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Tuesday, June 10, 2008
Alive and running..
"Dear God, May the stars which fill the sky, fill me."
-Marianne Williamson

Yes, I am alive:)
Thanks so much for all the e-mail inquiries!!!
Crazy busy these past few weeks, with caring for the animals, transporting, then to Wisconsin for the Bead & Button Show, then home and again on the road to Chicago transporting again yesterday.
Tonite I am overnighting in a hotel in Indiana due to weather and accidents. 
In the past 6 weeks I have brought 98 dogs & puppies up north along with 7 cats & kittens.
In addition to caring for everyone and getting all ready, to go forth on their journeys to new homes, we have been planning and getting ready to build our new shelter. 
It has been a learning experience and the cost of building is much more than we had anticipated, but the physical building will go up this summer and we will have to add thing on as we go.
But you have to start somewhere!!!!   So we are:)
A cat house will also be built this summer, more to come on that...

Here are some pics I would like to share with you, of some of the pups, that were on this last transport and are at the humane society up for adoption this week.

This group was very hard for me to say goodbye to and I am sure you can see why:)
These guys were just full of personality!!!

I will try to post a bit more this week, have so much to tell and lots of fun stuff to share.
But for right now I'm pretty tired and ready to take a hot shower and just try to relax a bit, before I hit the road early tomorrow morning.

This little girl "Gophie" loves "Pokey".  
He will miss her..  But there will always be more little ones for him to care for and be a guardian to.
Hi love-please tell me how Chase is- I can't get him off my mind!!
Recently I had contact with one of our local rescue groups. I am so mad at the way they conduct things, but so thankful there is Bernie. These people don't socialize, don't train the dogs to help get them adopted. There is more to rescue than getting them out of the pound. Bernie goes the extra mile for all the guys.THank you thank you for all you do.Money will be there for the shelters-all you gotta do is believe.
I am in love with these dogs-- times 10!!

I check your blog almost daily. I love reading the updates about the animals. Thank you so much for caring for the abused and unwanted. We adopted 2 labs from the humane society. They mean the world to me. My dream is to open a rescue once my children are older. You are an inspiration! My best wishes for your success!

P.S. I would love to put a link to your blog on mine. Do you mind?
Hi Bernie
Thes pupsters are adorable - how would you choose!! As you say it must be heartwrenching to leave them, but you helped them get back out into the world and find new loving owners.
Your blog adds sunshine to my day!!


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