I know.

Maybe you could do a post with ideas on how to spread the word. Or how to put together a raffle like claudine and tim.

We can do it!!

hi bernie, i've done two posts on your cause and added your badge to my blog, i'm a blogland newbie in that until this happened i was keeping my blog pretty private... but now i've put it out there to help spread your word any way possible. hope it helps!

by the way, a quick question on sweet little lexi who you mentioned today, do you have any idea what mix she is? my dog maddie is a rescue too and we've never known what mix she might be, but except for the coloring (my maddie is much darker, photo is on my blog) she looks so remarkably like lexi! especially in face shape, ears, hairy legs and big bushy tail. just curious, if you ever have a spare sec to let me know, thanks!

anyway i'm doing my best for your cause (and obsessively checking your number updates too!)... best to you, luanne
hi bernie! congratulations! i am so happy for you. i know more needs to be done! i have you on my blog (and on my friend's store's blog!) and my mom is going to donate ... and one of my friends already has! i'm so glad there are people like you helping these precious furbabies!
couple of questions - will each donation be counted separately if we just donate $10 at a time? also, i was reading on the donation site and it said the top 8 would get 50k....am i reading it wrong??


thanks and good luck!
Bernie I went to post on my Blog today http://carbonescorner.blogspot.com and was blown away by the donations so far you have received. It was just 4 days ago that I made my donation and put your AD on my blog and look at the response. I know a lot has to do with others advertising also but if just one person made a donation from my blog for you it is well worth it.

Keep up the good work
TA & Pooh-Bear
oh my! I just saw the amount on your donation badge, it has gone up tremendously since yesterday!!

I am so excited for you!

going to put a note in my newsletter & do a blog post!!

I do so hope you win my dear!!

xo ~Bella
Hey Bern, I've got the new badge up and a photo of the Boyz-hope it helps and gets more than my $10 thrown into the pot! Looks like yuor kicking butt, can't believe how much it's grown in a day-hope you make that top 10!
yay! go Bernie! I am emailing everyone I know and my blog is "all A Place to Bark" all the time until this happens!! we can DO IT!!!!

here's the trick about individual donations.

Each donation needs to be from a new person with a new credit card, otherwise it will be cleared out at the end and will not count towards the challenge.

I checked the fine print and it is 4 USA badges and 4 International so we still need to be in the top 4 to win!

we can do it!
I am in such awe of you and the work you do. You are a remarkable woman. Over my lifetime, my animal companions have added such joy to my life, so I made a donation in their behalf. Thank you for taking in and loving these needy four legged kids and giving them a chance at life. I put a link on my blog and asked my visitors to come over here and donate what they can.
Hey Bernie-

I'm an occasional lurker here and a big fan. I had last year's badge on my blog and put this year's badge on without knowing about the contest! I just found out about it on the ZNE Network site.

I'm now putting the badge on my family blog as well and I will post on both blogs about the contest. I'll also send out a group email to people in my address book. Yay! We can do it!

I'm off to check the standings. I'll have my fingers crossed all month!

Oh, and one more thing - I hope it's okay that I copied some of your cutie-pie pictures to use in my blog posts as an added incentive for people to donate. Please let me know if it's not okay and I will take them off.

To see our family blog with your badge on it, go to blaumarshall.blogspot.com

(how many comments can I leave in one day???)

Sister, unless I'm reading it wrong - you're in the top 3!

I just posted about you and the fundraiser on my blog!
Hi Bernie!! I've made a little donation this morning and updated the badge on my blog and posted a little note about the challenge....hope it helps a little to spread the word!! GOOD LUCK!!!
Hi Bernie!
I found you through Linda O'Neill and Claudine Hellmuth's blogs. I am so happy to help and to meet you. I just made a donation. Emmitt and I hope you win!
Melissa and Emmitt Langer
Bernie, I made a rather large donation on November 1st via PayPal, but never got any sort of acknowledgment. Please believe this isn't some attempt to get thanks but rather me being worried that you never got it in spite of the fact that your name came up on the account (I've had a couple of PayPal accounts; they can get away from you.)

Anyway, the point is that if you didn't get it, let's make sure that you do before the 31st. If you did, then you don't need to do anything; I know you're busy. But if you didn't, please let me know so we can fix it.
I think that you might be in the top 3!! Am I reading that wrong?

Hi Bernie,
I posted the badge on my myspace page and thru our local Craig's List a short blurb as well giving the blog site...GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!! And, as of right now ...only 16 donations from 2nd place!!
=^..^= just checked

::ahem:: Treats!!
Everybody wag your tails!

. . . . :: TOP TWO :: . . . .

. . . .::DaNcE::Of::JoY::. . . .
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